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Year 6 Mrs Edge & Mrs Davidson

Welcome to our class page. Here, you will find information about the children’s exciting learning, as well as any key dates or important pieces of information that you will need to know for the upcoming weeks and months.

Our Learning

Egyptian Day

What an amazing day we had as Egyptians! Children thoroughly enjoyed producing Egyptian artwork, dancing and getting the opportunity to eat and drink like rich Egyptians. 


During PE lessons this half term, the children have enjoyed gymnastics. They have learnt the key skills and worked well as partners and in small groups. 

Health and Well Being Week

Children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in each of the Health and Well Being activities. During the week, they took part in sessions led by coaches from Everton in the community, joined in with team building games, enjoyed a gymnastics lesson run by a coach from Beth Tweddle’s club and were given the opportunity to meet two very inspiring players from the Warrington Wolves Disability Team. 

World Museum

The class trip to the World Museum was one the children will all remember! During the day, the children were given many opportunities. They each held ancient artefacts, explored the Egyptian exhibit and went through the process of mummification. A great day had by all, even if some were squeamish at the thought of their brain being pulled out through their nose! 


We had a fantastic time on our overnight stay at Foxhowl. The children enjoyed lots of activities including stream shuffling, den building and orienteering. Children were complimented for their manners and listening skills and every child used super teamwork throughout our stay. Written by a very proud teacher, well done to you all!


For our new topic in Science we are learning about how our body moves. As a challenge activity, the children worked as groups to make a human skeleton with bone shaped biscuits. The children did a super job and were able to describe their skeleton to the other groups. 

Worship Team

This is the worship team from our first term in Year Three. The children did a fantastic job when leading the worship each week. The children enjoyed singing their favourite songs and participating in drama performances.

Starburst Rocks

During a Science lesson, the children worked in partners to make three types of rock; sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic with starburst sweets. The children cut up the sweets, squashed them together and melted them in a microwave to make the different rocks. Lots of fun was had!

Mystery Box

To start our topic for this half term, the Year Three classes opened a mystery box. Inside the mystery box, were clues for what topic we would be learning about. After a while, the children guessed correctly and are looking forward to learning all about the Stone Age.


In PE this half term, we are taking part in netball and football. During the sessions, we are learning skills such as; throwing, catching, dribbling and kicking with accuracy. Children have already shown how well they can work as a team and in partners and how they strive to and complete challenges given.

What is the Best Way to Clean Your Hands?

We discussed what we could do to investigate different ways of cleaning our hands.  We used oil and cinnamon to make our hands feel and look dirty.  We then cleaned them in one of four ways – soap and water, hand gel, a wet wipe or just water.  We made a note of our observations and used these to draw our conclusions.  Soap and water was the only way of removing all the brown specks of cinnamon and the oil. The hand gel made very little difference at all.