Year 6 Miss Cragg

Welcome to our class page. Please check regularly to find out all about our exciting learning.

Reminders and Dates for the Term Ahead

Please ensure your child’s indoor and outdoor kits are in school at the beginning of half term and they will be returned home at the end of the half term.

PE days are Monday and Thursday. Both indoor kit and outdoor kit are needed in school every week.

Homework and Reading Records

Homework is set on Fridays and is due in the following Thursday.

Reading records will also be checked for 3 signatures on Thursdays.

Our Learning

Below you will find lots of photographs about the learning in our class.

Science – Electricity

In Science, we have been investigating electricity and the effects voltage has on circuits. The children came up with their own question to investigate such as: How does voltage affect a bulb? How does voltage affect components in a circuit? 

Children in Need

Children in Need began with a Joe Wicks live workout; we joined other schools across the country for a Pudsey inspired workout. The children were lucky enough to be visited by Pudsey himself! Thank you for all of your donations. 


Our class had an interesting debate on whether wearing a poppy should be compulsory. It was very clear that the children had done their research and they came up with some very interesting points which linked closely to the British Value, individual liberty.


Show, Don’t Tell

In English, we have been focusing on using descriptive language in our writing. We have looked at how we can show the reader, rather than tell them how a character is feeling. We focused on different emotions and acted them out thinking about how we show that emotion.

Conscience Alley

As we continue to read Street Child, we discovered that Jim is faced with a dilemma: does he stay or leave the workhouse? We thought about points for and against him leaving and used the drama technique ‘conscience alley’ to think deeply about our reasons. Following this, we wrote to Jim to persuade him to stay/leave.

Victorian Trip to Tatton Park

What a fantastic day we had at Tatton Park! Despite being a rather wet day, the children learned all about life of wealthy Victorians, and also about the life of servants. The children got to experience first hand the jobs that boys and girls would have to do such as preparing the dinner tables for afternoon tea for Lord and Lady Egerton and garden maintenance which was undertaken by the garden apprentice. As garden apprentices, we made our own recyclable plant pot and planted pea plants – these are now in the planter outside the spare year 6 classroom!

Street Child Drama

This half term, our project is The Victorians. We are reading the book ‘Street Child’ which is all about a young boy called Jim Jarvis. Jim, his mother and his two sisters (Emily and Lizzie) are evicted by the heartless rent-collector, Mr Spink; they are forced out onto the cold and dangerous streets of London. The children thought carefully about Mr Spink’s character and composed a piece of drama to help them with their writing.

Year 5

Trips to IM Marsh and St Gregory’s

Year 5 have had two wonderful days this week. Firstly, we travelled to Liverpool to visit IM Marsh. The children had an exciting day, trying lots of new and interesting sports, such as trampolining and kin-ball, which we don’t normally get the chance to try in school. The following day we visited St. Gregory’s High School for a Year 5 Discovery Day. The children experienced a day in the life of a secondary pupil, studying a range of subjects, such as Science, PE, DT. Again, the children really enjoyed their day, and it was a thoroughly worthwhile experience. You will find some photos below.


The children have thoroughly enjoyed their Quidditch experience today. After an exciting opening assembly, where we split into different houses. We then had the opportunity to play a game of Quidditch. Their favourite part was having to chase after Mr Callaway, who was the golden snitch, to catch him, gaining an extra points! Here are some photos of our day.

We Have Butterflies!

The children were really excited this week. It was time to set the butterflies free! We walked to the orchard and set them free – hopefully providing them with the best possible habitat.


To support our writing this half term, we have been looking at short story openers. We looked at the story ‘Uninvited Guests’ and had to create our own story from the opening. We acted these out to develop our stories before eventually writing them. Here are some pictures of our work.


We have been very excited by the arrival of caterpillars in Year 5.  Having watched them grow from 5mm long to 5cm long, we were intrigued this week to observe them hang from the lids of their pots and become chrysalises.  Soon we’ll move them into their pavilion, where we cannot wait for them to emerge as beautiful butterflies!


