Year 4

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Summer Concert 2020



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Online Learning

Rock Kidz are LIVE streaming free sessions on YouTube at 2pm every weekday: 

David Walliams is reading a story every day for 30 days – lots of you love his books and he will tell the stories in an amusing way.  Check out today’s story: 

Homelearning Spanish

Purple Mash & Showbie: We understand that some of you are having difficulty accessing Purple Mash and saving work on Showbie. If so, please can you try the activity at a different time in the day as it is most likely because of the amount of people trying to access it at the same time. Also, don’t worry if an activity cannot be saved on Showbie – please just let the children have a go and do not worry about saving evidence.

BBC Bitesize: There are now daily lessons for English, maths and all of the other subjects too.  Pop along to watch the video, then complete the quizzes and online activities 

Class Page: Remember to pop along to your class page too.  Each page now has a Twitter feed where your teacher will post some of your learning to show everybody what we have been working on.

Please find here a link to a children’s book explaining all about coronavirus.  It’s illustrated by Axel Scheffler (the illustrator of the Julia Donaldson books).  This would be great to read with your parents: Coronavirus_ABookForChildren

Summer Reading Challenge: 
The Silly Squad have launched a reading challenge for you to take part in over the summer! There are lots of fun reading challenges for you to explore on their website. It is free to access and is a great chance to share and talk about books with your family. 

Dear parents and carers, 
As you are aware, there are now more children beginning to attend school. In order to accommodate this, more staff are also in school, meaning that there are fewer staff monitoring home learning. As previously, all work uploaded to Showbie or completed on Purple Mash will be marked and there will be feedback but this will no longer be every day and it may not be from your child’s class teacher.  There also will be less work to upload or complete on Showbie or Purple Mash.

Thank you for your continued support in these unprecedented times.

Tuesday 28th July 2020

This is your last day of home learning and your last day in year four.  Have a wonderful summer, everybody, and we will see you all in September!

  • Have a go at some of the writing challenges T-L-3967-Writing-Challenge-Cards.  They are just for fun so you don’t need to upload anything.  Enjoy!  
  • If you would like to, there are some summer crafts here you can have a go at: make a summer pinwheel T-T-11069-Summer-Printable-Pinwheel-Template; make a potted flower paper model T-T-17836-Potted-Flower-Paper-Model or make a handprint sunflower T-T-17588-Hand-Print-Sunflowers-Craft-Instructions.  You will need paper and a few basic craft materials like paint and glue.  
  • With summer looming and lockdown easing, why not write your own summer bucket list: think of 5 achievable things you’d really like to do over the summer.  They could be things to do with your family, they could be related to a hobby or your schoolwork, they could be about getting out and about or just something you have always wanted to try.  You might want to take inspiration from this list:–activity-list 
  • Can you plan, design and cook a dinner for your family? Turn your dining room into a restaurant and treat your family to some yummy food! Make sure you send pictures on Showbie.  
  • Have a look at the Active Home activities and participate in as many as you like with your family!  

Monday 27th July 2020

For the last two days of term, you are going to be given some fun activities that you will hopefully enjoy completing.

  • First, complete the My School Memories sheet.  This is uploaded to Showbie, but you can do it on paper if you prefer.  You can use drawings or pictures.  There are also some other reflections sheets which you might like to complete as well.
  • Next, we would like you to write an A-Z about this school year, where each thought, idea or memory begins with a different letter of the alphabet.  It could be about things you have enjoyed this year, things you have learned and about lockdown too.  For example: A – Amazing class worship which made the parents laugh; B – Building models of Westbrook shops; C – Coronavirus which kept us all at home…  
  • Now you can have a go at completing some art challenges.  Look at the challenges uploaded to Showbie and complete as many as you like.  Have fun!
  • Have a look at the ‘once upon an adventure activity pack’ uploaded to Showbie. Choose one or more of the activities to help bring stories to life.
  • Can you learn some magic tricks and put on  a magic show for your family? Go to: for lots of ideas.  
  • Write a letter or a poem to your new teacher introducing yourself. Things to include: your interests/hobbies, family/pets, what you enjoy in school, what you are most looking forward to in year 5. Upload these to Showbie and they will be passed on to your new teacher. Remember to use your neatest handwriting and proof-read your work.

Friday 24th July 2020

    • English: Today, you are going to complete another BBC Bitesize Book Club lesson on Slime by David Walliams here.  Make sure you complete all of the activities.  You do not need to upload anything to Showbie.
    • Maths: Log onto Times Tables Rock Stars and complete 2 games to practise your times tables. Today you are going to complete some Friday challenges. Follow the lesson here, making sure you complete all of the activities underneath the video. You do not need to upload anything to Showbie.
    • Reading: Complete the reading activity on Showbie.
    • RE: This half term in RE we are looking at Prayer. Last week you created a multi-sensory board of things that you want to pray for or about. Have a look at the six different prayer activities that have been uploaded to Showbie. Spend some time reading through the different activities and complete them if you wish. Today you are going to complete your own prayer activity. You could choose a prayer activity to fit with a particular season or event (e.g. Advent, a sporting event, exams). You could choose a prayer activity that follows a particular journey or Biblical story (e.g. the Lord’s Prayer, the Good Samaritan). Or you could choose an activity that blends around a particular theme/ school values or school topics (e.g. self-image, thankfulness).  Once you have decided your theme, create your own set of instructions along with pictures and any equipment needed. It would be lovely to see your activity uploaded to Showbie. 
    • DT: Complete the BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson to learn about Structures. Watch the two videos demonstrating how to make a structure stronger and the work of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Complete the activities below.  You do not need to upload anything to Showbie.
    • Story time: Enjoy chapter fourteen of Harry Potter:

Curriculum Maps

Curriculum Map Autumn 1

Curriculum Map Autumn 2

Curriculum Map Spring 1

Curriculum Map Spring 2

Curriculum Map Summer 1

Curriculum Map Summer 2

Subject Specific Vocabulary

Y4 Summer 2 Art Vocabulary Textiles docx

Y4 Summer 2 DT Vocabulary Textiles docx

Y4 Summer 2 PE Vocabulary

Year 4 Summer 2 RE Vocabulary

Year 4 Summer 2 Vocabulary Classification

Year 4 Summer 2 History Vocab Vikings

Y4 Summer 2 Computing Vocabulary docx

Learning Links

Please find useful links below to help support your child’s learning at home.


Please remember to use the Times Tables Rock Star app to practise times tables (Purple Mash log on in reading records)

Hit the Button – times tables game

Maths Fishing – times tables game

Super Maths Bowling – times tables game

Primary Homework Help – a website containing lots of games to learn and practise times tables – a website containing lots of games to learn and practise times tables


Some fun reading books for year 4 children: