Year 3 Miss Evans

Welcome to our class page. Here you will find information about the children’s exciting learning, as well as any key dates or important pieces of information that you will need to know for the upcoming weeks and months.

Reminders and Dates

PE lessons will be on Mondays and Fridays, and kits should be left in school for the half term.

Homework will be sent home each Friday, and should be completed and returned by the following Thursday. Spellings will also be sent home on Friday and should be practised in preparation for our spelling test each Thursday.

Monday 10th December – Year 3 Nativity, 2:00

Tuesday 11th December – Foxhowl Residential

Wednesday 12th December – Foxhowl Residential

Thursday 13th December – Foxhowl Residential

Friday 21st December – Party Day and End of Half Term

Our Learning


Science – Muscle Investigation 

We dissected chicken wings and compared them to human arms. We dissected the wings to look at the muscle pairs and worked out how they work to make limbs move. We focused on the muscles when they extend and contract , and had discussions about how muscles can only pull but can not push.

Making a Sukkah

We have made our very own dens in class today. We started by learning about the Jewish festival of Sukkot, this is the festival when people became free from slavery in Egypt and made their way to Israel (Promised Land). During the forty years they traveled through the desert they had to build sukkahs to sleep and live in. This is why when celebrating Sukkot Jews will build a sukkah next to their own homes. A sukkah must have three walls, a roof made from branches or leaves and be nicely decorated. We used fantastic team work and perseverance when building our own sukkah.

Making Skeletons 

Today, we launched our new science topic of bones and muscles. Miss Evans challenged us to build a skeleton using our previous knowledge. After we had finished we looked at what a skeleton should look like and started to name different bones. We also learnt about different skeletons that animals have.

Class Worship

A big thank you to our worship team from this half term! They have done a fantastic job in helping with worship all half term by getting things prepared and opening up the worship. Today, they did a great job of planning and leading their own worship. The rest of the class really enjoyed it, especially the drama that was involved. The worship team finished with a hymn and the whole class joined in beautifully.

Westbrook Orchard

We were lucky enough to go on a trip out this morning to the Westbrook Orchard. We had great fun running around in the outdoors, and we learnt so much about plants. The morning started looking for different things in the orchard such as bees and wasps. After a while, we realised we could not find many! We discussed why this was by thinking about what time of year it was. We then learnt how important bees are to plants. We finished the lesson by looking for different types of seeds around the orchard.

Leaf Man 

In English, we have started our new text ‘Leaf Man’. We read the first few pages today in which we learnt all about a Leaf Man who only travels to the places that the wind takes him. On his way he meets lots of other leaf characters that are also flying along with the wind. We started by making some predictions about the text and then we got the chance to make our very own leaf characters.

Stone Age Workshop 

Today, we had a visit from  the Warrington Museum who came to teach us about our topic for this half term the Stone Age. We learnt about Stone Age tools and we even had to try and make a hole in flint. We already knew lots about flint and how useful Stone Age people found it. However, we were surprised by how tough it was to make the hole. We were able to see how tricky life was for people in the Stone Age.

Starburst Rocks

In our Science lesson we were investigating different types of rocks. To help us understand how rocks are formed we used starburst to represent igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. We all enjoyed investigating the igneous rock that was melted in the microwave due to the extreme heat that is needed for an igneous rock to form.

Westbrook Library

Today, we enjoyed an exciting visit to Westbrook Library. In History this half term, we have been learning about the Stone Age and so we made sure to have a good look through the wide range of information books about this period. The teachers have picked out some interesting books about the Stone Age for our classroom, and Miss Evans read us two exciting stories.

Rock Awards

Today  in Science, we launched our new topic rocks and stones. Lots of us brought in interesting and fascinating rocks that we had found in several different places. We had rocks that we had picked up in our gardens, parks and even from under the water! At the beginning of the week we looked at all of the different rocks and began to ask each other questions. After this, we inspected the rocks and pebbles and started to think of descriptive words to help us with our classification. We even got a closer look at our rocks by using magnifying glasses and microscopes. Finally, we hosted the rock awards in which Miss Evans gave out certificates for the most romantic rock, the biggest rock, the clever rock, the ugliest rock and the most glittery rock.


Learning from Year 2

Thank you for a wonderful year! I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you and I am incredibly proud of all that you have achieved this year. You have all worked so hard.

We have shared some fantastic memories this year and you have put a smile on my face every single day. You have made me laugh and cry (happy tears/last day tears!) and you have all been an absolute please to teach!

Good luck in Year 3 and don’t forget to wave as you walk past at home time! We will miss you lots!

Thank you to all of the parents for your continued support this year and for all of the generous and thoughtful cards and gifts. They are much appreciated!

