Year 5

Good Morning Year 5. 

With the school now being closed, make sure you check our year group page every day to see what lessons and games we have prepared for you.  Some days there will be things to do online – other days there might be things for you to do on Showbie.

Blue Peter Badges!

While you’re off, why not see if you can achieve a Blue Peter Badge:

Joe Wicks will be doing LIVE workouts on his YouTube channel at 9am every morning; this will help you get your 30 minutes of activity per day!

Rock Kidz are LIVE streaming free sessions on YouTube at 2pm every weekday: 

David Walliams is reading a story every day for 30 days – lots of you love his books and he will tell the stories in an amusing way.  Check out today’s story: 

Please note for PurpleMash: We understand that some of you are having difficulty accessing Purple Mash. If so, please can you try the activity at a different time in the day as it is most likely because of the amount of people trying to access it at the same time.

What an achievement!!

Wow year five!!! Today, we have had a message from the Reading Plus team telling us how well our year group is doing.  Look at what you’ve achieved so far since you started using Reading Plus….keep up the good work, this is AMAZING!

Class Year 5 have:

–          Collectively read 2,084,061 words!

–          Achieved an average of 27 completed reading lessons

–          Achieved an average Rate Gain of 30 WPM;

–          Achieved an average Level Gain of 1.2 levels (1 level gain = an increase in readability of texts of 1 year).

Grammar Quiz Results

Thank you to everyone who took part. This was a tester quiz as we’ve not used it before and we think next time we’ll give you more time to answer the questions as it was a bit quick! We look forward to seeing more participants next time.


If you are stuck for something to do over the Easter holidays, here are some fun activities for you to try. This is NOT homework, this is just if you would like to try out something different over the break. Easter Activities Sheet

Please note that the daily activities can be completed in any order. 

Friday 3rd April, 2020

We are thinking about you all and are very proud of the learning you have taken part in so far Year 5, well done! Have a lovely Easter and try to complete any ARK’s (Acts of Random Kindness) that you have left to do. Mrs Arnaud, Miss Stewart, Mrs Thorrington and Miss Buckard.

  • English: Spellings: complete the spelling pyramids (Spelling Sheet 9) using the focus words for this week (engineer, builder, designer, mathematician, computer, scientist, biologist, meteorologist, physicist, technician, electrician, astronomer).  Then complete the spelling quiz on Purple Mash.
    Live grammar quiz against all of Year 5 at 11am!
    Go onto and use the code 063944 . The quiz will start at exactly 11am so don’t be late!
  • Maths: Warm-up – Day 4 task on Showbie. Answers will be available at the end of the day.
    Complete ‘Week 2 – Lesson 1’ – Rounding Decimals (lesson 2 if you have already completed lesson 1) on the website below. Watch the video to help your learning. Click ‘get the activity’ next to the video clip. You can also check your answers afterwards.
  • Reading: Log on to Reading Plus and spend 30 minutes completing comprehension activities. 
  • PE: Complete a Cosmic Yoga of your choice, if you can head out into the garden, try some of the actions again on a mat/blanket. 
  • Computing: If you have an Apple device, download Swift Playgrounds and complete Learn to Code 2. If you don’t, log into Purple Mash and complete the 2Code ‘Send the Rocket to Space’.

Thursday 2nd April, 2020

Make sure you go back and look at any work you have submitted to check any comments your teacher may have left for you.

  • English: Continue with your writing task from yesterday.  Reread your work so far – could you use any better word choices anywhere?  Does your work make sense? What could you do to your work today to improve it from yesterday?
  • Maths: Warm-up – TT Rockstars –  After that, look at How do Vets use Maths? Can you think of another career and record some ways that maths is used in their daily work?
    Challenge – can you think of how they might use decimals or fractions?
  • Reading:Reading for pleasure. Read your current reading book for 30 mins and choose a reading challenge from the bottom of this webpage.
  • Geography:
    If you haven’t completed the ‘Rivers’ assignment on Seneca do that first as you’ll need that information to help you with your project. You will need an email address to join so make sure you have an adult’s permission first.
    5LS link to join:
    5EA link to join:
    5LTHB link to join:
    Create a project based on the question ‘Why Are Rivers So Important to the Natural and Human World?’
    Use all the information you have learned over the past half term (the features of a river, the land use around rivers, how rivers are used for trade – the Ganges and the tomatoes – why people live by rivers, why water is so important, examples of important rivers around the world) and add any extra information you learn from research. This is your project and you can present your information any way you like. It can be a PowerPoint/Keynote, a film (iMovie), a double page spread, a giant poster, a piece of writing or something else that’s original and creative.
    You may take longer on this as this is a big task and we would like the projects to be thoughtful and detailed. The best ones will be shared with the rest of the year group.

Wednesday 1st April 2020

  • English: You are going to choose your own writing activity based on the ‘Hidden Figures’ book.  You can present your work in any way you choose – you could do it electronically (Word/Pages, PowerPoint/Keynote, Publisher) or you could write your work on paper.  Here’s some ideas of what you could do: Writing Opportunities This is a big task, so you have today and tomorrow to complete it.
  • Maths: Warm-up – Complete Daily Task on Showbie (answers will be available tomorrow) Complete lesson 3 – Decimals as Fractions 2 on the website below. Watch the video to help your learning. Click ‘get the activity’ next to the video clip.
  • Reading: Log on to Reading Plus and spend 30 minutes completing comprehension activities. 
  • Science:Begin your Moon Calendar (Showbie). This should be completed each day/early evening to record what the moon looks like, you could print it out or complete online.
    Rockets – Bottle Rocket – Design, and if you can make your bottle rocket, use the PDF to consider design features and how they would affect the launch and flight of the rocket?
  • Spanish: Home Learning Spanish Click on Stage 3: ‘Clothes’ and click the green V. This will take you to a video about how to describe a clown’s clothes. Watch the video and join in with the activities. At the end, she will ask you to draw your own clown and write a description of its clothes. Click back on the Stage 3: ‘Clothes’ and click the red K for extra vocabulary to help you with this. Upload your drawing and description to Showbie.
    Challenge: use the red K on ‘Face’ to describe your clown’s eye and hair colour too, or can you remember how to say how your clown might be feeling? 
  • Maths answers for Thursday 26th March: Negative Numbers Answers
  • Maths answer sheets for Mon 23rd-Wed 25th: Monday Roman Numerals Answer Sheet Roman Numerals Purses Answers


Welcome to Year 5. This year, the children will experience lots of fun learning activities both inside and outside the classroom. Please find information on our curriculum maps to see what we’ll be doing each half term, as well as keeping up to date with our year group half termly newsletters.

Below, we will add useful websites to support the children’s learning at different points throughout the year.

Please click on the link to the left to access your class page.

Curriculum Maps

Year 5 Autumn 1 Curriculum Map

Year 5 Autumn 2 Curriculum Map

Year 5 Spring 1 Curriculum Map 2020

Curriculum Map Spr 2 Y5 2020

Subject Specific Vocabulary

Y5 Spring 1 Computing Vocabulary Key Note

Y5 Spring 1 DT Vocabulary Cooking

Y5 Spring 1 History Tudors Vocabulary

Y5 Spring 1 Science Forces Vocabulary

Y5 Spring 1 Music Vocabulary Make Me Feel My Love

Y5 Spring 1 PSHE Vocabulary Health and Well-being

Y5 Spring 1 RE Vocabulary Jesus the Teacher

Y5 PE Spring 1 Gymnastics and Tennis