Year 5 Mrs Thorrington and Mrs Unsworth

A BIG welcome to our class page! Please visit this page regularly to follow us on our learning journey throughout Year 5. This page will also be updated with important dates and pieces of information that you will need to know for upcoming weeks and months.

Reminders and Dates

This half term, PE lessons will be on Thursdays and Fridays. Indoor and outdoor kits should be left in school for the full half term.

Homework will be sent home each Friday and should be returned to school by the following Thursday at the latest. Spellings will also be sent home, and should be practised, so that children are ready for their Spelling test each Thursday. Reading Records will be checked every Thursday, and children who have read 3 times at home with an adult will receive a sticker for their bookmark.

Monday 18th November – Book Fair (all week)

Monday 16th December – Y5 Christmas Play (am)

Tuesday 17th December – Y5 Christmas Play (pm)


Our Learning

Below, we will keep you updated with all of our exciting learning and lessons, as well as sharing photographs of us in action.


Music – Livin’ on a Prayer

In our Music lessons, we have loved exploring rock music! By listening to a range of songs by different bands, including Bon Jovi, Queen and Deep Purple, we were able to identify common features of this style, like powerful lyrics, instrumental solos and the use of a wide variety of instruments. We have looked at the structure of different songs and spent time learning and performing the lyrics to ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ by Bon Jovi.

One of our favourite parts of this unit has been working in groups to compose our own riffs using the glockenspiels. We developed our own methods of ‘writing’ music, and did a great job of performing our riffs to our class mates.


RE – The Bible

Today, we were lucky enough to enjoy a visit from Amy, who works in the church that is part of our school. We had the opportunity to ask her lots of questions about our current RE topic – the Bible, and the impact that it has had on her life. She was really impressed with the thoughtful questions that we asked, and the reflections that we made and shared.

Amy also showed us lots of different Bibles, including one that she has had since she was a child, and a new one that she has bought, in which she can colour and make notes. She even showed us a Bible app that can be downloaded so that the Bible can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

We have really enjoyed this RE topic and this was a fantastic way to conclude it. Many thanks Amy!


Computing – Coding Skills

Today, we had lots of fun applying our coding skills in order to become video game designers! After learning  about how tabs can be used to help us to organise codes in effective and efficient ways, we created our own games that involved programming sprites to move around different settings and complete different missions. We’re looking forward to playing each other’s games next week!


Science – Dissolving Investigation

In Science this half term, we are exploring different materials and their properties. Today’s lesson was all about dissolving. We investigated what happened to a range of different materials, including gravy granules, chalk and flour, when they were mixed with water. After making initial predictions that we based on our real-life experiences of the different materials, we worked in small groups to decide how we would carry out our tests fairly. We found that some of the materials were soluble; this means they dissolved in the water and formed solutions. However, some of the materials were insoluble, as no reaction occurred and they didn’t dissolve.

Visit to Westbrook Orchard

What a wonderful afternoon we’ve had at Westbrook Orchard! The sun was shining down on us, as we explored our local environment and searched for evidence of life cycles. We were fascinated to learn that plants are the biggest influence on life cycles, and about the important part that the sun plays in the plants’ role. We particularly enjoyed making a human model of our solar system to investigate the effects that the sun’s tilt has on our seasons and thus, on life cycles. This is a topic we are looking forward to learning more about later in Year 5.

Learning in Year 4


We’ve had some excitement this week with Warrington Wolves coming in to school to train year 4 up for a rugby competition, the children had great fun and the sunny weather made it even better!

Weaver Hall Museum

We had a brilliant day at Weaver Hall Museum in Northwich.  We completed two workshops: one with an archaeologist who excavated a site in Helsby and found Viking remains and another with Olaf the Viking.  We got to dress up as Vikings, which we all found great fun, we practised battle formations, we learned about and handled Viking artefacts, got to make pottery Viking warriors and we even learned how to write our names in Viking runes.  We thoroughly enjoyed our trip!


