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Welcome to our Reception page!

Twitter photographs to celebrate all of the wonderful learning can be found by choosing the class teacher’s name to the left.

Learning Milestones

In this first set of documents, you can learn about the key learning milestones we work towards as the children progress through the reception year. They are divided into the seven areas of learning:

Communication & Language Personal, Social & Emotional Development  Physical Development       Literacy 
 Mathematics        Understanding the World      Expressive Art & Design  


Half Termly Topics

In this second set of documents, you can learn all about each half term’s topic, as well as the key learning in Phonics and RE each half term.                                                                                                                                   

Autumn 1 Learning: All About Me!

Our first project provides us with lots of wonderful opportunities to get to know our children really well. We will be learning all about the children’s interests, families, homes and hopes and dreams for the future. WOW experiences will include an exciting ‘Careers Day’ where we will be dressing up and inviting lots of visitors into school to tell us about their jobs. We will also be participating in exploratory walks around our school building and grounds to find out more about our school.

Curriculum Map  Phonics  Religious Education


Autumn 2 Learning: Celebrations

This half term will focus on a range of exciting celebrations that many of our children may have  experienced with their families. We will be learning about Bonfire Night, supported by a visit from the fire brigade. We will be holding a special ‘Diwali Day’ to find out more about this special Festival of Light and we will be making our own diva lamps, as well as designing mehndi and Rangoli patterns. Christmas will provide a big thread through our learning as we prepare for our Christmas performance, as well as making Christingles and even welcoming a friendly Christmas elf into our classrooms!

Curriculum Map Phonics Religious Education


Spring 1 Learning: To Infinity and Beyond

This project explores the theme of space with an exploration of the solar system, the galaxy and the universe! We will be tasting some actual space food and baking some ‘asteroid rock cakes’, as well as enjoying turning some household junk into wonderful space ships and control panels. We are especially excited about inviting a real astronomer into school to help us with our learning! 

Curriculum Map Phonics   Religious Education


Spring 2 Learning: The Land Before Time

This half term we will be learning about how the earth has changed since the dinosaurs were alive. We will be investigating the things we can see when we look out of our classroom window and comparing this view to what may have been there 65 million years ago (this will also include a little look at how the school building has changed since it was first built). We will learn about lots of different dinosaurs and children will participate in a fossil hunting workshop, whereby we will be digging and dusting for real fossils. A particular highlight of the project involves the dissection of some dinosaur poo!

Curriculum Map    Phonics Religious Education


Summer 1 Learning: How Does your Garden Grow?

Our summer learning begins with an exploration of where our food comes from. We will be planting seeds in different environments and observing them as they grow. We will be learning about the different parts of a plant, as well as what happens when seeds get scattered. A trip to Smithills Farm will support us with our investigation into where our food comes from and will give us the opportunity to feed and stroke the animals. This will be followed by a walk to Westbrook Orchard to learn more about pollination and germination.

Curriculum Map Phonics  Religious Education


Summer 2 Learning: All Around the World

Our final project of the year will involve an imaginary trip around the world, learning all about our favourite countries, including a special focus on the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. We will be tasting foods from around the world, trying on multi cultural clothes, learning about famous landmarks and even practising speaking in some new languages! We also look forward to inviting some members of our local community into school to talk to the children about life in different countries.

Curriculum Map  Phonics Religious Education