Year 6 Miss Wade

Welcome to our class page. Here you will find information about the children’s exciting learning, as well as any key dates or important pieces of information that you will need to know for the upcoming half term.

Reminders and Dates

PE this half term is on Thursdays and Fridays.

Our Learning



This half term our topic has been Rivers and Mountains, more specifically, why do so many people live by rivers? We came to this conclusion by mapping land use around rivers and we found out that most of the major rivers in the world have cities along them. We then considered reasons why so many people live by rivers: for trade, its attractive and for transport. Lastly, we worked in groups to persuade people at an international housing fair that they should live by a river and what the benefits were. Year 5 were very convincing and there were some very cheap houses for sale!

British Science Week

British Science Week brought all sorts of excitement to Year 5. We started the week off with an assembly led by Science Boffins who showed us lots of different experiments. Then we watched the rocket launch on the playground with the rest of the school, we narrowly missed the rain! The rest of the week we learned about different scientists in our English lessons and then we wrote a biography about one scientists using all the facts we have acquired. We went through rigorous astronaut training completing mental and physical tests in groups, changing our tactics to improve our skills. Lastly, we linked science with geography and had to create a vessel to send tomatoes down the Ganges River without any of them getting squashed! Thankfully, no tomatoes were harmed in the process!

World Book Day

What an exciting World Book Day we had! The day was filled with literary joys such as creating stickers for the Warrington Literature Festival, looking at the classroom doors which were covered like a book and visiting other teachers in the afternoon to complete activities based on that book. It was a great day, enjoyed by all!


Year 5 were lucky enough to spend the morning with author of the Loneliest Robot, Andrew Glennon. He taught us all about the process from thinking of an idea for a book to actually creating it. We split into three groups: the business bots, the creative thinkers and the artists and began to create the idea for our story. The final product was Ashes, the story of a boy named Ziggy who had a watch that could stop time, his new dog named Biscuit and the evil figure Vandell who stalked graveyards feeding off Ashes.

In the afternoon, we wrote the first draft of our own version of Ashes but many of us found we were suffering from having plot holes in our story. We went back to the drawing board and plotted out the storyline again, this time making sure we asked all the right questions so the story made total sense to our reader. Then we edited, and we edited, and we edited… until finally we typed up our final version! By the end of the second week, we all had our own copy of Ashes to take home. Each story was individual and exciting, the children were very proud of the work they created, as was I.

Baking Tudor Bread

In our DT lessons, we researched what Tudors used to get and found out that a large part of their diet was bread. Year 5 decided to host their own Great Tudor Bake Off! Thinking carefully about the ingredients and the design, the children mixed and kneaded their bread dough, some even tried plaiting! Afterwards, they peer evaluated each other’s bread and created a star profile rating the presentation, the taste, the aroma and the texture. It was a great success!

Christmas Begins in Our Classroom

This week we decorated baubles to brighten up our classroom. The children were so excited to design their own Christmas decoration as they compared it to their creations from Reception.

Andrew Glennon Visit

We were privileged to have an assembly led by Andrew Glennon, the author of ‘The Christmas Robot’ and ‘The Lonely Robot’. He taught us all about how he became an author and showed us some of his artwork. Some children even got their books signed by him, and we got a class copy too.

Fun with Pudsey!

5LS were very lucky to have a visit from Pudsey Bear. Thank you so much for all the donations, your spots and yellow looked fantastic! 

Community Walk

For Remembrance Day and the start of Anti-Bullying Week, our class took part in a community walk led by St. Gregory’s High School along with other local primary schools. It was a great opportunity to show solidarity in the community as we held a two minute silence atop a nearby bridge, passing large poppies along the lines of children as we remembered all those who gave their lives during war and those affected by such loss. The children were extremely respectful during this event and showed great community spirit.

Pok-a-Tok and Poetry!

We have had a busy last day of the half term today! After spending all week studying different narrative poems, we performed our own this morning in pairs. We had stories about Batman, getting lost in the jungle, green cats and a moving poem about World War II. Then if that wasn’t enough excitement, in the afternoon we finally had our own go at the Mayan sport, Pok-a-Tok. We were split into four teams and everyone competed against each other to score the first point. Getting a ball through a hula hoop may seem easy but try not using your hands or your feet! Everyone showed great teamwork and thoroughly enjoyed the new sport.

Miss Stewart wishes everyone a safe and restful half term!

Harvest Practice

Year 5 have been very busy over the last week practising for our Harvest performance on Friday 18th October. To help them learn our song, ‘The Greatest Sow’, I have uploaded the lyric video onto YouTube so they can practise at home in addition to the rehearsals in school time.

Chemistry with Cabbage

Welcome back to school! The children have settled brilliantly into Year 5 and have been working very hard. Last week, we were lucky enough to spend a whole day learning about chemistry, specifically how chemical substances change. Using cabbage juice as an indicator, the children completed different experiments to test whether substances were acids, Alkalis or neutral. They also observed and recorded their findings when they mixed the different substances with milk and bicarbonate of soda. Some of the highlights also included watching nail varnish remover dissolve a polystyrene cup and seeing water turn clear again after being mixed with food colouring! It was certainly an exciting start to our changing materials science topic.