Year 6

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Summer Concert 2020


A Summer Message for Year 6


A Message for Year 6

Home Learning Activities

Every day, we will be adding your daily lessons to our class page. There will be a range of lessons for you to access and complete every day. 

Homelearning Spanish

Please note that the daily activities can be completed in any order.

Tuesday 26th July 2020

As this year comes to an end, we would all like to say how wonderful you have all been this year. Although it’s not worked out how we would have liked, we are extremely proud of all of you and how hard you have been working at home. We wish you the very best of luck for high school and can’t wait to hear about your adventures in high school when the opportunity arises. We will miss you all! 

Miss Cragg, Mr Henshaw, Mrs Bandell, Mrs Hennis, Miss Wyatt and Mrs Sen.

Reading – Continue with Reading plus or reading for pleasure! If you want some ideas for new books, use You might want to participate in the summer reading challenge: 

Maths  Have a go at the end of year quiz! You can also play some of the maths games we put up yesterday and play on Prodigy. You will have access to Prodigy throughout summer so make the most of it!

English – Myths – What are they? Explore myths using the link: Can you write your own myth?

Art – Today, you are going to explore different styles and techniques in art to create some fun and exciting pieces. Have a look at this link:

On here, you will find lots of different activities and demonstrations on how to create some simple yet brilliant pieces of art. How many can you complete? There are lots of different videos on youtube which will be fun to do in the summer holidays!

DT – Cooking – Today, explore how to make Indian-style snacks with Nadiya Hussain, cook and winner of ‘The Great British Bake Off’.

Good luck and best wishes for the future from everybody at St Philip’s!

Monday 25th July 2020

Good morning, you only have two days left at St Philip’s! Let’s make the most of it with some super learning. Reading plus will be available to you until 30th August, so make the most of using it over the summer. 

Reading – Log in to reading plus and complete as many lessons as you can. Let’s aim for over 80% in every lesson.

Maths – Have fun playing some of these games or completing puzzles! Some are for 2 players so play against someone at home (or on some of the games you can play against the computer). Factors and multiples game Make 23 game * estimating angles game Countdown game * make squares maze 100 * 100 percent

English – Legend writing –  Explore how to write a legend story, looking at key features to include. Legends often contain a moral (a lesson) and make sure that evil characters get their comeuppance. Click the link to find out more.

PE – Create your own game – this could be a game involving circuit-style exercises or it could be a game that involves a favourite sport. You decide on the rules, but it has to involve 30 minutes of exercise!

Science – The Great End of Year Science Quiz. Put your skills to the test to see if you can answer all of the questions.


Friday 24th July 2020

Reading – Finish off your weekly set of Reading Plus lessons. That’s 5 reading assignments, 1 vocabulary and 1 visual skills assignment.

Maths – Login to Maths Watch and watch the videos before completing the questions. Today, you will be learning about mutually exclusive events.

English – Today, you will be thinking about how Shakespeare’s work can be reimagined: After watching the videos and reading the information, complete the activities.

RE – Think of your favourite Bible story that you have heard throughout your time at St Philip’s. Draw a picture or series of pictures to represent the story and explain what you can learn from the story.

Computing – Coding – Log in to Purple Mash and have a go at the other coding challenges. On the home page, click computing, then 2Code, then scroll down to Gorilla and choose activities to complete.

Thursday 23rd July 2020

Reading – Find a comfy spot in your house and enjoy 30 minutes of reading your personal reading book. If you are behind on your Reading Plus assignments, you could use this time to catch up (so Mr Henshaw’s class can get back in the top 5!!!).

Maths – Login to Maths Watch and watch the videos before completing the questions. Today, you will be learning about outcomes of different events and how likely they are to happen. This is what you did on Tuesday but these questions are a bit trickier!

English – Today you will be learning about Shakespeare’s The Tempest After watching the videos and reading the information, choose one (or more!) of the activities to complete.

PE and Science – Today, you are going to explore how science is found in sports. Explore the information and videos and find out about how forces and gravity impact the game. 

PE – How we move: Find out about how we move and what the fundamentals of movement are. Complete the activities at the bottom of the page.


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Curriculum Maps

Year 6 Autumn 1 Curriculum Map

Year 6 Autumn 2 Curriculum Map

Year 6 Spring 1 Curriculum Map 2020

Year 6 Curriculum Map Spring 2 2020

 Year 6 Curriculum Map Summer 1

Year 6 Curriculum Map Summer 2

Subject Specific Vocabulary


Year 6 SATs Meeting Information

SATs Evening Preparing for KS2 Tests and Assessments 2020

Revision Links


This is a useful website for the children to practise many topics. Select the topic from the drop-down menu. You may need to adjust the difficulty to find appropriate questions. The following topics are useful for arithmetic practice:

1-5: four operations (Adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals; multiplying decimals up to 3 decimal places by a whole number)

Multiplying 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers:

Dividing 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers: (No remainder)

25. adding and subtracting fractions

26. converting improper and mixed fractions

29. Multiplying and dividing fractions (In Year 6, children only need to be able to divide fractions by whole numbers which do not appear on mathsbot. Use this link instead:

30. Fractions of amounts

64. Percentages of amounts

70. Powers of ten (multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000)


Other topics on mathsbot are also useful for the reasoning papers:

7; 10 & 11; 19; 20-23; 36; 44; 46; 49; 50; 51; 58; 60; 78, 80, 81, 82; 83; 88, 101; 97

Other Maths Websites

This website lists the objectives required at year 6 and gives examples and practice questions:

Recommended Reading

Click on the following links to get some ideas of books your children might be interested in reading:

100 Books To Try And Read Before You Leave Year 6