Science – Animals including Humans

This half term, our science topic is very exciting!  We are learning about our digestive system in more detail, teeth and food chains.  We started by using food to recreate how the digestive system works.  This was VERY messy and the children had lots of fun processing food through our home-made intestines (tights!).

Summer 1 Worship Group

Our Worship Group this half term is Daniel, Ethan, Maha, Maya and Harry.  They have settled in to their role very well and have helped plan some exciting class worships so far.


Since we have returned to school, we celebrated the life of Stephen Lawrence on the anniversary of his death.  During this time, our class were amazing in our discussions about discrimination, inclusion and basic respect for human life.  We discussed how these issues affect many people and how important our Christian values are when making everyone feel like they belong.  For our debate, we asked the question ‘Are we in Control of our Best and Worst Life?’ I was proud of the way that the children came up with many ways how we can control ourselves in our community, and the impact that our behaviour can have on others.

Science Week

During science week, we took part in lots of scientific investigations.  These included designing a boat using the best materials, building a marshmallow tower with an appropriate base and enjoying a workshop from Science Boffins where we made slime!  Our science has been based around ‘working scientifically’ where the children have lead their own planned investigations, choosing the most appropriate equipment for each lesson.

PE – Basket Ball

Our PE focus this half term has been ‘Basket Ball’.  The children have loved learning the basic skills and improving them to become better players in themselves, and as a team.

Year Four Residential – The Peace Centre

Our trip to the Peace Centre has been brilliant.  The children were well behaved, well mannered and they took part in all activities with great enthusiasm.  Our walk to the Peace Centre proved to be exciting for some, and a little long for others, but with lots of fellowship and perseverance, we made it to the centre and unpacked our bags.  Miss Stubbs was amazing and led many different outdoor activities where the children worked in teams, support each other and relying on their friends a lot at times.  Their problem solving skills were put to the test and they were active the whole time we were out.

English – performance poetry

This week, we have been looking at different forms of poems and how they can be ‘performed’. We have taken some inspiration from Michael Rosen performing ‘Chocolate Cake’ and applied these skills to perform ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat’.

Science – States of Matter

This half term, we will be learning about the different states of matter (solids, liquids and gases) and how some materials are able to change state.  We started by talking about what we know about different solids liquids and gases and have now completed our first investigation to see what the effects are on melting chocolate in different ways.

English – persuasion

Our English topic this week is persuasive language and writing.  The children have been busy learning how to be persuasive (some of them already have this skill mastered!) and evaluating the power of advertising.  We have looked at many different types of adverts from newspapers to TV and thought long and hard about which audience is being targeted and how effective the persuasion is.  Finally, we evaluated a number of TV adverts both old and new and it was clear to see that most children in the class like the adverts that contain humour the most – the Cadbury’s Gorilla advert was a definite winner!

Westbrook Orchard

Last week, our class visited Westbrook Orchard where our school council planted fruit trees last year.  We took part in activities at the Orchard’s outdoor classroom where we learnt more about classification to enable us to use these skills later in the year to identify different plants and animals that live in our environment.  Although it was a chilly day, the children had lots of fun.

Science Workshop

This week we have been very lucky to welcome ‘Bright Sparks’ into our classroom to take part in a whole-day science workshop about ‘Electricity’.  We have learnt to create series circuits using wires, cells, bulbs and switches. Through discussions, we have thought about the dangers of electricity and how we need to use it wisely.  We’ve found out how different batteries are used for different reasons and some of the problems that could be happening in a circuit if our bulbs didn’t light up, or our buzzers didn’t work.  Towards the end of the day, we looked at some parallel circuits and learnt that these are more useful because if there’s a problem in one part of a circuit, it doesn’t need to stop the power to everything we’ve connected.  The children have really enjoyed their day and worked hard to show our visitors how well behaved they are using the Christian values wisely.


