Year 3 Mrs Unsworth & Mrs Thorrington


A BIG welcome to our class page! We are having lots of fun in Year 3 and we have already learnt so much. Keep on visiting our class page to join us on our learning journey.

Reminders and Dates for the Autumn Term

This half term, our PE will be on Mondays and Thursdays. PE kits should remain in school and should only be taken home at the end of the half term.

Homework is given out on Fridays and should be handed back in by Thursday at the latest.

Children should be reading at home with an adult at least 3 times each week. Every time you read with your child, please sign their Reading Record. Records will be checked every Thursday and children who have collected 3 adult signatures will receive a sticker for their bookmark. Children who have not completed their homework or home reading will visit Homework Club, which takes place on Thursday lunchtimes.

Wednesday 13th December – Year 3 Christmas Production (afternoon)

Thursday 14th December – Year 3 Christmas Production (morning)

Thursday 21st December – School closes for Christmas

Our Learning

Keep visiting our class page to hear all about our exciting lessons and topics, and to see lots of photographs of us enjoying our learning!

Is it always hot in Spain?

Today, we have been Geography detectives! We wanted to find out the answer to a question that we created as a class – is it always hot in Spain? We looked at different maps of Spain and picked out clues to help us to identify different weather patterns across the country. We were amazed to learn that there are many different climates across Spain. In mountainous regions, there is even snow in the winter!

We used our new knowledge to be travel agents and designed different holidays, from beach holidays to surfing holidays to skiing holidays. At the end of our lesson, we enjoyed hearing some of our friends telling us their own weather reports for a range of different holiday resorts.


Science Investigation – Do people who have longer femurs jump further?

In today’s Science lesson, we wanted to find out if it was true that ‘people with longer femurs jump further than those with shorter femurs’. We started off by measuring our own femurs and recording our answers to the nearest centimetre. Some of us chose to measure our femurs more than once, so that we could make sure our answers were as accurate as possible.

When it came to doing our jumps, our class decided that we would do our tests inside in case the windy weather affected our results and blew us further! We completed our jumps in the hall and worked collaboratively to make accurate measurements.

Interestingly, we found out that for our class, the statement wasn’t true; the people with the longest femurs didn’t always jump the furthest. Lots of us thought that this was because our bodies are all different and unique. Some of us thought that we all jumped differently because we all enjoy and practise different sports that may have affected our bodies in different ways. A couple of us even wondered if the weight of our femur bones may have affected our results. Mrs. Unsworth was really impressed with our range of suggestions and our creative thinking.

Visit to Westbrook Library

Today, we enjoyed a wonderful visit to Westbrook Library. In English this week, we have been investigating non-fiction texts and so we made sure to have a good look through the wide range of information books on offer. The teachers have picked out some interesting books about Spain, and Mrs. McGinnity has chosen some exciting stories. We can’t wait to start reading our new books!

Flamenco Dance

This afternoon, we carried on learning about a traditional style of Spanish dance called ‘Flamenco’. After watching clips of a range of dancers, we made a list of common features. These included: sharp movements, strong arm positions, rhythms made with stamps and claps, and always having a tall, straight back.

It was then our turn to try Flamenco! We learnt a sequence and worked hard to show all of the features on our list. Mrs. Unsworth was very impressed with our arm movements and our very focused facial expressions. You can see us in action on these photographs!

Friday 10th November, 2017    Science-Skeletons

Our new Science topic began with a Wow, Awe, Inspire activity.  As well as considering what we would like to learn in this topic, we thought about what our own skeletons look like.  The children created wonderful human skeletons and there was lots of discussion about our bone types, sizes and shapes.  Take a look at the excellent labeling the children also added to their skeletons!

IMG_0517[1] IMG_0518[1] IMG_0520[1] IMG_0519[1] IMG_0521[1]

The children want to answer these questions:

Do children and adults have a different number of bones?

What do the different bones look like?

How many bones are in our hands and wrists?

We are going to plan some exciting investigations to see if everyone moves in the same way.

