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Computing Curriculum

Computing Policy

Computing Progression of Milestones

‘The intelligent man is always open to new ideas. In fact, he looks for them.’ Proverbs 18:15

What does the curriculum for Computing aim to achieve?

  • To ensure that the children have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in Information Technology, Digital Literacy and Computer Science.
  • To provide a high quality computing education which equips pupils to change the world through logical thinking and creativity.
  • To make links with mathematics, design technology and science.
  • To enable the children to become digitally literate, being able to use, express themselves and develop ideas through technology.
  • To understand that technology can be used cross curricular to support all areas of the curriculum which enables them to present their learning in a range of ways.
  • Develop a robust understanding of computer science including abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation.
  • To provide a well sequenced and progressive scheme of work that is built on year on year that provides children with valuable computing skills.
  • To use technology purposefully to create, organise, store and retrieve data.