The children really enjoyed their trip to London. We had lots of exciting activities, such as visiting Buckingham Palace, a tour of Parliament and, of course, watching the AMAZING ‘School of Rock’.


For DT this half term, we have been exploring Tudor recipe’s. The children have explored some of the unusual ingredients the Tudors used. They were very shocked to find beer and ginger being top of the ingredients list! For our bread, we have used a range of traditional herbs to flavour the bread. The children thoroughly enjoyed their experience. We are sure we will soon have our own bunch of Paul and Prus leading their own TV show.


To support our writing in English and RE, we have acted out a scene from the book ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’. The children chose their favourite scene and had to act out, in their own words, what happened. We had some very creative ideas and the writing the produced as a results was wonderful!


Each year, our Year 5 children take part in the PAN (Primary Arts Network) in the Parr Hall. This year’s theme was about Warrington, and our chosen theme was Burtonwood Air Base. We took our inspiration from the American visitors England, and Warrington, had over WW2, dancing to Lindy-Hop and Big Band style music. The children thoroughly enjoyed their day! Our children were fantastic and really stepped it up during the final performance.

The children not taking part in the show at the Parr Hall all took part in an art project to create a giant flag. This was inspired by the same theme, and the children created a dotted design of an American/British flag. A really lovely (and VERY BIG) piece of work.


This half term in Science, the children are working scientifically to develop their science skills. In year 5, we are exploring all the different factors which help make a successful launch of a rocket. So far, we have explored the aerodynamics of paper planes, having a competition  to see whose plane could fly furthest. This was a really fun lesson, teaching us lots about how things fly and why. We have also looked at the thrust force needed to allow a rocket to take off. We designed our own experiment and the children had to choose what variables they would change and measure. Some photos of the two lessons are below.

Foodbank and Archbishop of York Youth Trust Award

As part of our on-going project from the AYYT award, the children decided a brilliant way of working with the local community would be to set up Foodbank Collection points in local businesses. We are very grateful that the local Pharmacy and Odeon have allowed us to place collection points in their staff rooms, which the children have now collected their parcels from. We are looking forward to continuing the project in our own classrooms and using the school staff room to build a much needed collection for the Warrington Foodbank. We are very proud of the effort the children have gone to and they are all thrilled with the collection we have so far. A big ‘well done’ to all involved.

Archbishop of York Youth Trust Award

We have embarked on our Archbishop of York Youth Trust Young Leader’s Award Programme.  As part of this programme we will be learning all about teamwork, leadership skills and how we can ‘be the change that we want to see’ in our school, home and community.  During the first two sessions, we learnt how to work together as a team and what an inspirational leader looks like.  Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring our local area to choose a community project and we will be carrying out smaller projects in our own neighbourhood.

Class Worship

This half term, our second class worship team have done a brilliant job in leading our worship. They challenged themselves to lead their own worship in the final week, telling the Christmas story and linking it to the Christian Values we can all gain from it.

Clay Monkeys

Our DT this half term has lead us to design, make and evaluate our own Clay Monkeys, inspired by the work of artist Frida Kahlo. Her work focused on the drawing and painting of monkeys in their natural habitat. We used her work to design our own clay monkey models, using careful handling, modelling and carving of the clay. We really enjoyed making them and here are the results!

May the Force be with you

We have had a fantastic day at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.  Following our class teaching about forces, we have looked at the impact of gravity on falling objects, learnt about the first flight across the Atlantic Ocean and experimented with magnetic forces.  We were amazed when our brave teachers volunteered to jump out of an airplane – they really are super heroes!  Have a look at our faces, they tell the whole story!


St. Gregory’s High School came for a visit and some of their students spoke to us about their experiences with bullying.  They taught us a fabulous dance and gave us the opportunity to take part in their Positive Footprints Award.  One of their students read a lovely letter to Mrs. Hogan and another student read one to Mrs. Lydon, which made them both a bit emotional.  We have been challenged to think about who we could give the award to.

