Year 2

Welcome to Year 2. Please click on the link to the left to access your class page. 

Orchard Visit 

Year 2 will be visiting the orchard as part of their Geography and Science curriculum.  Please ensure your child comes to school with a hooded coat in case of rain.  (If the weather is bad then the walk will be cancelled.)

The visit dates are as follows:

Mr Callaway – Tuesday 29th September

Mrs Anderson / Mrs Kirk – Thursday 1st October

Miss Ramsey – Tuesday 6th October

Keep your eye on our Twitter page for photos!

Homework w/e 18th September

Log into Purple Mash and complete your 2Do – Here We Are Homework. You can access this by clicking on the 2Do symbol in the top left hand corner. Can you write some sentences to explain how to be a good human and live on Planet Earth? Use the prompts and sentence starters down the side of the activity to help you. Make sure that you start your sentences with capital letters and end them with full stops. As a challenge, you might want to try and extend your ideas using and, because and but.

Spellings for this week follow the long e sound. Please learn these to be tested next week: see, sea, meet, weak, party, family, complete, these, beautiful, pretty

Homework w/e 11th September
Please complete this Maths sheet. Maths homework 1109
Also, your spellings follow the long a sound. Please learn these to be tested next week. Spellings Friday 10th September

Curriculum Maps

Curriculum Map Y2 Autumn1 2020

Parent Leaflet – Year 2 Autumn Objectives

Subject Specific Vocabulary

DT Autumn 1

Geography Autumn 1

Gymnastics Autumn 1

Handball Autumn 1

Music Autumn 1

PSHE Autumn 1

RE Autumn 1

Science Autumn 1