Year 6

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A Message for Year 6

Home Learning Activities

Every day, we will be adding your daily lessons to our class page. There will be a range of lessons for you to access and complete every day. 

Joe Wicks will be doing LIVE workouts on his YouTube channel at 9am every morning; this will help you get your 30 minutes of activity per day!

Rock Kidz are LIVE streaming free sessions on YouTube at 2pm every weekday: 

Homelearning Spanish

Please note that the daily activities can be completed in any order.

Friday 22nd May 2020

Reminder! Today is the deadline for the Spirited Arts Competition

When you are completing your work, think carefully about if a judge would be impressed by your entry – is it original/unique? Is it of a high quality? Is your short explanation clear? Have you re-read the theme you chose and checked it fulfils the requirements?

When you do upload your work to Showbie, is it a good quality photo/video that shows off your fabulous work? You might want to get an adult at home to take the photo/video to make sure it’s really clear and in focus.

  • Reading – Complete 30 minutes of activities on Reading Plus. Have you managed to complete (at least) 5 reading, 1 vocabulary and 1 visual skills assignments?
  • Purplemash – 2do Y6 Questionnaire – Answer the questions to give us an insight into your interests.
  • Maths – Here are the answers to yesterday’s converting length questions: Converting Length Answers
  • Adding and subtracting mixed numbers. Watch the videos, complete the activities and quizzes for a refresher on fractions!
  • English – Apostrophes – read the comic strip based on apostrophes. Can you create your own comic strip using apostrophes for omission, possession and plural possession? Extra points if you are able to get this week’s spelling words in too! (government, parliament, temperature, vegetable, mischievous, restaurant, environment, recognise, queue, available, system)
  • Spanish Watch the video about las partes del cuerpo, parts of the body! Try to join in with the song and you might want to pause/rewind the video to practise the pronunciation. Once you have watched the video and got used to the words, draw a cartoon version of yourself and label the body parts in Spanish.
  • Computing – Think before you share!
  • Children love sharing things online, from pics of their cat to a funny video they want all their friends to see. The trouble is, some children sometimes don’t understand that what they post online can still be seen by someone far into the future, or that some things are best kept private.

Thumbs up, thumbs down, thumbs middle:

  • Read each scenario out loud. Ask each family member to give a thumbs up if they think it is OK to share. A thumbs down if it is not OK to share. A thumbs middle if it depends. Each time, ask one person to explain their choice to the rest of the family.
  1. Sharing a picture on social media of your best friend pulling a silly face.
  2. Sharing a video because you think it is funny, but it turns out people find the joke mean and someone gets upset.
  3. A stranger in an online gaming chat forum asks for your mobile phone number and home address.
  4. Your best friend is coming over for a sleepover but has forgotten your home address, so they message you and ask for it.
  5. You have accidentally shared too much information that was personal with a stranger and now you are worried about it. Should you tell someone?
  6. Sharing a funny cat video in a friends’ chat group.
  7. Posting a photo of yourself online in school uniform with the school logo and name showing.
  8. Posting your home address in a messaging group with people that you’ve never met in person.

Once you have done this, play the game Mindful Mountain here, all about who you should and shouldn’t be sharing certain information with:


Thursday 21st May 2020

  • Reading – As this week’s English is based around diary entries, read the extracts from Anne Frank’s diary here. Think about your life in lockdown, compared to hers. 
  • Maths – Converting units of length. How many millimetres (mm) are in 1cm? How many centimetres (cm) are in 1m? How many metres (m) are there in a kilometre (km)? Today we are focusing on converting units of length. Complete the conversion sheet here.

Challenge*:Estimate a journey for example from your house to Asda. Using Google maps, type in your two destinations and find out the distance. This might show the distance in miles. 1.6km is approximately 1mile. Can you convert the distance into km? Once you’ve converted to km, convert this measurement into metres. Explain why km is preferred to measure long distances as opposed to m, cm or mm.

  • English – Today, we would like you to create your own SPAG quiz on purplemash. What questions are you going to ask? Think about the questions that you are asked in your revision guides or on and create your own. We have set this as a 2Do
  • Spelling –  Let’s put your multisensory spelling practice to the test. Complete the spelling test on PurpleMash. 
  • Geography – Sustainability – What is it? Today, you are going to be exploring sustainability and plastics using this website:

Task: Create a poster all about what you have learned about sustainability. As you explore the website, note down key subject specific vocabulary that you are going to include in your poster.

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good morning! We hope that you are all well. We have loved reading your work this week and hearing about what you’ve been up to in your diary entries – keep up the hard work!

