Year 4

Welcome to Year 4. Please click on the link to the left to access your class page.

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Online Learning

Joe Wicks is doing a 30 minute work out for children on his YouTube channel every morning.  Why not join in?  

Rock Kidz are LIVE streaming free sessions on YouTube at 2pm every weekday: 

David Walliams is reading a story every day for 30 days – lots of you love his books and he will tell the stories in an amusing way.  Check out today’s story: 

Homelearning Spanish

Purple Mash & Showbie: We understand that some of you are having difficulty accessing Purple Mash and saving work on Showbie. If so, please can you try the activity at a different time in the day as it is most likely because of the amount of people trying to access it at the same time. Also, don’t worry if an activity cannot be saved on Showbie – please just let the children have a go and do not worry about saving evidence.

BBC Bitesize: There are now daily lessons for English, maths and all of the other subjects too.  Pop along to watch the video, then complete the quizzes and online activities 

Class Page: Remember to pop along to your class page too.  Each page now has a Twitter feed where your teacher will post some of your learning to show everybody what we have been working on.

Please find here a link to a children’s book explaining all about coronavirus.  It’s illustrated by Axel Scheffler (the illustrator of the Julia Donaldson books).  This would be great to read with your parents: Coronavirus_ABookForChildren

Please note that the daily activities can be completed in any order.

Summer Half Term Activities

Hello everyone. There won’t be any home learning set over half term, but here are some websites with lots of fun summer activities if you want to keep busy.  Remember that you can also use the BBC Daily Bitesize lessons and the Oak National Academy lessons if you would like to carry on learning over the break.  If you fancy some more hands on fun activities, try these Summer Activities.  Don’t forget to keep reading at least three times a week over the break.

A range of summer puzzles and colouring sheets:

A selection of word searches:

A selection of maths puzzles: (some are really tricky!)

Friday 22nd May 2020

Today is the last day of this half term, so there will be no more daily learning until Monday 8th June.  We will put some summer fun activities on this page that you can have a go at, and remember that you can visit the BBC Daily Bitesize lessons and the Oak National Academy lessons if you would like to continue learning over the break.  Have a lovely rest and stay safe!  

  • English: Complete the Bitesize daily lesson based on the poem Please, Mrs Butler by Allan Ahlberg.  Watch the two videos then work through the activities underneath (there are three activities – make sure you read everything carefully):
  • Maths: Complete two games on Times Tables Rock Stars to practise your times tables.  This week we have been learning about perimeter.  Have a go at these perimeter games (watch out because some of the units of measure are inches and feet, not always mm, cm or m):   Friday is Challenge Day on BBC Bitesize daily lessons.  If you would like a challenge, have a go at the Friday challenges for this week: (the answers are at the bottom so you can mark your own).
  • Reading: Settle down and enjoy reading a book for 20-30 minutes.  As you read, list any new or tricky words and look them up in a dictionary or ‘read around the word’ to work out what it means.
  • RE/ArtLast week, we told you about the Spirited Arts competition which combines RE and the arts. You planned your ideas for how you were going to  express your ideas – art (drawing, painting, sketching etc.), sculpture, photography, drama, dance, music, computer-aided design… whatever you could think of! You chose a theme from this sheet here.
  • This week’s task:  Using your plan, you are going to create your final piece of work and upload it to Showbie.  Make sure the theme you chose is really clear.  Along with your piece, you must also write a short explanation about what it represents and why you created it the way that you did (remember to write about the theme you used).  Think about your writing targets as you write: fronted adverbials, punctuation, conjunctions within sentences, expanded noun phrases.  Upload your final piece and your explanation to My Work on Showbie
  • Story time: Settle down for the next chapter of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ by Cressida Cowell.  We’re up to chapter ten now: 

Thursday 21st May 2020

  • English: ask an adult or a sibling to test you on your spellings from last week: there/their/they’re, hear/here, to/two/too, your/you’re, weather/whether, rain/rein/reign.  These are our new spellings: missed/mist/medal/meddle, break/brake, heel/heal/he’ll, know/now, male/mail.  Again, all of these words are homophones.  Spend some time learning to spell them, then complete the Purple Mash 2Do Homophones Quiz
  • Maths: We are going to continue learning about area and perimeter.  Go to the next Oak Academy lesson and complete the whole lesson before going to Showbie to complete the worksheets.  Remember that it is really important that you follow every step of the lesson and watch the whole video before attempting the activities, otherwise you might not fully understand the task.
  • Reading: Complete 2 Reading Plus lessons. 
  • Geography:  Earlier this week in science, you learned about the environment, how we need to look after it and what the impact is on living things if we don’t look after it.  Today, you are going to learn about renewable energy.  Watch the videos and complete the quiz underneath: Now go to Purple Mash 2Dos and complete the Renewable Energy Leaflet.  Remember to use geographical words, e.g, climate, pollution, renewable, environment, renewable, fossil fuel, solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, etc. and try to include as many facts as you can. 
  • Computing: Over the last few weeks, we have been learning about staying safe online.  First today, you are to watch all of these short videos which explain the SMART rules:  Now, watch the animation about the adventures of the SMART crew:  Next, explain to an adult what the SMART rules are.  Now have a go at completing the SMART rules quiz to see what you have learned this lesson and this half term:

Wednesday 20th May 2020 

Curriculum Maps

Curriculum Map Autumn 1

Curriculum Map Autumn 2

Curriculum Map Spring 1

Curriculum Map Spring 2

Curriculum Map Summer 1

Subject Specific Vocabulary

Y4 Summer 1 Science Vocabulary Digestive System

Y4 Summer 1 Geography Vocab Map Reading

Y4 Summer 1 Computing Vocabulary Book Creator

Y4 Summer 1 Music Vocabulary

Y4 Summer 1 PE Vocabulary Athletics & Running

Year 4 Summer 1 RE Vocabulary

Learning Links

Please find useful links below to help support your child’s learning at home.


Please remember to use the Times Tables Rock Star app to practise times tables (Purple Mash log on in reading records)

Hit the Button – times tables game

Maths Fishing – times tables game

Super Maths Bowling – times tables game

Primary Homework Help – a website containing lots of games to learn and practise times tables – a website containing lots of games to learn and practise times tables


Some fun reading books for year 4 children: