Year 2

Welcome to Year 2. Please click on the link to the left to access your class page.

A Message for Year 2


Daily Learning Tasks

Check here each day for your daily learning tasks.

We understand that some of you are having difficulty accessing Purple Mash. If so, please can you try the activity at a different time in the day as it is most likely because of the amount of people trying to access it at the same time. 

Reading – If you are looking for some more books for your child to read at home, have online e-books where you can access lots of books for your child to read. There are also some post reading activities on here, if you wish to do a little extra.

Rock Kidz are LIVE streaming free sessions on YouTube at 2pm every weekday:

Beat Miss Stubbs – Every week, as part of our PE we will upload a challenge for you to complete. Miss Stubbs will also be completing the same challenge and you will try and beat her score. Watch the video below to see what Miss Stubbs scored this week.

Click here to see this week’s challenge: School Game Challenge – Volleyball

Spanish – See link below for some KS1 Spanish activities:

KS1 Spanish

Class pages – Remember to pop along to your class page too.  Each page now has a Twitter feed where your teacher will post some of your learning to show everybody what we have been working on. 

Please note that the daily activities can be completed in any order.

Spirited Arts Competition:

This week’s planned RE and Art activities have been replaced with an exciting opportunity to enter the Spirited Arts Competition.  This is a competition open to everyone!  Whether you enjoy painting, crafts, clay, sewing, drama, music, drama or dance this competition is for you!  We want everyone to prepare an entry and save this into the Spirited Arts assignment on Showbie.

Read the information below to find out more about the competition and lots of ideas about what you could do.  

Spirited Arts 2020 St Philips

Once you have prepared your work, whether this is artwork, dance, drama, photography, whatever you decide, you need to complete a short explanation in writing to go alongside this – again see the guidance.  It is worth thinking about this before you start.

This task will take a while if we are going to produce our very best work, so it will replace Art and RE home learning for this week, as it did.  We are feeling very excited about this – we know you are going to produce some fantastic work!


Friday 22nd May 2020

Happy Friday year 2! A huge well done to everyone for working so hard this half term – give yourselves a big clap for being so fantastic. Keep smiling! 

Start your day in an active way! Complete Joe Wicks’ 30 minute workout for children. Follow this link –

Maths: Daily Arithmetic task: Complete 5 games on T T Rockstars.

Again this week, we will be using the White Rose Maths home learning.

Please use Summer Term Week 3 (w/c 4th May) Friday Challenge. This will recap last week’s learning about symmetry.

Watch the video and then answer the questions on the ‘Get the Activity’ button. If you want, you can make your own butterfly pizza by using the ‘Get The Ingredients List and Recipe Cards’ button, or, click here:Friday Maths Butterfly Pizza 

Reading: Share your favourite story with someone in your house, or maybe you could phone/video call a friend or relative that doesn’t live in your house, and read to them! Make sure to read clearly, and use lots of expression.

Spelling: Complete the spelling quiz on Purple Mash

English: This week has been all about creating our own story ideas. Rather than giving you a whole story, today we are just going to look at pictures to give us ideas about character and setting.  Once we have decided how the character is feeling and the kind of personality they are then we can think about what the problem might be and how this might be resolved.  For example, I could start with a little boy who was bored.  One day he went out for walk and he followed some footprints into the dark forest. He walked and walked until he realised he was completely lost (problem).  Next I would need to decide how his problem was resolved – how will he get back home? 

Look at the pictures in the document on showbie, or click here: Friday English – Character Ideas and choose one to use for your story idea. If you prefer to use your own character idea then that is fine too.  Complete the story plan on Showbie outlining the setting, character, events and ending.Friday English – Story Plan

PSHE: Listen to Oliver Jeffers’ book – Here We Are. This was written by Oliver Jeffers as a welcome to his son when he was first born.

This book makes us think about our time on earth – we are responsible for looking after God’s creation.  What can you do to look after the world around you?

Create a poster about one way you can help look after the world using the poster on Purple Mash.

PE: Create a map of an area that you could do some physical activity – eg. Garden, living room, bedroom etc.  Ensure that you include all of the key parts of it – eg. Have you included the seating area? Television? Any large trees? Then, on your map, find 4 spaces that you could do physical activity – eg. Under a tree, next to the sofa etc, and mark them as 1, 2, 3 and 4 on your map. Using your map and the designated areas, complete the circuit:

Number 1 = 10 star jumps

Number 2 = Climb the rope. (run with knees up high, arms pulling imaginary rope down towards legs.)

Number 3 = Burpees. (standing tall, hand to the floor, jump legs backwards into a high plank, jump legs in and jump up.)

Number 4 = run as fast as you can on the spot.

Complete each activity for 20 seconds, making sure that you time yourself. Complete the circuit at least 5 times, meaning that you will complete each activity at least 5 times.

Thursday 21st May 2020

Start your day in an active way! Complete Joe Wicks’ 30 minute workout for children. Follow this link –

Maths: Daily Arithmetic task: Play the game to weigh the parcels for the postman. Play the level ‘in steps of 50g’. If you want to adjust the level to once you have weighed 5 parcels, you can.

White Rose Maths home learning:

Please use Summer Term Week 3 (w/c 4th May) Lesson 4 – Add and subtract ones. You will find this if you scroll to the bottom of the page (on a pink tab). Watch the video and then answer the questions on the ‘Get the Activity’ button. When you have finished, you can check your answers by clicking, ‘Get the Answers.’ You can share your scores with us on Showbie if you want.