Safety Quest

Year 5 had a really exciting day at Lymm Safety Quest last week. It was a very informative day, and made us really think about some of the choices we are making. We learned about being safe around water, what to do if a fire breaks out in our house, the importance of anti-bullying, how to be safe crossing roads and railways, and so much more!

Class Worship

We really enjoyed sharing our learning from last half term with our parents, friends and family who came to watch us. It was a worship of great contrast. We shared our favourite (and most gruesome) facts from the Maya topic we studied, but also reflected on the seriousness of war and looked at the importance of remembrance and Remembrance Sunday. We repeated our assembly for the whole school, and Mr Callaway is very proud of us as we had lots of positive comments from all the staff. Here are some photos of our worship to share with you.


In Science, we have been exploring different ways to separate materials, mixtures and solutions. We planned our own experiment to discover the best way to separate two different mixtures/solutions of sand and water, and salt and water. We had fun exploring which methods worked and which didn’t.


We have been working on Spanish dances with Becky this half term. We have really enjoyed it. Here are some photos of our final dance!


Year 5 will all be getting the chance to experience playing as a Samba band this term. Fortunately, our class has had the opportunity to start this half term. We began the session by learning some basic rhythms, playing and maintaining our own part within the band, and experiencing some of the traditional Samba instruments. The class have thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait for the remaining sessions!

Chemistry with Cabbage

We are very excited after our amazing science day. We loved watching, doing and exploring different acids and alkalis – creating and designing our own experiments to identify and classify these. Our favourite part was seeing the gloves inflate. Totally unexpected!




Science: Bug Hotel

We had the problem. ‘How can we encourage more bugs to live in the school grounds?’.  We decided that a bug hotel would be a good way to encourage more wildlife.  Luckily, our caretaker had already constructed the frame, so we did some research online and learned about what materials were needed to fill it to encourage different types of minibeasts.  We had great fun making it and we are hoping to find evidence of lots of wildlife in the future!

History: The Bayeux Tapestry

Yesterday, we explored the Bayeux Tapestry online.  We have already learned about what the Bayeux Tapestry is and what is shows us about The Battle of Hastings, but yesterday we used an interactive website to create our own version of it and to write a narrative to explain what was happening.  It was great fun!  Here is the link and some of our work.

English: Performance Poetry

As part of our English work this week, we practised learning and performing a poem called ‘Windrush Child’ by John Agard.  We learned about using our voices to add interest by using intonation, changing volume and tone.  We also added actions and used facial expressions to bring the poem to life for our audience.  Take a look!

Science: Nature Treasure Hunt

As part of our science work, we worked in groups to locate as many different minibeasts and leaves as we could.  We were given challenge cards and we scored points for each challenge we successfully completed.  When we returned to the classroom, we spent some time using the magnifying glasses and microscopes to examine them more closely.

The 100 Mile Challenge

Last week we had a fabulous afternoon with Active Cheshire and New Balance completing a range of sporting activities.  All of the juniors worked together to complete the challenges and they had great fun whilst keeping fit.  Check out our photographs below.

Class Debate

We completed our half termly class debate linked to our British Values recently.  We focused on the value ‘Rule of the Law’.  First we talked about why rules are needed and what would happen if we didn’t have rules.  We also discussed the different types of rules there are.  Then, we thought about what life might be like without rules and when it might be alright to break a rule.  We then organised our selves into two teams: the proposition and the opposition and we appointed a chair person and a time keeper.  We debated the arguments about when it might be ok to break a rule, but overall, we agreed that rules should not be broken unless somebody’s safety is at risk.