Best wishes,

Miss Birchall x


Seaside Holidays in the Past

This week we have enjoyed exploring resources from the Warrington Museum. We looked at a range of artefacts from the 1950’s and the Victorian times, which gave us an insight about what seaside holidays in the past were actually like. We thought about our seaside holidays and we talked about what had changed and how they were similar. We enjoyed dressing up in old-fashioned clothing and we thought about how it would feel to wear knitted swimming costumes!

Wirral Country Park

What a wonderful time we had at Wirral Country Park! We were very luck to have such lovely weather too. When we first arrived, we went down to the beach and spent some time collecting items such as shells, stones, pebbles, which we then used to create a picture in groups. After that, we went on a mini-beast hunt which was very exciting. We used nets which we brushed through the grass and trees to see what creatures we could find. Some of us were lucky enough to catch a butterfly! We made sure that we were very gentle with the creatures and released them back into their habitats once we had looked at them. Our final activity was pond dipping. We were all very enthusiastic and enjoyed looking at the mini-beasts which live in a pond habitat. We had a great day! Thank you to our parent helpers.

Scooter Training

We had a wonderful time on our scooters and learning how to stay safe on the road. We learnt how to use our brakes and the importance of stopping when crossing driveways or roads. Now, we are all ‘Scooter Smart’! We thoroughly enjoyed the session and had so much fun! Even Miss Birchall had a wonderful time riding a scooter!

Our Local Walk

Whilst the weather was dry and sunny, we decided to head out on our local walk and we had a wonderful morning! We left school and started to explore the woodland area. We looked for different trees and tried to identify them by the shape of their leaves. We loved looking at the huge, tall trees and the baby trees that had started to grow very close by. This linked nicely to our science learning about the life cycle of a sunflower seed!


We thought about our senses and what we could see, hear, feel, smell and touch in the woods. We also collected lots of lovely things to use back in school to create pictures.

After the woods, we moved on to Mary Ann Meadows. We talked about how this was different to the woodland area.

Back at school, we had time to create our Andy Goldsworthy inspired artwork which looked amazing! All of the children were well behaved and thoroughly enjoyed themselves!


Today we started our science learning, all about plants. First, we spent some time discussing what we already knew about plants. We reminded ourselves of the names of the different parts of the plants e.g. leaves, roots, petals, stem. We also talked about their functions.

We looked at some real plants and identified their roots, stem, leaves and the flower. We all had a wonderful time and our hands were covered in soil!

Our DT work

This half term we have been learning all about Australia. We made wonderful  Australian animal finger puppets for our DT project. We planned our work carefully and made our puppets out of paper first. then we chose our felt and thread to make our puppets. We made koala bears, kangaroos (some even had little joeys in their pouches!), birds and lizards! They look fabulous!

We really enjoyed sewing and can’t wait to do some more! A huge thank you to our parent helpers, we couldn’t have done it without you!



World Book Day

Yesterday, we celebrated World Book Day. We started our day with a wonderful assembly, lead by Miss Ashton, who told us all about why and how we celebrate World Book Day.

Back in class we wrote book reviews, had a story time in our new school library and enjoyed an afternoon of drawing book characters and book covers. We also had two ‘Drop Everything and Read’ sessions which we loved! All children thoroughly enjoyed the day and looked amazing!


Fun in the snow!

On Tuesday we were all so excited to see that it had been snowing and our playground was covered in snow! We all wrapped up warm and went outside to play. What a wonderful time we had!

Beegu Artwork

As part of our space topic this half term, we have been looking at the book Beegu. We made lots of predictions about the book and inferences about the character’s feelings. Today we created some Beegu art work, based on the illustrations by Alexis Deacon.

In previous lessons we have experimented with warm and cool colours to get ideas for our design. We had a great time and we are all very proud of our work!

IMG_0977 IMG_0976 IMG_0975 IMG_0974 IMG_0973 IMG_0971 IMG_0970 IMG_0969 IMG_0968 IMG_0967 IMG_0966 IMG_0965 IMG_0964 IMG_0962 IMG_0961 IMG_0960 IMG_0959 IMG_0957 IMG_0956 IMG_0955 IMG_0954 IMG_0953 IMG_0952 IMG_0951


This half term in our PE lessons, we have been learning how to play badminton. We have been learning how to attack and defend, including smash and swing. We learnt how to move and use control and awareness.

We had a wonderful time!

