St Philip Westbrook C of E Primary School

St Philip Westbrook C of E Primary School"Together we aim high and with God's love we can fly"

Ethos Group

The Ethos Group play a vital role in leading our Christian values and ethos within the school. They work hard to make a real difference and represent the views of their classmates with maturity and respect, ensuring that they continue to lead inspirational change and improvements. In addition to their innovative work, they support worship and Eucharist services, write prayers and readings, and plan learning and activities for special Christian celebrations, such as Christmas.

Our Spiritual Garden

The Ethos Group have played a huge role in the development of our Spiritual Garden. They have worked alongside staff, governors and landscape gardeners to plan and develop our Spiritual Garden. The Ethos Group are responsible for leading spiritual opportunities in the garden, providing a calm and reflective space for all of our children.

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Worship Hymns and Songs

As part of the Ethos Group’s review of worship, it was identified that children would like to be able to access some of the new hymns and songs that we sing via the school website, please find them below.

Worship Policy

The Ethos Group played an important part in reviewing our Worship Policy, this has now been updated and is in place across school.

Christian Values

The Ethos Group, and children across school were superb in developing art work based upon our Christian values, these are beautiful!

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