Science: The Teeth

We were very lucky to have the dental nurse, Marion, come into school to work with us today.  We learned all about the different types of teeth we have and what their functions are.  We also learned about what happens if we don’t look after our teeth and how tooth decay and gum disease can occur.  We found out that sugar is the major cause of tooth decay and that we shouldn’t eat too much of it, and when we do have sugary foods, try to have it with a meal and not before bedtime.  Finally, we used disclosing solution so we could see the plaque on our teeth, which was horrible!  Pink and purple stains meant that the plaque was fresh plaque (we all have some); blue plaque meant that it was older plaque that needed cleaning off.  We then brushed our teeth in circular motions for two minutes to ensure they were super clean!  Thank you, Marion!

English: Drama

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been reading the story of Beowulf (a fearless Viking warrior).  We found out about the time he defeated a gruesome monster, Grendel.  It’s a fabulous legend, full of drama and excitement, so we have had fun retelling the story, acting it out and hot seating the main character to find out more about him.

English: Poetry

We read a beautiful poem this week called ‘The Door’.  We spent a lot of time discussing the meanings within the poem and the impact of the words used, then we used it as a structure for our own poetry writing.  Here is a verse taken from everyone’s poem to make a class poem.  We are very, very proud of it!

The Door

English: Poetry

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been learning about poetry.  We have read poems, performed poems, looked at the structure and the language used, we have learned about the impact on the reader and we have even written our own poems.  Here we are performing some poems this week…

Class Debate

We had our half termly debate answering the question: Should We Have a Royal Family?  We had a team of proposition speakers, a team of opposition speakers, a time keeper and a chair person.  We came up with some arguments for and against having a royal family and then we practised our democracy skills by voting.  We decided overwhelmingly that we wanted to keep our royal family because they are such a huge part of British history and they are good role models for us to look up to.

Science Week: Lava Lamps

We ended British Science Week by making predictions about what would happen if we mixed together oil, water, food colouring and salt.  Lots of us predicted that there would be an explosion, giving reasons for what we thought, so we didn’t expect what happened at all!

We made the most amazing lava lamps!  They bubbled and fizzed and the colour spread through the liquid.  It was amazing to watch and we were so surprised by what happened.  The bubbles were carbon dioxide which was produced in the chemical reaction that took place.

Class Assembly

On Thursday, our class performed their class assembly with parents.  We were ‘Warrington Detectives’ and we shared all of learning from last half term, which included our visit to Westbrook where we interviewed members of the public and we completed traffic surveys, constructing graphs, building models of Westbrook buildings, learning about the Guardians of Warrington and writing poems and prayers about our beautiful world.  We thoroughly enjoyed it and the feedback from parents was really positive too.  Thank you for joining us!

Science Week: Building Birds’ Nests

Mrs Twitcher set us a challenge to see if we could build nests better than birds can.  We made predictions giving reasons for what we thought and then we made a plan and began to construct our nests using any natural materials we could find.  It was so much harder than we thought!  Many of our nests didn’t really hold their shapes because we didn’t use enough mud.  We used materials such as moss and feathers to insulate our nests, but they didn’t look as cosy or as well built as the real thing!  Mrs Twitcher was right that birds are better at building nests than we are!

Design Technology: Models of Westbrook Buildings

After exploring structures a couple of weeks ago, we made our models of the buildings around Westbrook.  We began by constructing a frame. We remembered that we had found out that triangles were the strongest shape, so we tried to incorporate these into our frame to strengthen it.  We then added the walls and a roof and any extra features.  We had to use our measuring skills to measure accurately in order to stick to the dimensions we used on our designs.  We were really proud of our efforts and our structures were stable and rigid.

World Book Day

We had a fabulous day celebrating World Book Day today.  We dressed up as our favourite book characters or in pjs with a bedtime story.  We shared our favourite books and we had two DEAR sessions (Drop Everything And Read).  We wrote book reviews and we recreated book covers and had a class story in our new library.  We also wrote a verse of our school poem entitled, ‘When I Read at Bedtime’.  Here is our verse:

When I read at bedtime, I get lost in the book,

I can go anywhere, with a bit of luck.