This half term, some of our class are taking part in Hockey.  We have been learning skills such as holding the stick correctly, dribbling, ball control, stopping the ball from passing us and passing with control.  This is helping us build our own self-evaluation skills as well as working in a team and using communication effectively.

Worship Group Autumn 2

Our new worship group for this half term are very excited to get going.  They have been busy deciding their roles ready to deliver their first class worship of the new half term.

Our Trip to Chester

To learn more about the Romans, we went on a trip to the Grovesnor Museum in Chester where we had lots of fun!  The day started in the galleries at the museum where we found answers to a quiz and were able to see Roman artefacts first hand.  After that, we went into a workshop where we were able to be Romans – we could cook, create a central heating system, create Roman art, play Roman games and think about what types of things would still remain under the ground for archaeologists to find today.  Finally, we took to the streets of Chester to take part in a very loud Roman march.  Liam was our officer in charge and kept our marching steps in order by commanding “Sin, sin, sin, dex, sin!” (meaning left, left, left, right, left).  After an eventful march, we returned back to school a little more tired than we started.

Worship Group Autumn 1

This year, we have selected a group of children who are going to lead our class worship on Fridays. Let’s wish are first group lots of luck in delivering these worship sessions.

Our Learning

Welcome to year 4!  We have been settling in well over the last two weeks and have made a really good start to our work in year 4.  We began our year learning all about each other and what we enjoy doing.

We’ve also started our new project learning all about the Romans.  So far, we have found out where Rome is and we’ve all been using the globes and the atlases to be able to locate Italy in the northern hemisphere.  In our first week back, we talked about what we already know about the Romans, then we wrote lots of questions that we are going to research to find out even more.  Our trip this half term is going to be to Chester where we will be Romans for the day!


In maths, we have been looking at the place-value in 4-digit numbers which are much larger than we’ve worked with before.  We are going to also be learning how to round larger numbers, order numbers to 1000 and be able to apply these skills to real life problems.  It is very important this year for us all to be practising our times tables every week as we need to know them all up to 12 x 12 and then also know their division facts too.


Our science project this half term is ‘Sound’.  We have already learned what sound is and how it travels.  We’re also working on using more scientific language.  The children have tried to use the following words in their work so far – I wonder how many people know what these words mean….vibrations, amplitude, control, volume, hearing, sound waves, speed of sound.

Learning from Year 3

World Cup Tournament

To celebrate England’s success in the World Cup, Year 3 held their own football tournament. The children were split up into teams which represented the countries playing in the Fifa competition. England progressed to the final but were beaten by Poland, who were deserving winners. Each teacher picked a player of the tournament in recognition of their team spirit, skill and determination.

Escape from Pompeii

For our last topic in Year 3 we are learning about Volcanoes. We have specifically focused on the story of Pompeii and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. In English we are reading the book ‘Escape from Pompeii’ and this week we are learning about the setting of a narrative. To help support our ideas for writing we produced a piece of drama first. We started to imagine that we were in Pompeii and acted out the type of activity we would be doing during a normal day in the city.

Christianity through the Arts

In our RE lessons this half term we are exploring how Christianity can be shown through the arts. This week our focus was on exploring Christianity through dance. We started by listening to a piece of music and discussing what type of movements would fit to this music. By looking at different Christian symbols we then started to think about how these symbols could be shown through dance. We then went into groups and shared our ideas with each other and choreographed dances that represented the Christian faith.

Class Assembly 

Well done to all our class who put on a fantastic performance of our class assembly. We took our audience back to Ancient Greece and taught them all about the lives of Spartans and Athenians. We did a super job with our singing,dancing and drama. We made Miss Evans and all our friends and family very proud. Thank you to all the parents for providing excellent costumes they all looked great!





Clay Pots

As part of our Ancient Greece topic we have made our own clay pots. We started by sketching our pots and chose our designs and patterns. We then started to mold our clay using our thumbs to get the correct shape. We used the clay tools to draw our designs onto our pots and we then painted them.