IMG_0321 IMG_0326 IMG_0288 IMG_0285 IMG_0291 IMG_0311 IMG_0314 IMG_0284

Health Week

As part of Health Week, we looked at foods that we can eat to keep us healthy. We thought about why it is important to eat at least 5 portions of fruit/veg a day. We thought about how we can use fruit juices and fruit to make healthy drinks. We tasted different juices and fruits first to help us decide what ingredients to use. We designed our own drink and measured out the juice carefully, creating a recipe. We all learnt how to measure in ml and how to chop fruit safely, using a knife.

We had a great time and our drinks tasted amazing!

IMG_0916 IMG_0932 IMG_0935 IMG_0961 IMG_1014

Space Dome

Yesterday we were so lucky! We had a workshop all about Space, in a fantastic Space Dome which was huge!

We learnt lots of exciting, new things about Space. We were amazed to find that if you drop a hammer and a feather at the same time on Earth, the hammer would fall more quickly but if you did the same experiment in space, they would both take the same time! This is due to there been no gravity in space!

We also learnt about the moon’s phases and why the moon looks like it is a different shape each night!

The children and teachers had a fabulous time!

IMG_0788[1]IMG_0755 IMG_0758 IMG_0761 IMG_0760



What an exciting start we’ve had to our half term! We launched our Space topic and all of the children are very excited and enthusiastic about our learning. Today, we have looked through lots and lots of non-fiction books all about Space. We learnt lots of new information.

We identified the features of non-fiction texts and collected information on one particular area. This will help us to create our own piece of non-fiction writing later in the week! We are looking forward to sharing some of these pieces at our class assembly.

IMG_0742 IMG_0744 IMG_0745


Our Christmas Play

A huge congratulations to all of the Year 2 children. Each and every one of you performed fantastically! The children have all worked so, so hard over the past few weeks; learning their lines, songs and dances and all of their hard work paid off! All of the children enjoyed it and it helped us to remember the reasons behind why we celebrate Christmas. A huge thank you to parents for all of your support and sending in fantastic costumes. The children all looked wonderful!

IMG_0481 IMG_0479 IMG_0474 IMG_0473 IMG_0471 IMG_0482 IMG_0484 IMG_0488

Our Visit to Liverpool

We went on a visit to Liverpool as part of our project work. First we went to the Anglican Cathedral where we looked carefully at the features of a Cathedral and the stained glass windows. We spent some time designing our own stained glass windows and using a viewfinder to draw parts of the Cathedral.

After that, we looked at the waterfront and spotted lots of the features that we had looked at in our lessons!

Finally, we looked at a wonderful painting in the Museum of Liverpool, by artist Ben Johnson.

IMG_0294 IMG_0336


Diwali Day

Last week we learnt all about the Hindu festival, Diwali. Diwali means ‘festival of light’ and it is celebrated to remember that the good always overcomes the evil. We came to school in brightly coloured clothes and participated in lots of lovely activities! First, we had a fantastic assembly led by the Global Awareness Team, then we learnt about how and why Diwali is celebrated before making beautiful Rangoli patterns which look lovely on display! What an exciting day we had!


Our Trip to Tesco!

What a wonderful time we had on our trip to Tesco! We were given lots of information about the importance of eating a balanced diet. When we arrived, we put on our hats and listened to Jo tell us all about the food groups.


We went on a special treasure hunt to find fruit and vegetables of certain colours.  After that, we had a great time exploring the fish counter, the cheese counter and the bakery. We learnt all about how cheese is made, how bread is baked and packaged and all about the different types of fish that are sold.

After exploring the store, we enjoyed tasting lots of yummy food and standing inside the huge fridge and freezers. We had a great time and all of the children thoroughly enjoyed it!

Washing Our Hands

As part of our happy, healthy me topic, we have been learning all about eating healthily, keeping fit and staying clean. We completed an investigation to find out:

‘Which is the best way to wash our hands?’

We ensured that we created a fair test – we looked at what we could change in our experiment and what we would keep the same. The children came up with some wonderful ideas! We chose 4 children to demonstrate. We put cinnamon, mixed with oil, on their hands. We then tested which was the best way to wash our hands.

We tried warm water and cold water and then using soap and not using soap. We found that warm water, with soap worked best.

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Roald Dahl Day

We had a wonderful time yesterday celebrating Roald Dahl Day. First, we gathered in the hall with the rest of the school for a special assembly. We were joined by two special visitors, Michael and Kate, who helped us create a Roald Dahl Chronology.

After our assembly, we went back to class and had a mini parade to show off our wonderful costumes! We then finished reading The Enormous Crocodile before ordering pictures and retelling the story in groups.

After lunch, the children enjoyed using their hand-prints to make crocodile pictures! We added sharp teeth and big eyes!

We had a fabulous day!

IMG_0042[1] IMG_0046[1] IMG_0044[1]