What a busy first day back!

Welcome back to you all! We hope you all had a wonderful half term break. It’s only our first day back in, but we have already been working hard.

We loved finding out that our new project is going to be all about Spain. The children have spent time generating questions that they would like to investigate. We are all keen to find out about Spanish food! Lots of us also really want to learn more about the Spanish weather; we know that it can be hot in the Summer, but is it like this all year round? Does it ever snow? How different is it to England?

It’s been lovely to be back; we can’t wait for another fantastic half term of learning!


ABC Skills in PE

In PE, we have been practising our fundamental ABC skills – agility, balance and co-ordination. We have been developing these skills through a range of multi-skills games and activities. Our teachers have also been really impressed with our communication skills and the way we have worked well in teams.

Maths Addition Work

In today’s Maths lesson, we became the teachers! We have been learning how to use the column method to add numbers. Mrs. Unsworth kept making mistakes and so we had to teach her how to use the method correctly! We showed her how to line her numbers up carefully by thinking about the value of each digit and we used the Dienes cubes to explain how to regroup and rename numbers. Thank you for your help, Year 3!

Stone Henge Art Work

Today, we created art based on Stone Henge. It was a very creative and messy lesson! We used oil pastels to create a sky background and then smudged the colours to create the effect of a sunset. We then carefully designed and cut out silhouettes of different rock formations. Our final pieces look really effective!

Rock Investigation …

In Science, we are continuing to investigate rocks. Today, we used sweets to find out about how the 3 different types of rocks (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic) are formed. As we made the different ‘rocks’, we carefully observed how the sweets altered and we worked in partners to describe the changes using scientific language.


Library Visit

Today, our class enjoyed a visit to Westbrook Library. We loved looking at all of the wonderful books that were on offer. We have each chosen a book to loan, which we will keep in our Reading Area. Some of us chose story books, some of us chose non-fiction books and Mrs. McGinnity chose some exciting picture books for us to enjoy. We can’t wait to get stuck into them now!

Happy Roald Dahl Day!

What a busy, fun-packed day we have all had! It was exciting to see so many of Roald Dahl’s wonderful characters in our classroom. Thank you to all parents and family members who helped the children with their fantastic costumes!

After a lively assembly with our visitors, Kate and Michael, we had a Character Parade to share and celebrate our costumes. We then spent the rest of the day exploring the story of Fantastic Mr. Fox through Science and Drama activities and we enjoyed reading the story together. We particularly enjoyed our workshop with Michael, where we learnt about alliteration and created our own poetry inspired by the book.


Egg-cellent Experiment!

When reading Fantastic Mr. Fox, we quickly learnt just how much he loves chicken eggs! We wondered what happens to his eggs whenever he is running away from the trio of farmers who he is always tormenting. What happens to the yellow yolk and egg white inside the shell as Mr. Fox darts around the farm? We decided to investigate!

After making our own predictions, we were ready to test out our ideas! We secured our eggs inside socks and tights and swung the eggs around and around, as if they were being flung around in Mr. Fox’s pocket! Our school cooks then kindly boiled our eggs.

We were amazed to find out that different eggs reacted in different ways. We looked carefully at the shelled eggs and saw that most of the yellow yolks had become very large. Some of the yolks were different shapes because some of the yolks had popped! We think that if the eggs had been swung around for even longer, they may have become completely yellow!



Year 3 Rock Concert

Today, we held our very own Rock Concert – and by ‘rocks’, we mean actual ‘rocks’! We were all set the challenge of bringing in our favourite rock. We shared our rocks and then worked in groups to sort them according to different properties. Awards were then given for lots of different categories, from the Sparkliest Rock to the Most Squashed Rock to the OAP Rock Award!

Thank you to you all for sharing your fantastic rocks – you are all true Rockstars!


Welcome to The Stone Age! 