Sports Day

The children loved taking part in Sports Day, but sadly we had no time to finish the 3-legged race. As promised, we squeezed this in before the end of half term, and the teachers even joined in too.



Ancient Greek Day

Today we have had an entire day learning all about the lives of people that lived in Ancient Greece. We had two people come visit school that had come all the way from Athens and Sparta. They spent the whole day arguing about which city was the best, but at the end of the day we got to choose. Before we could choose we had to find out a bit about each place. We took part in drama activities and games, there was also lots of dressing up. At the end of the day most of our children chose to live in Athens because they liked that in Athens the people had the power! A big thank you to all family and friends who helped children with their dressing up outfits they all looked fantastic.

Crime Scene Science

To launch our new Science topic of plants we recreated a crime scene. The plants you can see below had been hurt and damaged. We started to discuss if this was true and if plants could be hurt and killed. Many of the children in our class said they could as plants are alive. After this, we learnt about what it was that showed us that plants were living organisms. We then got a closer look at the plants on our table and started to think about the different parts that make up a plant and what their job role is. Some of us inspected the plants in more detail and looked at them under a microscope.


During this half term in PE we have been learning about different athletic events. We started by learning about shot put and the key techniques needed. One of the techniques that underpinned all of our activities was chin, knee, toe. We also learnt how to throw a javelin with a run up. Finally, our last two lessons were running. The running lessons were focused on sprinting, long distance and relay. Lots of us struggled at first to pace ourselves during  the long distance running . However, by the end of the lesson we managed to run around the ball court for 5 minutes. We finished our athletics lessons with a whole class relay, you can see our pictures from it below.

British Science Week

This week was British Science week and to celebrate we have been taking part in different investigations and experiments. The week started off with a visit from Science Boffins and an action packed assembly. In the afternoon, we had a special visit from the company Air Products. During their visit we learnt all about liquid nitrogen and how it is used.

For the rest of the week it was our turn to become scientists! We started off by making slime and to do this we had to use the scientific skill of observation. In addition to this we went outside to do some bird watching. Using our results we constructed tables which we then turned into bar graphs. We ended the week learning about classification, we collected items from outside. Once we had collected the items we classified them into different groups. Some of us found a worm in the soil and wanted to have a closer look at it.  So we bought it inside and took it in turns to look at it under a microscope.

Below you’ll find our pictures from the week.

World Book Day

We all looked fantastic today in all of our costumes and pyjamas. We had a really busy day that started off with a trip to the Westbrook library. Whilst we were there we took part in a world book day quiz and Nick shared a story with us. Once we got back to school we started to think about how reading at bedtime made us feel, from this we produced some artwork. We finished our day by writing poetry and Miss Evans was so impressed with our creative ideas!


Egyptian Day

The children have had an exciting day, it was our Egyptian day. We took part in lots of fun activities. We learnt about hieroglyphics and made death masks and  mummies. We even took part in some Egyptian dance. Halfway through the day we had an Egyptian banquet. There were different fruits, breads and dips for us to try. A big thank you to all our adults for providing us with such great fancy dress outfits to wear, we all looked amazing.



Marble Run Challenge

Today we had another exciting science lesson. Our challenge was to slow down gravity. To do this we created a marble run using card and ramps. We created lots of different tunnels and stuck them onto the card for the marble to travel down. As we are real scientists in Year 3, we tried lots of different ways after deciding what was working for us and what wasn’t.


Catalyst Museum

Today we spent the day at the Catalyst museum in Widnes. We took part in many exciting and different activities whilst we were there. In the morning, we got to become real scientists and we undertook a variety of investigations. To do this we had to wear our lab coats and safety goggles. After lunch, it was time to learn about magnets. Our workshop had  lots of different games to play that involved attracting and repelling magnets. We finished our day by exploring the museum, we really enjoyed going up to the observatory. When we were up there we had fun looking at the two bridges and even had a chance to build our own bridge that we walked across.