  • Reading – Complete 30 minutes of activities on Reading Plus.
  • Maths – We have been very impressed with your maths work. Today, we are going to focus on finding the area of triangles. Login to maths watch, and watch the video before completing the questions. 
  • English – Complete the quiz on subject-verb agreement. A lot of the time you can work out if something ‘sounds right’, so make sure you read the sentence out loud to check!
  • DT – Extreme Designs. Today, you are going to be designing, exploring and putting your scientific knowledge to the test to help top designers and their new project. Click the link and read through the information on the page. There are videos to watch and activities to complete as you scroll down. Submit your creations to us on showbie! 
  • PE – We loved seeing all of your games last week; they looked very fun and challenging!  This week, we would like you to complete a full body circuit. Good luck!

Tuesday 19th May 2020

  • Reading – The Suffrajitsus Chapter 2. On Purple Mash read chapter 2 of the story and then answer the questions about what happened in this chapter. These have been set as 2Dos. We suggest you click on the icon at the top left that says PDF – this will open the text in a new tab, meaning you can refer back to the text while you are completing the quiz.
  • Maths – Here are the answers to yesterday’s sheets:

Compound shapes answers

rectangles_area_perimeter answers

What are the properties of a parallelogram? Complete the assignment on Maths Watch on finding the area of parallelograms. Make sure you watch the video first and follow the formula:

  • English – To complete this task, you need to have done the reading activity first as it is based on chapter 2 of the Suffrajitsus.

Imagine that you are Ethel. How are you feeling about being in on your mistress’s secret? Are you worried about how to act around your master? What can you do to help your mistress fight for what she believes in? Write a diary about your day. This has been set as a 2do. Use the prompts in the ‘Think about’ menu to help you.

  • Science – Today you will be investigating shadows. Firstly watch this video: Shadows are formed when light (which is travelling in straight lines) is blocked by an object.

Have a look at this concept cartoon and predict who you think is correct.

Investigation: How can we change the size of a shadow?

Resources: torch, small opaque object (a toy or an apple perhaps), ruler, white card/plain wall (but be very careful not to mark or damage the wall – ask your parents/carers for help if you need!)

Fair test: You can only move one thing and keep everything else the same to keep your results accurate. For example, you could move the torch and keep everything else the same. Or you could move the opaque object and keep everything else in the same place.

Make sure you are working scientifically and using your ruler to make measurements at each step of the investigation:

Once you have taken different measurements and seen what happens to the size of the shadow, write a short explanation about what you have found out about how the distance of the light source from the object affects the size of the shadow. In your explanation, please refer back to the concept cartoon above and say who is correct and whether your prediction was correct. We’d love to see some photos of your investigation on Showbie to go with your explanation! Instead of writing, you might want to do a video explanation of what you found out!

Monday 18th May 2020

  • Reading – Well done for completing the In-Sight Assessment on Reading Plus. We’re super proud of how much progress you’ve made since you started, so keep it up! Today, we would like you to continue with your fabulous work and complete 30 minutes of activities. How many combos can you get?!
  • Maths – This week, we are going to be focusing on measure. Today, you will be finding the area and perimeter of rectangles and compound shapes. Remember, to find the area inside the shape: base x height. To find the perimeter, you need to add up the measurements around the outside of the shape. We like to think of the perimeter like a fence going around your garden! Here is a video to remind you how to calculate the area and perimeter of rectangles:

Area and perimeter of rectangles sheet.

Here is a video to remind you how to calculate the area of compound shapes:

Area and perimeter of compound shapes sheet.

We will upload the answers tomorrow. 

Here are some more features of Diary Entries and an example: Diary Features

Today we would like you to write a diary entry about your time during lockdown. This has lasted quite a while so you may want to do it in one of the following ways:

    • A diary entry for a particular day you remember quite well (this should be a day where quite a bit happened – we DON’T want to read: “Dear Diary, Today, I got up and had a piece of toast, and then I did my online learning, and then I had lunch, and then I played XBox, and then I had tea, and then I watched the TV, and then I went to bed.”!
    • A diary entry summarising your time at home in lockdown, mentioning some key events that have happened over the past few weeks.

This has been set as a 2Do on Purple Mash, or you might want to upload your work to Showbie.

  • Spelling – Autumn 2 HFWs practice: government, parliament, temperature, vegetable, mischievous, restaurant, environment, recognise, queue, available, system.

We will be testing these words on Thursday on Purple Mash so make sure you revisit these during the week.

Choose different multisensory ways to practise your spellings this could be: saying the spelling aloud while clapping the letters; rainbow writing, using different colours on top of each other going over the letters of the spelling word; writing on a wall with a paintbrush and water; typing the word out numerous times in different colours or fonts; or you might have your own ideas.

