Reading has a high priority within the curriculum and we promote a love of books and reading as soon as children enter Reception. We have a rich range of books across the school, and across the curriculum, and enjoy regular visits to our local library which is adjacent to our school. Events such as World Book Day are celebrated each year to raise the profile and enjoyment of reading, in addition to other special reading mornings and character days.


Children begin their reading journey on entry to Reception and teaching phonics is the first important step in learning to read. Our teaching and learning is based upon the DfES Letters and Sounds publication, which is a systematic way of teaching how to link sounds to letters, blend them together and segment the sounds to spell. Phonics is taught daily from Reception through to Year 2, for guidance on the pronunciation of sounds see the video below.

Guided Reading

All classes throughout school complete a weekly guided read with a small group of children of similar ability. This group sit with the teacher and read the same text independently, with the teacher supporting and challenging the children through the use of questioning and discussion. Early reading focuses upon  supporting children in blending, reading high frequency words, and deciphering  unfamiliar words. Children learn to read using a mixture of real books and a range of reading scheme books that support the children’s developing skills. Reading scheme books include Pearsons Bug Club, Big Cat Collins, Rigby Star, Longmans, Alphakids and Ginn Pocket Books.

Reading at Home

All children can change their home reading book as often as they like. It is expected that children read at least three times per week with an adult at home.

Shared Reading

Teachers model the reading process as part of lessons throughout the curriculum and ensure that children are challenged in their understanding of texts through questioning and discussion.