Health week

Wow, what a busy week we have had! This week in school is Health Week and we have taken part in lots of fun activities and have also met some very inspiring people. We started off the week by learning all about nutrition in Science and what we have to put into our bodies to keep them healthy. Keeping with this theme we then had a class debate. We had to debate if we thought children should be allowed sugary drinks. Lots of the children came up with some fantastic points. It was decided as a class that sugary drinks are okay in moderation, but we should not be drinking them all the time.

Also, this week we have had some really exciting visitors. Our first visitor of the week was football superstar Sue Smith. She coached us in a football session and we played lots of fun team games. We also got to look at one of her England caps and also her silver medal from one of her football tournaments. Our other visitor was Wil Maudsley from the Warrington Wolves Foundation. He told us all about the fantastic things he had done such as, bike riding and running from Warrington to Newcastle to raise money for charity! We were all left feeling really inspired.

Finally, we finished off the week by making our own hummus. Lots of us had tried hummus before but did not know which ingredients were in it. We found it really interesting to see all the healthy things that were used to make it. Some of use decided that we were going to eat it regularly as a healthy snack option.


Cup Stacking

This half term we are studying forces and magnets in science. In our lesson today, we became real scientists. Miss Evans told us that we had to try and stack cups into a pyramid. However, she then told us that we could not use any part of our body! We could only use elastic bands to move and stack the cups. We started off by discussing an idea on our tables. We then tested it. After this we considered what worked and what did not work, and used this to come up with a new idea. It took all groups at least 3 attempts to make the pyramid but we finally did it!

IMG_0582[1] IMG_0580[1] IMG_0570[1] IMG_0578[1]

Christmas Party

On our last day we had our Christmas party and we played lots of different games and enjoyed the snacks that our adults had provided for us. Prior to this we have had an exciting week of creativity. We have made sock snowmen, Christmas cards, tree decorations and our calendars for 2018.

IMG_0528[1] IMG_0533[1]


What Does Christmas Mean To Me?

This week we performed our Christmas play ‘What does Christmas Mean to Me?’. We have been working really hard rehearsing our play and we were really excited to show all of our adults. Our performance was to highlight the real importance of Christmas that sometimes people take for granted. This is spending time with our loved ones and making memories, something we are all looking forward to doing over the festive period!

Is Warrington a Fair Place to Live?

In class we took part in a debate. The question for this was ‘Is Warrington a fair place to live?’. We started off by discussing what a debate was and what would be the key skills that we would use when debating. Next we decided if we would be on the yes or no side and our reasons why we chose this. We then wrote these on our whiteboards. Then we shared our ideas during the debate. We came up with lots of fantastic ideas e.g- It is a fair place to live because we have access to education, food, water and health care.

IMG_0466[1] IMG_0470[1] IMG_0471[1] IMG_0474[1]

Spanish Breakfast 

After researching and planning how to make a Spanish omelette, called tortilla, we had a Spanish breakfast morning. We had a go at making bruschetta as well as the omelette. To do this we had to chop and dice a variety of ingredients such as peppers, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes. We also had to crack and whisk the eggs to add to the omelette. All of the Spanish breakfast food was delicious!


25 December Lane

In our class we have started to look at the book 25 December Lane and we are all really enjoying it! In our English lesson we used drama to help us think of ideas for our writing. We had to imagine that we had walked into the toy shop from the book and we were the little girl. In the lesson we used freeze frames, conscience alley and thought tracking. Each one of these activities helped us to imagine what the character could see, feel, hear and smell. Once we had finished our drama we then went on to write some fantastic descriptions of the toy shop.

IMG_0445[1] IMG_0439[1] IMG_0432[1] IMG_0448[1]

Countries in Europe

This half term in Geography we have been learning about Spain. However, lots of us in the class had asked whether we could also learn different facts about a variety of countries in Europe. We split off into groups and each group was given a country to research using iPads and a variety of books. After our research time we made a presentation about our country to the rest of the class. It was really interesting to learn about so many different countries, we especially enjoyed learning about the capital cities of each country. After everybody had completed their presentations we made fact files about each country.