We were all very excited to find out what our first Year 3 project was going to be! First thing this morning, we put on our detective hats and headed to the small hall to dig through a mystery box of clues that would reveal our topic …

We discovered lots of fascinating objects, including: animal skins, bones, dried fruits, a spear, an axe and lots of rocks in all shapes and sizes. We worked out that all of these objects would belong to a person who lived during The Stone Age. To find out more about this era, we have also started to learn a Stone Age rap!

We can’t wait to find out more about what life would have been like all of those many years ago.


Paul Klee Artwork

Today we have been investigating the work of artist, Paul Klee. We found out that he was an abstract artist who saw the world in a very special and creative way. He used simple shapes and bold colours to express his feelings. We enjoyed using his style to create our own masterpieces based on his piece called ‘Castle and Sun’. It was also a great opportunity for us to use our Maths skills to accurately draw 2D shapes!


Our Learning in Year 2


Design Technology Textiles

We have really enjoyed finishing Year 2 by making some soft toy sea creatures.  The children have really impressed us with their needle skills.  We made a paper mock up to plan our design and then created the toys with felt.  Of course, we need to add a bit of sparkle and fun with a few decorations.  A big thank you to our parent helpers – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Holidays in the Past

We have had lots of fun this week learning about holidays in the past.  We have focused on holidays within living memory and Mr Pielow and Mrs Riley were kind enough to come in and be living history exhibits! We listened carefully to their childhood memories of holidays and asked questions to find out more.  In addition, we used photos, objects and documents borrowed from Warrington library to research the subject further.  Why not ask an older person you know about any memories they have?

Class Assembly

Thank you to everyone who managed to join us for our annual class assembly.  It was lovely to have so many friends and family with whom we could share our work.  The children worked really hard to get ready for this, and I am sure you will agree they did a fantastic job.

Click below to watch the video our class poem about the Creation Story.

AK class assembly

Formby Beach

What a beatiful day we had for our visit to Formby!  The sun shone down and we had a great time exploring 4 different habitats.  Melanie, our guide, was full of interesting information so we learnt lots, but there was still time for a picnic and a play on the sand.  Perfect!


The Bible tells us how the Holy Spirit came to the apostles at Pentecost.  We thought about how the Holy Spirit is like the wind – we can’t see it but we can see what it does.  We enjoyed making windmills as a symbol to remind us that the Holy Spirit is with us in our lives today.

“The wind blows wherever it pleases.  You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going.” John 3:8


Year Two Sports Day

We were very fortunate to have a lovely afternoon for our Sports Day.  Thank you to everyone who was able to join us; we hope you had as much fun as we did!

Growing Seeds

Westbrook Walk

As part of our Geography work, we went on a walk around Westbrook to identify the facilities it offers.  We created our own maps.

British Values Day

To celebrate British Values we came to school dressed in red, white and blue. We learnt about the British Values and how they help to respect our individuality.





Easter Fun

Ethos group kindly organised some fun activities for us all to enjoy as we celebrate the festival of Easter.  We brought in some eggstremely impressive egg designs and Elliot from Year 6 had the very tricky job of choosing his favourite.  Eventually he settled on Xavier’s Minion design because it was an original idea and he liked the eyes. Later, in the afternoon, we had an eggciting time rolling our eggs.  As you can see from the photos, some eggs fared better than others!

Google Expeditions

We all enjoyed our chance to try out Google Expeditions – a special app which can take us on amazing adventures around the world.  We ‘jumped on a plane’ to the frozen south and visited Antarctica without the need for warm clothing, sledges or snow goggles.  Did you know it is the windiest and driest place on Earth? We saw some penguins and leopard seals, but all too soon it was time to come home.  We are looking forward to our next virtual trip out.  Watch this space!

Visiting Church

Mrs Dunning helped us visit St Philip’s Church to conclude our RE work on the Church – what we can see there and why people go there.  We entered through a separate door even though the church and school buildings are joined.  We identified features of the church and held our own short worship session with a Bible reading, a song and a prayer.


Red Nose Day

We raised money to help others and had fun ourselves and all in our pyjamas.  Take alook at our red nose faces – we hope you make you smile.

