Year 2

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A Summer Message for Year 2

 A Message for Year 2



Daily Learning Tasks

Our learning will continue this half term on the theme of ‘I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside!’  Sadly we aren’t able to make a class visit to the seaside at the moment, but we will do our best and look forward to when we can be together again.  

Reading – If you are looking for some more books for your child to read at home, have online e-books where you can access lots of books for your child to read. There are also some post reading activities on here, if you wish to do a little extra.

Rock Kidz are LIVE streaming free sessions on YouTube at 2pm every weekday:

Beat Miss Stubbs – Every week, as part of our PE we will upload a challenge for you to complete. Miss Stubbs will also be completing the same challenge and you will try and beat her score. Here is this week’s challenge:


Class pages – Remember to pop along to your class page too.  Each page now has a Twitter feed where your teacher will post some of your learning to show everybody what we have been working on. 

Worship: We know you are probably missing our class worship as much as we are. There are weekly worships you can listen to on the Oak Academy site (link below) which you could watch. There are also some links to our favourite songs from worship for you to sing to! See how well you can remember them!

Every Move I Make

You Say

Our God is a Great Big God

Build Your Kingdom Here

Dear parents and carers, 
As you are aware, there are now more children beginning to attend school. In order to accommodate this, more staff are also in school, meaning that there are fewer staff monitoring home learning. As previously, all work uploaded to Showbie or completed on Purple Mash will be marked and there will be feedback but this will no longer be every day and it may not be from your child’s class teacher.  There also will be less work to upload or complete on Showbie or Purple Mash.
Thank you for your continued support in these unprecedented times. 

Tuesday 28th July

Our very last day in Year 2 together fills us with a mixture of feelings – sad to leave Year 2 behind, optimistic that Year 3 is going to mean we’re back together in school ready for lots of fun learning, and perhaps relieved to have reached the end of a tricky term.  But however we are feeling, we want to finish with some fun activities, so we have put together a range of seaside themed learning for you to choose from.  We hope this offers something for everyone – the choice of what you do is completely yours! 

History:If you want to find out a bit about what seaside holidays were like in the past, watch these videos where Grandad takes the children  on a time travelling adventure.  You might like to then use role play to recreate their day at the seaside.

DT/Crafts: Here are instructions for a couple of crafty ideas, using things you may have at home.

design your own sun hat

Paper Plate Sun Instructions

seaside in a bottle instructions

English: If you love writing, try creating a seaside poem.  You could use this sheet to write an acrostic poem, where each line starts with the first letter as shown, or you may want to just use your own ideas!

seaside acrostic poem

Maths: Practise your number facts to 20 with these colouring sheets.


Music: If you love music, use this link to learn some new songs. There are 3 different songs to choose from – you can take the lesson, but if you scroll down you can then use the music to perform the song you have learnt!

Dance: Why not get active and join in with some dance lessons?  This link will take you to series of 3 active sessions based on Julia Donaldson’s story of the Snail and the Whale.

If you can access BBC iplayer, you could watch a great animation of this story, too!

DT/Baking: Join in with some baking fun for a lovely seaside treat by watching the video.  If you want to go straight to the recipe, use the second link.

(This also links to other episodes, for lots more recipes – check it out!)

Art: Here is just one idea about how you could create your own seaside drawing.

Computing: Log on to Purple Mash and click on ‘Home’. Now click on ‘Topics’ and scroll down until you find ‘Seaside’.  This links to lots of activities, writing, painting, games – remember you can save what you do into your work folder.  Make sure you give it a clear name.

Science: Try this simple investigation comparing the properties of fresh water and salty water.  Can you  do a bit of research to explain your observations?

Salty Water and Fresh Water Investigation

Challenge: Does this experiment raise any other questions you could investigate? Think what could you change – quantities, objects, temperature, adding something other than salt?  Safety note: Check with your grown up first!

Just for fun…

Check out how good your observation skills are with this spot the difference.  Or, of course, you could have a go at making your own for a friend.


