St Philip Westbrook C of E Primary School

St Philip Westbrook C of E Primary School"Together we aim high and with God's love we can fly"



As a school at the heart of the Westbrook Centre, we enjoy close links with many aspects of the community.

As well as being physically linked to the Church, the school building also provides a joint use and community area.  This helps us to maintain links with other groups and uniformed organisations.

We appreciate the benefits of our busy community, with children having the opportunity to visit local amenities such as Asda, the Medical Centre, and the Odeon whilst learning about their local environment. With the library situated adjacent to school, all classes attend regularly to share in their resources and promote a love of reading.

Our curriculum is planned carefully to enable children to explore and celebrate the rich opportunities that Warrington itself offers in terms of learning and teaching, for example through historical links to World War II via the RAF Burtonwood Museum, and geography links through local canals, rivers and the town itself.

Children also benefit from the local Peace Centre, which was set up in the memory of Tim Parry and Jonathon Ball. It offers leisure, social and sport activities which are regularly attended by children of our school; our Year 4 children also look forward to attending a residential overnight stay at the Peace Centre.