Year 3

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A Message for Year 3


Home Learning Tasks

Joe Wicks is doing a 30 minute work out for children on his YouTube channel every morning at 9:00AM. Why not join in?  

Science at home. If you feel like doing some fun science investigations using stuff that you probably have lying around at home, then take a look at this booklet from Mad Marc. Guaranteed fun! Ultimate-Summer-Science-Experiments-Part1

Sung Worship – We are keeping ‘Build Your Kingdom Here’ as we know it’s one of your favourites. We’ve put a brand new song on that we’ve all been singing along to, and will learn when we get back to school. There’s also another old favourite. Teach you family the actions! 

Your Wings – Lauren Daigle

Rend Collective – Build Your Kingdom Here

Rend Co. Kids – King of Me

Even though we are not together, we can be close in worship. 

We will change these each week for you to join in with us. 

Beat Miss Stubbs – Every week, as part of our PE we will upload a challenge for you to complete. Miss Stubbs will also be completing the same challenge and you will try and beat her score. Watch the video below to see what Miss Stubbs scored this week.

Home learning Spanish

Spellings – Summer 1

Friday 22nd May 2020

Mental Maths: Keep going with Times Tables Rockstars Battle of the Bands. Each of us wants to be the winning teacher, so work hard to make sure that your class is the winning class. Remember to keep practising over half term too. 


Can you improve the amount of words that you read so that you can get on the leader board? Log in to Reading Plus and try. 

Writing and PSHE: Open the link and watch the video:

We want you to know that even though we can’t be close and we can’t hug, you are still loved and in our thoughts. Today, we are going to sing, dance, paint and write while we think about our lovely classes. We want you to do the same. Think about the story, and your own friends and how you can show them that they are loved in different ways. Then we want you to create your own version of the story. You could choose to change the animals, you might have badger and fox or you could choose to use yourself and a friend. Invent your own short story that tells how two friends demonstrate their love for each other. We want you to be creative in how you tell this story. You could record a video, make a storyboard or comic strip, write a short story or draw a picture with a caption. The choice is yours. Add your work to Showbie-While We Can’t Hug

Maths: This week, we are have been recapping calculation and you have done so well practising addition, subtraction and multiplication. Today, we would like you to use your skills to solve the word problems. Open the link below and try out the word problems. If you want to challenge yourself, you could have a go at writing your own word problems. 

Maths Word Problems

 ART: Follow the link to The Tate.

Take a look at the art that has been created using different rainbows. The rainbow has become a wonderful symbol of hope during this tricky time, and we love these images. Take some inspiration and create your own. You could use, chalk, paint, pencils, pastels or felt tips. You might want to draw onto paper, card, plastic or outdoors on a pavement. Use your imagination and be as creative as you can. All we ask is that you put a picture of your artwork on Showbie-Rainbow with a comment to explain how you created it and what it means to you. 

PE: Have a go at the challenge to beat Miss Stubbs. Take a video or a photograph of you completing the challenge so that we can add some to our class Twitter. Who could you challenge? Upload your video or picture to the, ‘Show us what you’ve been up to’. 


Thursday 21st May 2020

Mental Maths: So, today we are setting up another Times Tables Rockstars Battle of the Bands. Last time, Miss Wright’s class beat both Miss Evan’s and Mrs Hogan’s class, and Mrs Hogan’s class beat Miss Evan’s class. This battle will last until the end of half term holiday so keep battling and see if your class can be the winners this time.  


Can you improve the amount of words that you read so that you can get on the leader board. Log in to Reading Plus and try.

Writing: Today, we are going to think about the introduction to a story. We have written these many times in school, but you may need a little reminder. Your introduction will describe the setting and in the last sentence you can mention the character. We have written an example for you to look at, feel free to magpie some of the ideas. We would like you to begin with a when opener, use a where opener, and the best adjectives you can. You might want to use an online thesaurus to help you. Save your work into Showbie – Introduction 

Uninvited Guests

Introduction Example

Maths: This week, we are going to continue to recap on calculation. Watch the video of Mrs Hogan multiplying. Click on the link to open the multiplication document and remember to follow the steps in the video. You can go back and re-watch it if you need to.  We will put the answers up tomorrow so that you can check your answers.


Multiplication Questions

Check your subtraction answers from yesterday:

Subtraction Answers

RE: Watch the parable, The Prodigal Son, and answer these questions.

  • Imagine that you are the prodigal son returning. What would you say to your father?
  • How do you think that the father felt?
  • Do you think that he had been waiting for him?
  • Why?
  • How do we know he was waiting?
  • This is the same as God waiting for us to come back, to make mistakes and realise that He is needed. Why do you think that He waits for us?

Music: The images from the book, ‘The Mysteries of Harris Burdick’ are filled with adventure and intrigue. Today, we would like you to compose a piece of music to match the picture that we used for English today. Click on the 2Do, and use2Sequence to compose your own sinister feeling music. Save them in your folder so that we can see what you have been up to. If you can’t get on the computer or iPad, don’t worry. Use your voice and household objects to create sounds.


Wednesday 20th May

Mental Maths: Today, we would like you to log on to Times Table Rockstars and keep trying to improve your speed. We will be looking to see who is managing to master their target times table.

