Year 5

Good Morning, Year 5. 

With the school now being closed, make sure you check our year group page every day to see what lessons and games we have prepared for you.  Some days there will be things to do online – other days there might be things for you to do on Showbie.

Blue Peter Badges!

While you’re off, why not see if you can achieve a Blue Peter Badge:

Joe Wicks will be doing LIVE workouts on his YouTube channel at 9am every morning; this will help you get your 30 minutes of activity per day!

Rock Kidz are LIVE streaming free sessions on YouTube at 2pm every weekday: 

Chester Zoo Virtual Tours: Chester Zoo have been showing people around the zoo while it’s been closed through their own YouTube and Facebook channels.  Although they’re not live everyday, you can still tune in to see what has been happening with the animals at any time.  Why not check them out?

A Summer Message for Year 5


A Message for Year 5

We are all missing you lots so we wanted to make you this video to show that we are all feeling mixed emotions about the situation we find ourselves in. We are in this together and we are so proud of you all.

Summer ‘Virtual’ Concert

Thank you for all your entries! Please make sure any final versions of recordings are with us by Monday 6th July at the latest. Thank you.

Keep an eye out on your class pages for the video!

Dear parents and carers, 
As you are aware, there are now more children beginning to attend school. In order to accommodate this, more staff are also in school, meaning that there are fewer staff monitoring home learning. As previously, all work uploaded to Showbie or completed on Purple Mash will be marked and there will be feedback but this will no longer be every day and it may not be from your child’s class teacher.  There also will be less work to upload or complete on Showbie or Purple Mash.
Thank you for your continued support in these unprecedented times. 
Warrington Wolves Sports Challenge
This week, we are participating in Warrington Wolves Sports Day event. It will involve a Daily Mile and another event each day of the week. There will be a league table posted on social media everyday to show how schools are doing as well as daily winners along the way too!

Thursday 16th July 2020

  • English: Wonderful Wizards Lesson Nine. Today, you are going to publish your potion poems.  There is a potion bottle on the lesson for you to publish on to, but if you have a better idea about how to publish it, then feel free to try something different.
  • Maths: Watch the video on MathsWatch (login – enter your initial (capital) followed by your surname with a capital then @stphilipwb, For example LThorrington@stphilipwb and your Purple Mash password. Complete the question based on function machines and challenge yourself to create your own for a parent or sibling. 
  • Reading: After thinking about your favourite books this week, why not choose one of them and snuggle down somewhere cosy to enjoy it. Think about why you enjoy it so much? Is it the use of the author’s language? Can you relate to the characters? Do the illustrations draw you in? 
  • Geography: For your lesson today, we are going to look at life on the Galapagos Islands on  Watch the animations, read the information and then complete the activities.  As a challenge, you could perhaps create your own presentation about the islands on PowerPoint/Keynote or on Book Creator on an iPad.

PE – ‘School Sports Day’ week challenges – 

  • Daily mile. Run a mile and send us your time!
  • Star Jumps – We’d love to see big stars, so make sure you only count those that are. Each quality star jump = 1 point.

Wednesday 15th July 2020

  • English: Wonderful Wizards Lesson Eight. Wonderful wizard potions….you are going to create your own potions today and put them into a poem.  You will need to be very creative with the ingredients of your potions!  Tomorrow, you will publish your best poem, so it doesn’t matter if you need to change things around a lot today.
  • Maths:  Today, have a look at the Creative Maths Choices and choose one you would like to complete this week. Each should take no longer than an hour and many will take less. If one is especially quick, you could do two in a day. Many of these activities have multiple answers, you do not need to upload these but you could challenge an adult/sibling or friend to see if you found them all.  We hope you enjoy it! 
  • Reading: Today, complete a Reading session and a Vocabulary session.  Did you know your vocabulary?  If you were unsure of some, look them up and practise using them in a sentence today.
  • Science: Today, we are going to revisit the topic ‘Mixing, Dissolving and Separation’.  Watch the videos on the BBC website, then have a go at the two activities at the bottom of the page.  You could upload photos of your work to Showbie.
  • Spanish: Another fabulous video and presentation from Señorita Ormes! Watch the presentation and complete the activities to create your own conversation about how to order an ice cream in Spanish. We will be posting your fabulous work to Twitter so try your best with it.