Science Skeletons 

To begin our new Science topic this half term we opened with a really exciting lesson. We started to think about the human skeleton and what bones we have and where these are. To do this we used biscuit bones to create a human skeleton and then labelled the bones with post it notes. All the children worked fantastically well, and really showed that they already had some great prior knowledge! Each group communicated ideas clearly with one another and there was some great collaborative work taking place. Have a look at some of our representations of skeletons below. 

Design Technology Stone Age Bags 

In Design Technology, we have been busy designing our own Stone Age bags. We first started with a design specification that we used to help us with our planning. Our bags had to be eye catching, strong and a good size to carry on a Stone Age hunt. We chose the materials that we would use to create our bags and then we used a needle and thread to sew them all together. After we had completed our bags, we had to evaluate them. Quite a few of us agreed that we found the sewing a bit tricky however, we all thought our bags looked very eye catching but we didn’t get the size right for carrying things back from a hunt!

IMG_0369[1] IMG_0368[1] IMG_0366[1] IMG_0364[1]

Country and Western Dancing

This half term in PE we have been learning country and western dancing. We learnt various movements and put these together to create an entire sequence that we performed to Miss McKinnon’s class.  The Y1 pupils gave us some great feedback! When we were performing we used a variety of formations, sometimes performing in lines and then changing into small circles. Have a look below at us in action. 

Next half term we will be starting to look at the Spanish dance flamenco.

The Story of The Good Samaritan 

On Thursday we looked at the story of The Good Samaritan. We started to make links between the story and the ten commandments. In our groups, we discussed how the story shows us how to love our neighbours, and that our neighbours could be anybody, not just those who live next door.  In class we recognised that it was important to help everybody if they need it.

To show how well we knew the story, we produced a retelling of the story. A few of us did this through drama and created freeze frames, others produced some excellent writing, and one group retold the story through pictures.

Have a look below at some of our drama and art work.

Learning About Different Rocks – 27.09.17

Today we took part in a really exciting Science investigation using Starburst sweets.  We were investigating different types of rocks and looking at how they are made. To do this we started off by looking at a representation of an igneous rock. This was made by applying extreme heat to the Starbursts and melting them together. We investigated the holes in the rock and discussed how this happens to igneous rocks.

Then it was our turn! We started off by showing a representation of sedimentary rock, we did this by applying pressure to our Starbursts and cutting them up. We then made our metamorphic rock, our method for replicating this rock was to apply heat and pressure by wrapping the Starburst up in greaseproof paper and lightly squeezing it.

Have a look at some of our pictures from our investigation.

Roald Dahl Day

It was a really exciting day for our school on Wednesday! To celebrate Roald Dahl day we all dressed up as different characters from his books. It was such an action-packed day, and we would like to thank everybody who helped us all to look so fantastic.  In the morning we had a character parade to share all of our costumes with Year 3, everyone looked great.


We were exploring the story of Fantastic Mr Fox and because we know how much he likes his eggs we did an experiment with them. After our science lesson,  we had a drama workshop with our visitor Kate. In the workshop we learnt all about alliteration and then we got the chance to use rhyme in our drama to introduce our friends- It was great fun!


Our drama workshop.

Our drama workshop.









Our Learning in Year 2

PE – Striking and Fielding 

In PE this half term we have learned all about striking and fielding. We started by practising our throwing and catching skills, making sure that we were hitting our target, and throwing with accuracy. We have now moved on to striking a ball with different objects, such as a tennis racket and a bat. We are getting to be much more accurate!



We went to Formby to learn all about different animal habitats. We walked through two different woods, along some sand dunes and then on to the beach. We stopped in each place and discussed what we could see, what we could smell and what we could hear. We then talked about the different animals that might live there and decided if there was water, shelter and food for them. We had a fantastic time! The staff noted how well behaved and knowledgeable we were.