Reading: Most stories have a beginning (that introduces the character and setting), middle (with a problem) and an ending (with a resolution to the problem). In a story, the events of the story link to the character or the setting. Today we are going to think about how the character might determine what happens in the story. Using the sheet on showbie (or click here: Thursday Reading), read the character descriptions and make a prediction (a sensible guess) about what the character’s problem might be in their story. For example:

Character: brave princess who likes to ride a white horse. A sensible prediction of her problem might be that she loses her horse, she gets lost in the woods whilst on a horse ride or that she finds a colossal dragon outside her castle. Think about where the character might live, the adjectives used to describe the character, or what you already know about the character from other stories that you have read. If your prediction is sensible, there is no right or wrong answer!


Spelling: Our brains recognise the overall shape of words which makes them ‘look right’.  The ascenders and descenders play an important part in this.  Use the worksheet on Showbie to match the word shapes to this week’s words.  Then write each of the words 3 times, making sure your ascender and descenders are really clear.  Use lined paper for this, or draw a line with a ruler to help you place the letters accurately.

English: Again, we are going to take a simple story idea and change it to create our own story.  Yesterday a magic book was used to change things for the character.This story doesn’t really have an obvious problem which is resolved, it is more of a straight forward series of events due to the magic properties of a yellow bag.

You are now going to create your own story in a similar way to yesterday – think of a main character (it could be a girl or someone different), a magic container (you decide on the type and appearance – for example it could be a red basket)and then think of 3 things that the character could find and how these will be changed by the magic.  Remember it must be linked to the found object in some way, like the feather changed into a bird, an acorn might be changed into … ).  Record your story ideas in pictures.  If you want you could make a little folded zig zag book.  Then tell the story to somebody at home.  Make sure you link the ideas together – first, next, before long – and include some great adjectives to make your story interesting.

Science: Last week, your task was to research different plants, flowers and trees found in the UK. Using your research from last week, design a garden which incorporates the plants that you have researched. Make sure that you think about where the plants, flowers and trees are going to be placed, depending on what they need – do they need to be by a pond? Do they grow best in a shaded area or full sunlight? You can share a picture of your garden design on showbie! 


Wednesday 20th May 2020

Start your day in an active way! Complete Joe Wicks’ 30 minute workout for children. Follow this link –

Maths: Daily Arithmetic task: Can you play the game using the level ‘Numbers to 99’?

Today for Maths, go to the link:

Please use Summer Term Week 3 (w/c 4th May) Lesson 3 – Related Facts. Watch the video and then answer the questions on the ‘Get the Activity’ button. When you have finished, you can check your answers by clicking, ‘Get the Answers.’ You can share your scores with us on Showbie if you want.

Reading: Read the traditional tale ‘The Enormous Turnip,’ and answer the questions on showbie. You will find the story and the questions on showbie, or, click here: Reading Wednesday – The Enormous Turnip
Challenge: What do you think that the moral to the story is? Think about how you could try and show, whatever the moral of the story is, at home.
For example, if the moral of the story was to show kindness to everyone,
how could you show kindness to everyone whilst you’re at home?

Spelling:  If a word is tricky to spell, can you think of other words which are spelt in a similar way.  For example, if I can spell look, I can spell took, hook, book, shook.  For this week’s spellings, use this strategy to help with the words another, and work where there are unusual letter and sound patterns.

English: We have another story without words to watch today called ‘The Book of Butterflies’.  This story reminds me of the Tin Forest because life is changed for the character by a change in the setting.  Watch the story  – can you identify the problem and the resolution? Click here for the story:

We can use this very simple story idea to create our own story.  First think of who you want as the character – a boy, a girl, an old man, a princess – but whoever it is will be lonely and bored, just  like the main character in the butterfly story.  You can now decide what kind of book they will open and read – something which will come to life and transform their place in a wonderful way.  Draw your story out in pictures showing each part of the story clearly and using arrows to order the events. Now tell your story to somebody in your family.  Use these ‘when’ ideas to link the parts of the story together: Once, one day, then, suddenly, at last.


ICT: Read Jessie & Friends: Playing Games: The Storybook – Click here: You can access the storybooks by scrolling to the end of the page where you will find the PDF links.

It’s time for you to create their own super-hero avatar, like Jessie’s, Tia’s and Mo’s in the Avelzon game. There are lots of ways you could do this – for example,
drawing, painting or collage… .or why not find some spare clothes/items around the
house to make your own super-hero costume? Jessie, Tia and Mo’s ‘Power Words’ are ‘Strong’, ‘Fearless’ and ‘Wise’. Think of all the positive qualities you would like your super hero to have, and then choose a Power Word for your own super hero.

Challenge: Can you order the story of Jessie & Friends: Playing Games? See worksheet on Showbie

Geography: We have identified lots of different features and facilities to be found in our area of Westbrook.  These are important to the people who live here.  Of course there are lots of other things which make Westbrook the place it is, like the type of housing, the friendliness of people living here, the kind of clubs and activities that are based in the area.  Think about all of these things and make two lists – one of things that you like about Westbrook and one of things that you dislike.  

Challenge: Do people look after our local area well?  What ways can you think of improving the area?








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Curriculum Map Y2 Aut 1 2019

Curriculum Map Autumn 2 Y2 Celebrating Britain

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Parent Leaflet – Year 2 Term 2

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