PE – ‘School Sports Day’ week challenges – 

  • Daily mile. Run a mile and send us your time!
  • Speed bounce – For every bounce and catch to the side you receive one point. You have  60 seconds to complete as many as you can. Go for it!
    Don’t forget to upload the number of points you get and your daily mile time to Showbie so it can be part of the overall table!

Tuesday 14th July, 2020

  • English: Wonderful Wizards Lesson Seven.  Your task today is to study a wizard newspaper report.  We have done some of these in school, so you will be good at identifying the features.  Look at how they have used the 5 W’s and how quotes have been added into the second activity.
  • Spellings: Log onto Purple Mash and complete the consolidation quiz that has been set for you.
  • Maths: Warm up – write out your target times tables, read it over a few times and then cover it up. Now, have a go at writing the matching division facts. E.g. 2 x 7 = 14 so, 14 ÷ 7 = 2. 

Watch the video (Make sure you go to WC 04.05.2020 Lesson 3) and then complete the activity, the printable version is here –Divide with Remaindersif you would rather print it and complete on paper. The answers are available online to check too.

  • Reading: Today we have a little Reading for Pleasure Challenge. We’d love you to write down EVERY book you can think of that you have read.  This should be a book you have read yourself,  or aloud to a parent, you may not have finished it or it might be a book from as long ago as Reception but it should be a book you chose to read yourself.  We don’t need you to write every single school reader but I want you to focus on the books you REMEMBER! There is a ‘Books I Remember Section’ on Showbie for you to add to.

PE – ‘School Sports Day’ week challenges – 

Every day, we will set a different challenge for you to complete. Please add them to your class PE or ‘Sports Week’ folder.  If you don’t put them in the right folder, we might not see them!

  • Daily mile. Run a mile and send us your time!
  • Long Jump. You can run and then jump but take care as you must measure where your feet first touched the ground. Upload your best jump (the furthest distance) to Showbie, good luck!

Music: Today we would like you to practise performing for an audience. We’d like you to work on remembering a set of lyrics and practise singing them while considering your audience. Study the song, what meaning does it have, what feelings does it ignite? Can you rehearse your song so that these feelings are clear to the audience? You might even like to share it with family members when you are ready.  You could chose a popular song or perhaps even one of your favourite from Worship.

Your Wings – Lauren Daigle

Rend Collective – Build Your Kingdom Here

Rend Co. Kids – King of Me

Running Stitch to help you with DT.
Back Stitch


Welcome to Year 5. This year, the children will experience lots of fun learning activities both inside and outside the classroom. Please find information on our curriculum maps to see what we’ll be doing each half term, as well as keeping up to date with our year group half termly newsletters.

Below, we will add useful websites to support the children’s learning at different points throughout the year.

Please click on the link to the left to access your class page.

Curriculum Maps

Year 5 Autumn 1 Curriculum Map

Year 5 Autumn 2 Curriculum Map

Year 5 Spring 1 Curriculum Map 2020

Curriculum Map Spr 2 Y5 2020

Y5 Curriculum Map Summer 1

Y5 Curriculum Map Summer 2


Subject Specific Vocabulary

Y5 Summer 2 PE  Vocabulary Kwick Cricket

Y5 Summer 1 PE Athletics Vocabulary.

Y5 Summer 1 Science Vocabulary Life Cycles

Y5 Summer 2 Science Vocabulary Earth and Space

Y5 Summer 2 Spanish Vocabulary Seaside

Y5 Summer 2 Geography Vocabulary Local Geography

Y5 Summer 2 DT Vocabulary Textiles

Y5 Summer 2 Computing Vocabulary E-Safety