When I read at bedtime, my dreams come alive,

I meet the characters in the book and give them a high five.

When I read at bedtime, nothing can stop me,

I become a part of the book and I feel free.

When I read at bedtime, I never want time to end,

In every book I read, I find a brand new friend.


We definitely decided that WE LOVE READING!

Design Technology: Exploring Structures

As part of our Warrington Detectives project, we have been learning about buildings and how they are structured.  When we visited Westbrook, we sketched some of the buildings and yesterday in the classroom, we studied different buildings and we investigated what makes them strong.  We used lolly sticks and masking tape to try to build a cube and we discovered that when we added a lolly to the frame on a diagonal, it made the structure even stronger (because triangles are the strongest shape).  Have a look at what we did!  We are going to use this research after half term to build our own models of the buildings of Westbrook.

Indian Art: Workshop with an Artist

Last week, we were lucky enough to have an artist (Pragati Birk) in school working with us.  Everybody in the class had the opportunity to work with her on some beautiful pieces of Indian artwork representing our school’s Christian Values.  We used our team work and communication skills as well as using pattern and colour to create the artwork.  See the photographs below and watch this space to see the final products!


Science: United Utilities Workshop

We had a brilliant morning learning about water.  We found out about the water cycle by role playing what happens, we learned lots of facts about water, including using scientific words.  We found out about how water gets to our taps and how it is treated.  We also learned about how to save water and how some people in the world aren’t as fortunate as us as they don’t have access to a clean water supply as we do.  We also made a water promise to help to save water.  It was a really interesting morning with lots to learn!

Nicholas said, “I liked the workshop because I enjoyed doing the role play of the water cycle.”

“I liked that we learned that how much we need water and how much it is used for,” Katie said.

“I enjoyed calculating how much water we all use every day.  it was really interesting!” said Will.

Geography: Westbrook Visit

We are being ‘Warrington Detectives’ this half term and in order to learn more about our locality, we designed surveys to carry out in the local area.  Some children wanted to find out about traffic around Westbrook, so we counted vehicles passing through Westbrook and the most popular make of car in the car park.  Other children wanted to find out about the people who use Westbrook and what they think of it, so we interviewed local people.  Another group wanted to find out about all of the local businesses, so they walked around Westbrook to find out about the range of shops and businesses.  We also did a quiz and some sketching of the local buildings.  We gathered so much data about the local area, which we will use to create graphs to make it easier to understand.  We loved being geographers for the day and we have learned a lot about carrying out surveys and gathering data.

Harry Potter Drama

As part of our work on fantasy stories, we did some drama to help us get to know the character Harry Potter better.  We played some games as a group where we had to make the magical object, then we hot seated Harry and questioned him about Hogwarts.  We had great fun and we learned a little more about the character from each other.

Health Week

This week, we have been reading the story, ‘Words and Your Heart’ and learning about how to be heartsmart by encouraging each other and loving and caring for each other.  We have learned about the digestive system and what the different organs do to digest our food and why it is important to eat healthily to look after our organs and our bodies.
We have practised meditation and we have done some daily exercises, including learning new dance routines and doing some ‘Body Coach’ HIIT training,  We have also researched some new sports we had never heard of before, including toe wrestling, chess boxing and pickleball!  We even got to train with the England footballer Sue Smith – what a fabulous, healthy week we had!

PE: Badminton

In PE this half term, we are learning the skills of badminton.  We started by using balls to practise our accuracy in aiming and passing, then we moved onto balloons (which was much harder than we thought it would be!).  After that, we started to use balloons and rackets to try and get a rally going.  When we were ready, we then moved onto shuttlecocks and rackets, which requires a lot of hand-eye coordination.  We’re really enjoying the lessons so far.

