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Year 3 Mrs Wright

Welcome to our class page. Here, you will find information about the children’s exciting learning, as well as any key dates or important pieces of information that you will need to know for the upcoming weeks and months. 

Learning from Reception

Summer Term

Welcome back!

During school closure, keep looking on the Reception page for daily tasks. We look forward to seeing your lovely work. Keep working hard!

Home Learning

Hello everybody we hope you are all safe and well. It has been so pleasing to see everybody working hard. Thank you for your uplifting messages too. If purple mash is down please do not worry! A lot of children are working online from home. Try it at a different time and it should be available.

Here are just a few samples of work. Stay home and stay safe!

World Book Day

We have had an exciting day dressing up for World Book Day and we took part in lots of fun activities. We have gone on a World  Book Day door tour and we have swapped classes to visit teachers and children from different year groups, where we took part in lots of book related actives. 































Stories Jesus Told

In RE we will be learning about stories Jesus told. We are learning that parables give us a message about God and we find the parables from the Bible. Today we learned about ‘The Wise and Foolish Builders’. We discussed how the parable demonstrates obedience to God. 

Firefighter superhero’s visit

The children were very excited to meet our real superhero’s at school today. We learned about what firefighters do and we were able to look at real firefighter equipment. The children particularly enjoyed seeing the fire engine, squirting the hose and hearing the sirens. 

Health Week

This week children have enjoyed taking part in a variety of activities. We learned that exercising can keep us fit and mentally healthy. We also learned about healthy foods. We relaxed and took part in yoga which was excellent all the children were engaged and excited to join in. 

Traps for the Evil Pea


The Evil Pea has been very mischievous in Reception. He has trapped Supertato and his friends. The children decided to create a trap to capture the Evil Pea. Their trap was successful and the slide to the trap door worked very well.  

Christmas Party Day

Reception have had a fun filled day. We have had a very special visitor (Father Christmas) who brought in a present for all of the children  We played party games and enjoyed party food. 

Christmas Performance

Wow! What a performance! Reception worked so hard for their Nativity. Well done to everyone. 

Children In Need

We have enjoyed dressing in yellow and/or spots today to raise money to support Children in Need. Children were very happy to meet Pudsey as he visited our school today to collect our donations. Thank you for all your sopport and donations to help us with this cause.

Careers Week

Thank you to all of the parents who have offered to talk to the children about their occupations. We have had a very busy two days learning about the job role of a vicar, a vet, an engineer and police officers.

Paralympic Cyclist Manager

This afternoon the children got the chance to see real bicycles that Paralympic cyclist use. We looked at how the bikes are adapted for the athletes to use effectively. We found out which bike was for the road and which was used on the valadium cycle track.

Police Officer

The children were very excited about our visit from the police officers today. We learnt about what police officers do and the equipment they use. Children particularly enjoyed looking at the police car and were excited by the opportunity to sit inside one.



















Mr Oyedokun visited our class today and taught us about what engineers do. We learnt about different types of engineers and that engineers fix, create, design and make.


The children were amazed to see the vicar wearing his cassock and surplice. We learnt what the different colour stoles represent and how the pictures on the stole link to Jesus.


Mrs Atkinson came to visit Reception with Dougal the dog. Dougal was very well behaved and the children were delighted to learn about the role of a vet. We practised bandaging a poorly animal’s leg and listened to the heartbeat using a stethoscope.


In PE Reception are learning to find a space and how to roll and stop a ball working with a partner. The children have attempted to undress and dress themselves independently in order to get ready for PE. They did a great job! Please continue to encourage your child to dress themselves for school.


This afternoon the children did some Spanish dancing! They listened carefully to instructions and followed different actions.

Busy Reception

Reception have settled in so well this week. We are so proud of all of the children coming into school with smiley faces ready for their learning. Miss Daley and Miss Emery are looking forward to making fun memories this academic year. Take a look at activities children have been selecting this week!