  • RE – Spirited Arts competition – To go with your entry, please do a short piece of writing explaining what you have created. There are ideas for sentence starters on this document. You can type your explanation straight into Showbie.

Friday is the deadline for the competition, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to finish! 

When you are completing your work, think carefully about if a judge would be impressed by your entry – is it original/unique? Is it of a high quality? Is your short explanation clear? Have you re-read the theme you chose and checked it fulfils the requirements?

When you do upload your work to Showbie, is it a good quality photo/video that shows off your fabulous work? You might want to get an adult at home to take the photo/video to make sure it’s really clear and in focus.

As well as the Beat Miss Stubbs challenge, complete a Joe Wicks workout or you might want to some Just Dance routines on YouTube:


Week 6 Challenge:

This week is Hedgehog Awareness Week. Read the letter from Spike: 

There are some different activities for you to complete:

See what you can find out about hedgehogs and what you can do to help them. Submit any of the tasks that you complete on Showbie so we can have a look.


Week 5 challenge: Gardening – while the weather has been nice it is the perfect opportunity to get stuck in and do some gardening. What plants have you got in your garden or near your house? Use this website to help you identify the plants and trees that you see. Upload pictures to showbie to show us what you have been up to. 


Week 4 Challenge: We often go about our days without tak ays without taking in the wonderful nature that is on our doorsteps. Look out of your window, in your garden or on your hour walk and see how many different types of birds you can see. Can you identify them all? Use the links below to help identify the birds that you see. 

Can you make your own bird feeder to attract more wildlife?

Week 2 Challenge: This week’s challenge is to learn sign language. Use the videos below to help you learn a skill that will help you to communicate in a different way. 

Don’t forget to complete this list for our DVD:

  1. Find a picture of yourself in Reception/on your first day of school and upload it to the file on showbie that says ‘Your photos’
  2. Take a picture of yourself (it can be a selfie if you like!) and add it to the ‘Your Photos’.
  3. Using the picture that you have of yourself or the selfie, draw a self portrait. This can either be on a piece of paper or on an iPad/tablet/computer. If you do it on a device, you still have to draw yourself – no avatars! Don’t submit your first attempt, try and perfect your picture so it is clear who it is. Upload your drawing to the folder ‘Your photos’.
  4. Record a video of your favourite memories from your time at St Philip’s. The videos can only be short (maximum 20 seconds), otherwise they will be too big to upload to Showbie! Upload your short video to the folder ‘Your Photos’. 

Make sure you get your pictures approved by your parent/carer. Spread the word to your classmates about this task so that everybody completes it.

Week 1 Challenge: Everyday, write down something you are grateful for. Keep a diary filled with your thoughts and reflections.


Curriculum Maps

Year 6 Autumn 1 Curriculum Map

Year 6 Autumn 2 Curriculum Map

Year 6 Spring 1 Curriculum Map 2020

Y6 Curriculum map Spring 2 2020

Subject Specific Vocabulary

Y6 Spring 1 Computing Vocabulary Keynote

Y6 Spring 1 DT Vocabulary Cooking

Y6 Spring 1 Geography Vocabulary Human and Physical

Y6 Spring 1 PE Gymnastics and Badminton Vocabulary

Y6 Spring 1 PSHE Health and Wellbeing Vocabulary

Y6 Spring 1 RE Vocabulary Exodus significant event

Y6 Spring 1 Science Vocabulary Circulatory System

Year 6 SATs Meeting Information

SATs Evening Preparing for KS2 Tests and Assessments 2020

Revision Links


This is a useful website for the children to practise many topics. Select the topic from the drop-down menu. You may need to adjust the difficulty to find appropriate questions. The following topics are useful for arithmetic practice:

1-5: four operations (Adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals; multiplying decimals up to 3 decimal places by a whole number)

Multiplying 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers:

Dividing 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers: (No remainder)

25. adding and subtracting fractions

26. converting improper and mixed fractions

29. Multiplying and dividing fractions (In Year 6, children only need to be able to divide fractions by whole numbers which do not appear on mathsbot. Use this link instead:

30. Fractions of amounts

64. Percentages of amounts

70. Powers of ten (multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000)


Other topics on mathsbot are also useful for the reasoning papers:

7; 10 & 11; 19; 20-23; 36; 44; 46; 49; 50; 51; 58; 60; 78, 80, 81, 82; 83; 88, 101; 97

Other Maths Websites

This website lists the objectives required at year 6 and gives examples and practice questions:

Recommended Reading

Click on the following links to get some ideas of books your children might be interested in reading:

100 Books To Try And Read Before You Leave Year 6