Science: States of Matter

We started our science topic by seeing what we already know about solids, liquids and gases.  We knew a little and we could name some examples of each, but then we were really confused when we explored the gloop!  Is it a solid or a liquid?  It behaves like both, so we couldn’t decide.  We had fun playing with the gloop and discussing what its properties were.  Some of us are even going to make some at home to show our parents (all you need is cornflour, water and food colouring).

Drama: Epiphany

As part of our RE and English work, we read the story ‘The Fourth Wise Man’.  We then acted out the story to retell it, making sure that we used careful word choices and that we entertained our audience and told the story in the right amount of detail. We then did a forum theatre and it was great fun!

Christmas Play

Today we did our first performance of our Christmas play ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’.  We hope that everyone has left remembering the true message of Christmas and that it’s not just about presents, and that there are many people in the world who are not as fortunate as us.  We need to remember that Christmas is about giving our time, our love and our friendship and that we were given God’s greatest gift, Jesus, to remember and celebrate each Christmas.  Merry Christmas, everyone!

LEGO Workshop 

As part of our design technology, science and computing work, we had a STEM LEGO workshop today.  It was amazing!  First we learned how to connect the motor to the tablet, then we constructed our own LEGO structure and programmed it using the LEGO app.  We learned how to start the motor, how to stop it, how to use a motion sensor, how to add flashing lights and sounds.  It was so much fun!  Then we followed the instructions to make Milo the robot and we even made him move across the table!  We learned so much about engineering and programming. Click on the link below to see Milo go!

Milo the Robot

Here are some quotes from the children:

“I loved it because we got to work together and use technology and motors,” said Alfie.

“Amazing!” exclaimed Annabelle, “You don’t get the chance to do it at home.”

“It’s really fun!” said Luke, “Most people like LEGO so this is their chance to use it in school.”

Geography Debate 

We had a class debate about whether it is better to live in a city or a village today.  We learned about the structure of a debate and we had three proposition speakers who thought cities were better and three opposition speakers who were opposed to city living and preferred village life.  We also had a chairperson and a time-keeper.  We used our learning about physical and human features of villages and cities to back up our arguments.  We voted as a class and we decided that we would rather live in a city as there is so much to see and do there.

Design Technology: Healthy Greek Plates

To end our Ancient Greeks project, we designed our own healthy Greek plates of food following on from our food tasting and our learning about healthy eating.  We then prepared our plates in pairs using a range of deliciously healthy ingredients.  We considered appearance, smell, texture, colour and taste when we put our plates together.  We were so pleased with them and we wrote about these qualities when we evaluated our work. Take a look (we might have a few aspiring chefs in our midst!)…


We had a brilliant couple of days in school celebrating and learning about Diwali and how Hindus celebrate this colourful festival.  The Global Awareness Group led a whole school assembly and then we heard the story of Rama and Sita and learned about some of the traditions used during this festival.  In the afternoon, we learned about Rangoli patterns.  We looked for shapes and symmetry in the patterns and then made our own…

Then on Friday we took part in a Bollywood dance workshop to learn about how dance is used to celebrate Diwali in India…

We then performed our dance to the juniors.  They were very impressed!

History Workshop: Gods and Monsters of Ancient Greece

We had an exciting afternoon learning about the Ancient Greek gods and heroes.  We acted out lots of the Greek myths, we pretended we were monsters and we did a quiz to find out what we had learned – we got the highest score ever!

Rock Kidz 

We have been very excited this week to have ‘Rock Kidz’ working with years four, five and six.  Not only do we get to play air guitar and sing like rock stars, but we are also learning about lots of important issues about ourselves and each other and why it’s ‘Cool to be Me’.  As well as all of this fun, we get to perform to parents on Thursday evening whilst dressed as rock stars, so watch this space…

Design Technology: Food Tasting

As part of our Ancient Greeks project, we did some food tasting of popular Greek foods.  We tried figs, olives, honey, feta cheese, pitta breads and olive oil.  Most of us were brave enough to try everything, but we weren’t all keen on the olives and the figs!