Retelling Traditional Tales

This half term we will be reading and retelling traditional tales from around the world.  We have started with our own country, and read a beautifully illustrated retelling of ‘The King of the Birds’ by Helen Ward.  We loved the paintings, but we also loved her choice of words and ‘magpied’ some of these in our own versions.

The King of the Birds by Alexa

The King of the Birds by Toby

Bird Collages

A big thank you to everyone who brought in resources for our collage making.We first of all drew our own bird designs based around some images of exotic birds, thinking about the types of features they have and the shapes we could use to draw them.  We then selected from the materials textures and colours which we wanted for our collage.  We worked carefully with a partner listening to and sharing ideas.

World Book Day

We all came in fancy dress as one of our favourite book characters. Who can you see? We enjoyed some stories, wrote about some of our favourite books and took part in a book swap.

RE: Thinking About the Feelings of Others

This half term we are learning about Jesus as a Friend.  We read the story of the Ten Lepers and thought about how they must have felt before meeting Jesus, the hope which Jesus offered and how their lives had changed once they were healed.  Some of us write speech bubbles, others prepared a role play to share in class.

Look at these photos and see if you can guess the feeling the children are trying to show.  Which part of the story do you think they match?

Launching Rockets

When we were at Jodrell Bank we made some paper rocket cone from paper and discovered that we could ‘launch’ these using empty water bottles.  We decided to investigate this further by testing a range of bottles to see how to make the rocket go the highest.  We made our own predictions and then tested them to see if they were correct.  You might like to investigate this further at home!

Chinese New Year

We enjoyed our theme day learning about  Chinese New Year.  We found out about how it is celebrated and some of the stories associated with this festival.  We had a go at learning to count to ten in Mandarin and how to write these – very tricky!  We used our maths learning and problem solving to investigate the length of ‘tails’ for the animals in the Chinese zodiac.

In the afternoon we visited each of the Year Two classrooms to enjoy some Chinese style dancing and try our hand at making simple crafts.  At the end of the day we received a gift envelope complete with chopsticks and a fortune cookie. All in all a great day of fun and learning.

Jodrell Bank

We had a super time on our visit to Jodrell Bank, despite the long journey there.  Our class had an action-packed morning.  First we went to Workshop about life in space, watching videos of Tim Peake and his colleagues aboard the International Space Station and completing some hands-on activities to get an idea of what life is like in orbit.  This was quickly followed by a session inside an inflatable planetarium.  The children listened carefully to learn facts about the our solar system and the stars and galaxies beyond.

In the afternoon we had a little time to explore the outdoor area and see the radio telescope close up. We finished with a quick tour around the interactive gallery. Altogether a great day, which has inspired the children to investigate space further in our ongoing project.

Tesco Healthy Food Trail

We visited Tesco to find out more about healthy eating and the food groups we need to eat to have a balanced diet.

Our Fun Run!

Hurray! Even the teachers made it! Keep an eye on the School Newsletter to find out our final fundraising total.

RE: Exploring the Bible

We collected together different version of the Bible and shared these in class.  Which was your favourite version?

DT: Junk Modelling

We created our own designs for wacky inventions. After exploring ways of joining materials, we chose junk of the right size and shape to match the design feature and worked with a partner to create a model to match our plan.  Very messy but lots of hands-on learning and fun!

Science: Which is the best bubble mixture?

Wallace wanted to invent a bubble making machine, but which is the best mixture to use?  We talked about how we might be able to tell.  Is it the one which makes the biggest bubbles? Or the most bubbles? Or bubbles that are easiest to blow? Or bubbles that last the longest?  In the end we decided on which bubbles lasted the longest.  We used stop watches to time how long the bubbles took to pop.

Christmas Story

We have been learning about how angels brought the Good News of the coming of Jesus.  We listed to the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth and how they were to have a special baby called John. Mary heard the news of her unexpected baby from Gabriel, too.  We acted out our ideas of how the shepherds must have felt when they saw the angel and how they rushed to Bethlehem to see the special child.

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