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Year 5 Mr Billinge

Welcome to our class page. Here, you will find information about the children’s exciting learning, as well as any key dates or important pieces of information that you will need to know for the upcoming weeks and months.


Foxhowl 2021


Sports Day


Year 2 Learning

Terrible Titanic!

Project Day

We launched our project with a special day to investigate life aboard the Titanic as a first class, a second class and a third class passenger.  We all brought one or more items to school to help us get into role – a small case, an item of clothing, a (pretend) passport, even a baby doll!  We visited each class of accommodation and got a a taste of the entertainments and facilities available.  Most of us liked the luxurious amenities of the first class best, but some were swayed by Mr Callaway’s ukelele playing in third class.  We had lots of fun and learnt lots without even realising it was work!

Out of Africa

In this geography based project, we will have chance to explore a contrasting continent, learning about some of the physical features and cultural traditions as well as considering similarities and differences in our everyday lives.  

Class Assembly

It was lovely to welcome so many parents, carers and friends to our class assembly.  The children had worked so hard and with such enthusiasm to prepare learning to share.  Everyone had a special role to play – sharing artwork, in a geography quiz, dancing, story role play, poems, safari facts. We will be building further on our studies – watch this space!

Celebrating Britain

Our Celebrating Britain project is based upon the national events of  Remembrance day and Bonfire Night.  We consider what historical events led to these special days and how these link to our modern day British Values.

Christmas Traditions

We had a great morning at Warrington Museum learning about the traditional British Christmas.  Did you know that some of these winter  customs predate Christianity?  We had an active morning learning about cards, gifts and entertainments from Christmases past as well as enjoying some oral storytelling and hands on crafts to make our own toy to take home. 


We all worked really hard to put together our Y2 Christmas production, ‘Baubles’.  We were so proud of the children and the super singing and acting – it all came together in the end! A big thanks to families who came up trumps as our wardrobe department – the children all looked amazing! We hope the story reminded you of the true meaning of Christmas and brightened up what can be a stressful time of year.


This half term’s project is called ‘Happy, Healthy Me’.  We will be learning about how to keep our bodies and our minds healthy through a wide range of active learning activities.

Healthy Eating

Making good choices about what we eat is really important.  We have learnt about how we can sort foods into different food groups and that each of these has a different job to do.  It is important that we eat a balanced diet with lots of different sorts of food.

Cathy from ASDA visited school with lots of different fruits for us to taste.  We chose our favourites to add to plain yogurt to make a healthy fruit pot.


Washdays in the Past

We enjoyed exploring some washday objects from the past which we had borrowed from Warrington Museum.  We looked carefully and predicted what the items might be used for.  We acted out a Victorian washday using the wash tub, dolly and washboard and compared this to washdays today using our washer/dryers.  We all agreed that keeping clean in the past must have been hard work!

The Bible as a Special Book

We have begun our study of the Bible by looking at a range of Bibles which we have in school.  We enjoyed finding familiar stories in the different versions and choosing our favourites.  If the children  have a favourite Bible or Bible story book at home, perhaps they might like to bring it in to share with the class.