Reading: Let’s start a Reading Plus battle to see who can read the most words in the next 3 days!

Writing: So yesterday you learnt about the mystery of Harris Burdick. Today, we have given you one of the images from the book.

Uninvited Guests

Look at all of the nouns that you can see in the picture. What adjectives can you use to describe them? Can you write sentences that use adjectives to describe the nouns, making sure that you don’t use the most obvious adjectives? 

For example: Coarse string held valuable documents together. 

Can you remember how to write 2a sentences? (2 groups of 2 adjectives)

For example:

The crumpled, dusty rug lay heavily against the cold, grimy wall. 

Write 5 top quality sentences. Work really hard on selecting vocabulary to try and fill your writing with feeling.

Upload your writing to Showbie – adjectives

Maths: This week, we are going to continue to recap on calculation. Watch the video of Mrs Hogan and Miss Evans subtracting. Click on the link to open the subtraction document and remember step 1, step 2 and step 3 as you subtract each column.  We will put the answers up tomorrow so that you can check your answers.

Subtraction Questions

Check your addition calculations from yesterday.

Addition Answers

Science: You will need: scissors, an assortment of paper (different colours and types), a shallow bowl half filled with water. 

Today, you are going to use your observation skills and also one of the most important science skills which is trying out new ideas based on what you have already found out. 

The first thing you will need to do is cut a flower shape out of a piece of paper. If you need to use a template to cut around or you need an idea of how to draw your flower then open the link:

Flower Outline

When you have cut the flower out, fold the petals towards the middle, overlapping them. Hold your flower, petals up, and place the flower onto your bowl of water. Watch what happens. As you watch the flower in the water, you should notice the petals begin to unfold and over time the flower should open completely.

Now for your ideas. Can you make a flower that opens in less than 8 seconds? Which type of paper makes the fastest opening flower? Which size flower opens fastest? Does the volume of water used make my flower open faster or slower?

Select your question and make an assortment of flowers. Test them. Make observations. What is happening to the water and the flower? Can you make you next test even faster?

Most importantly, have fun! Oh, and make sure that you tidy up when you have finished.

There is a Showbie folder – flower, if you’d like to show us what you have been up to. We would love to put your work onto our class Twitter page. 


Tuesday 19th May 2020

Mental Maths: Today, we would like you to recap place value by playing the game: ‘Place Value Basketball’. See if you can work out what number is being made with the blocks.

Reading: Today, we want you to read some non-fiction. Log on to Oxford Owl and select non-fiction, or choose a non-fiction book that you have at home. Think about how the book is organised and what features it has. Can you find a glossary or an index and tell your family how they are used?

Writing: Today, we are going to begin a fabulous book that we will continue to use for the rest of the week; ‘The Mysteries of Harris Burdick’. The book has a rather intriguing introduction that we would like you to read today. What questions could you ask to get a better understanding of the story? 

For example: Who was Harris Burdick? Why did he visit Peter Wenders?

All of these questions might give you lots of ideas about what will happen next in the story. Write a prediction and explain why you think this. Add your questions and prediction to the Showbie Folder – Harris Burdick

Harris Burdick – introduction

Maths: This week, we are going to continue to recap on calculation. Remember to think about it in 3 steps. Add the ones, then add the tens, then add the hundreds. If, after you’ve added a column, there are more than 9 in a column, remember to move to the next column.

Click on the link to open the addition document and remember step1, step 2 and step 3 as you add each column.  We will put the answers up tomorrow so that you can check your answers.

Adding up to 1000

Geography and Computing: This year, you have learnt to use a lot of new vocabulary:

Northern Hemisphere, continent, capital city, border

Physical Feature – Something that naturally exists, for example, the climate, mountains, rivers.

Human Feature – Something that has been made by humans, for example, hospitals, roads, shops.

Today, we would like you to take an imaginary trip to a country in the continent of Europe which is in the Northern Hemisphere. If you have an atlas at home, you could use it , if you do not, then follow this link:

Select a country from the Northern Hemisphere.

Use your computing skills to research the country of your choice. Find key facts: capital city, rivers, countries which share a border and human and physical features.

Your task is to make a poster to show us what you have learnt about your country. It must have a bold title. It must contain a sentence that explains where it is. Which hemisphere is it in? Which continent is it in? Which countries does it share a border with? The colourful part of your poster will show the physical features and human features of your country, but don’t forget to label them so we know what they are.  When you are happy with your poster, upload it to the Showbie folder – Country


Curriculum Maps and Parent Leaflets 

Curriculum Map – Autumn 1

Curriculum Map – Autumn 2

Curriculum Map – Spring 1

Curriculum Map – Spring 2

Curriculum Map – Summer 1

Parent Leaflet – Autumn

Parent Leaflet – Spring

Subject Specific Vocabulary

Summer 1 – Art

Summer 1 – Computing

Summer 1 – History

Summer 1 – Music

Summer 1 – PE

Summer 1 – RE

Summer 1 – Spanish

Learning Links

Below, you will find links to web sites that you may find useful to support your learning.


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2d Shape Patterns

Money – Can you make values? 

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New Release Book Reviews

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