Year 6 Miss Cragg

A BIG welcome to our class page! Please visit this page regularly to follow us on our learning journey throughout Year 6.

Below, we will keep you updated with all of our exciting learning and lessons, as well as sharing photographs of us in action.


PE days are Monday and Friday. 

Music – Livin’ on a Prayer

In our Music lessons, we have loved exploring rock music! By listening to a range of songs by different bands, including Bon Jovi, Queen and Deep Purple, we were able to identify common features of this style, like powerful lyrics, instrumental solos and the use of a wide variety of instruments. We have looked at the structure of different songs and spent time learning and performing the lyrics to ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ by Bon Jovi.

One of our favourite parts of this unit has been working in groups to compose our own riffs using the glockenspiels. We developed our own methods of ‘writing’ music, and did a great job of performing our riffs to our class mates.


RE – The Bible

Today, we were lucky enough to enjoy a visit from Amy, who works in the church that is part of our school. We had the opportunity to ask her lots of questions about our current RE topic – the Bible, and the impact that it has had on her life. She was really impressed with the thoughtful questions that we asked, and the reflections that we made and shared.

Amy also showed us lots of different Bibles, including one that she has had since she was a child, and a new one that she has bought, in which she can colour and make notes. She even showed us a Bible app that can be downloaded so that the Bible can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

We have really enjoyed this RE topic and this was a fantastic way to conclude it. Many thanks Amy!


Computing – Coding Skills

Today, we had lots of fun applying our coding skills in order to become video game designers! After learning  about how tabs can be used to help us to organise codes in effective and efficient ways, we created our own games that involved programming sprites to move around different settings and complete different missions. We’re looking forward to playing each other’s games next week!


Science – Dissolving Investigation

In Science this half term, we are exploring different materials and their properties. Today’s lesson was all about dissolving. We investigated what happened to a range of different materials, including gravy granules, chalk and flour, when they were mixed with water. After making initial predictions that we based on our real-life experiences of the different materials, we worked in small groups to decide how we would carry out our tests fairly. We found that some of the materials were soluble; this means they dissolved in the water and formed solutions. However, some of the materials were insoluble, as no reaction occurred and they didn’t dissolve.

Visit to Westbrook Orchard

What a wonderful afternoon we’ve had at Westbrook Orchard! The sun was shining down on us, as we explored our local environment and searched for evidence of life cycles. We were fascinated to learn that plants are the biggest influence on life cycles, and about the important part that the sun plays in the plants’ role. We particularly enjoyed making a human model of our solar system to investigate the effects that the sun’s tilt has on our seasons and thus, on life cycles. This is a topic we are looking forward to learning more about later in Year 5.