Why not make a picnic and set it up whilst playing sounds from the seaside, and just let your imagination take you there …?

Fancy some colouring?

summer colouring

We’d love to see any photos of what you’ve been up to – you can post them on Showbie for us to enjoy.

Monday 27th July

For these final 2 days of Year 2 we are going to the seaside.  Perhaps tomorrow you’d like to wear your favourite beach outfit to get in the mood and enjoy some fun learning tasks. For today, we are keeping to our usual reading, English and Maths tasks, but with a definite nod towards the summer holidays.  Are you ready?  Here we go!
Maths:  Use the summer picture code to solve the problems for tens and ones. There’s a copy of this on Showbie if you prefer.
summer code breaking
Challenge: Devise your own code of pictures and numbers.  You could then use this for setting calculation puzzles or making up word stories for a friend to solve.
Spelling: Complete the seaside word search on Showbie.  Be warned the words may be across, down of diagonal! 
English:  The end of a year in school is a time to reflect on your achievements and feel proud as you’re ready to move on.  Complete the sheet on Showbie and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back!
Enjoy that feel good feeling with some music we more usually share at our Celebration Assembly:
Reading/PSHE: We all love a day at the beach, but keeping ourselves safe is still important.  Read this safety themed story.
Sammy Seagull’s Summer Safety
Now design your own keep safe poster.  If you want you can use this template to help, or you may wish to just design your own.  You can use paint, colours, collage or use 2Publish on Purple Mash.  The choice is yours.
keeping safe in the sea
keeping safe in the sun

Friday 24th July

Maths: Daily arithmetic task
Your final times table quiz week!

Test yourself using one of the mixed times table quizzes. Pick the one you think is going to challenge you without being too hard. Give yourself one minute. How many can you get correct? 

mixed times tables and divide

Today is about learning to measure in litres, written as l for short!

Start by watching the information on the BBC website. This will explain what a litre is. Then, complete the activity – just like we do at the start of our Maths lessons.  Think about what your journal would look like? What do you know? What can you find out? Use the questions to help you.

Friday maths activity

Challenge: Think of things that might be measured in litres.  What can you find at home.  Remember the safety warning: Don’t go near household cleaning materials in the kitchen or bathroom unless a grown up is doing it with you.

Reading:  Read this story about another  lighthouse keeper and his problem with the seagulls.


Complete the comprehension sheet on Showbie all about the story, ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.’

Spelling:  Play this game to check your spelling skills.  Click on Y2 and then choose from the different books – each book has a different selection of words.

English: This task uses the same story about Mr Grinling which you have used for today’s reading task. If you need to remind yourself about the story, you can use this link to hear the story being read to you if you prefer.

Now, imagine that you are Mr Grinling and write a short diary entry for each day.  Don’t forget to write as ‘I’ and make it clear how you were feeling. For example – What a terrible day I have had! Those pesky seagulls swept down and snaffled all the delicious lunch that Mrs Grinling had concocted for me.  I must think of an ingenious plan. 

There is a blank diary page on Showbie to help you.

PSHE:  How many people can you think of that are there to help us in our community.  For example, who helps you if you are sick? Who will check if your teeth are healthy.  Give yourself 2 minutes to think of as many different jobs that people do to help us.

Especially important are our emergency services -0 the police, the ambulance and the fire brigade,  It’s important that we know what to do to contact them if there is an emergency.  Watch this short video to find out what you need to do. (You may need to scroll down to see the video on the page)

Complete the sheet on Showbie that reminds you what to do if you need the emergency service.  Add your address and colour in the pictures, before you put it somewhere at home where you will find it if you need it.

Challenge:  Role play with an adult what you would do in different situations where you might need one of the services.  

PE: Warm up: Dance along to ‘Fight Song’ with the Kidz Bop kids!

Unfortunately this year we were unable to complete our yearly sports day. This week for PE, we would like you to try and create your own sports day at home! Have a go at an egg and spoon race, and perhaps you could have a go at a relay with your family members. Practise your skipping, hopping and jumping. You might want to share a photo on Showbie.

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