Year 6

Welcome to Year 6. Please click on the link to the left to access your class page.


All homework can be found on google classroom. 

Please complete 5 reading lessons on reading plus per week.  

Y6 Parent Leaflet Autumn

Subject Specific Vocabulary

Y6 Autumn 2 RE People of Faith

Y6 Autumn 2 Geography – Climate

Y6 Autumn 2 DT Electrical Circuits

Y6 Autumn 2 -Science – Electricity

Y6 Autumn 2 PE Gymnastics – Apparatus

Y6 Autumn 2 PE – Cross Country and Hurdles

Y6 Autumn 2 Music Vocabulary

Y6 Autumn 2 PSHE Relationships

Year 6 Autumn 2 Computing Vocabulary Google Classroom

Y6 Autumn 2 Spanish Knowledge Organiser Autumn 2

Autumn 1 Vocabulary

Y6 Autumn 1 History Victorians

Y6 Autumn 1 PE Gymnastics, Dance and Football and Hockey

Y6 – Autumn 1 – Science – Microorganisms

Y6 Autumn 1 RE Vocabulary Life as a Journey

Y6 Autumn 1 PSHE Vocabulary

Year 6 – Autumn 1 – Art

Revision Links


This is a useful website for the children to practise many topics. Select the topic from the drop-down menu. You may need to adjust the difficulty to find appropriate questions. The following topics are useful for arithmetic practice:

1-5: four operations (Adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals; multiplying decimals up to 3 decimal places by a whole number)

Multiplying 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers:

Dividing 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers: (No remainder)

25. adding and subtracting fractions

26. converting improper and mixed fractions

29. Multiplying and dividing fractions (In Year 6, children only need to be able to divide fractions by whole numbers which do not appear on mathsbot. Use this link instead:

30. Fractions of amounts

64. Percentages of amounts

70. Powers of ten (multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000)


Other topics on mathsbot are also useful for the reasoning papers:

7; 10 & 11; 19; 20-23; 36; 44; 46; 49; 50; 51; 58; 60; 78, 80, 81, 82; 83; 88, 101; 97

Other Maths Websites

This website lists the objectives required at year 6 and gives examples and practice questions:

Recommended Reading

Click on the following links to get some ideas of books your children might be interested in reading:

100 Books To Try And Read Before You Leave Year 6