St Philip Westbrook C of E Primary School

St Philip Westbrook C of E Primary School"Together we aim high and with God's love we can fly"

The School Day

8:40am     School opens

8:50am     School gates close

11:45am    Reception lunchtime (45 mins)

12:00pm   Year 1 lunchtime (45 mins)

12:15pm   Year 2 lunchtime (45 mins)

12:30pm   Year 3 & 4 lunchtime (45 mins)

12:45pm   Year 5 & 6 lunchtime (45 mins)

3:05pm     Reception home time

3:10pm     Year 1 and 2 home time

3:15pm     Year 3 and 4 home time

3:20pm     Year 5 and 6 home time

In a typical week this equates to a minimum of 32.5 hours per week for pupils in Years 1 – 6.