Minibeast Hunt 

This half term, our topic is ‘Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside.’ To link with this topic, in Science we will be learning all about animals and their habitats. To begin our learning, we  went for a minibeast hunt around the school grounds, to see what minibeasts we could find, and where. We found out that snails and slugs like very wet and damp places, because we found lots in the shade under logs and in the grass. We made a tally to show how many of each minibeast we found, and made a note of where we found them. Take a look!


R.E – The Creation Story

This half term we we be learning all about the creation story in RE. We started our learning by reading the story, and thinking about different times we have seen something being created. We then made our own creations out of LEGO, and thought about how we felt making our creations, and how we felt after it was made. Take a look!

Pentecost and the Holy Spirit 

This half term we have been learning about Jesus’ ascension, and Pentecost. To finish our topic, we thought about how the Holy Spirit might help us. We discussed how we could not see the Holy Spirit – but we know that the Spirit is always there. We linked this to wind – we can’t see the wind, but we know it’s there because we can feel it – just like the Holy Spirit. We made wind-catchers to always remember this.


Jim and the Giant 

This week we have enjoyed learning through the story called ‘Jim and the Beanstalk.’ At first, we thought that the giant would be mean and scary like he is in ‘Jack and the Beanstalk,’ but he turned out to be kind and thoughtful! As part of our learning, and to help us to retell the story later on in the week, we chose part of the story to retell and to illustrate. Take a look!

Westbrook Walk 

This half term, our topic is ‘Our Local Environment.’ This afternoon we took a walk around Westbrook to look at the different buildings around Westbrook, who uses the buildings and why they might be there. We were very lucky to have such gorgeous weather. What a beautiful afternoon it was! Take a look at some of our learning.

Planting Seeds

We are continuing our learning about plants and seeds this half term in Science. Today,  we learnt how to plant seeds. We worked in groups to plant broad bean seeds, making sure we followed the instructions we were given very carefully. We have given our seeds water, and put them in a sunny place – we are hoping that the seeds germinate very soon so that we can start to see bean shoots. We then used this as a context for writing, and we wrote our own instructions, explaining to others how to plant a seed.

Parts of a Plant

We are really good at knowing, and labelling, the different parts of a flowering plant.


Easter Fun!

Sunday 9th marked the start of Holy Week. For our final week at school we have been enjoying lots of Easter fun. Spring has definitely sprung at St. Philip’s and we have enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful flowers around our school.

We started the week making sun catchers, from which we will write some instructions to let others know how to make them. The eggs that we brought in for the competition were super – we all worked very hard at home. A huge well done to Harrison who was chosen as the winner! We finished the day with a egg rolling competition – Well done to Imaan for winning the egg roll!

British Values Day

On Friday 7th April we celebrated British Values Day at St. Philip’s! We spent the day learning about, and celebrating, everything great about Britain. Our day started by thinking about foods, places, events and people that are very ‘British,’ and that make us proud to be British. We created our very own class bunting to display, which shows everything that we love about living in Britain. To continue our learning, we looked at a map of the UK, and talked about the different places that we recognised, that we had been to and what we had done there. Lots of us loved the beautiful beaches around the British coast. What do you love about Britain?

Science – Plants

This half term, our Science topic is living things. We spent today learning all about the life cycle of a plant. Did you know that it starts life as a seed, then starts to germinate? We then looked around our school grounds to see if we could find any plants, and we tried to identify what part of the life cycle they were up to. Take a look at what we found!

Google Expeditions

On Friday we had some exciting visitors at school, who brought some new and exciting tools for learning. We spent Friday afternoon exploring Antarctica using the iPads. We saw lots of penguins and learnt lots of interesting facts! We were all amazed – it was a fantastic experience!

Our Visit to St. Philip’s Church

In R.E. we have been learning all about church. Mrs Dunning kindly organised a special trip to St Philip’s Church for us. She showed us around the church and we talked about the different features. We counted all the crosses around the church. How many can you see? We had our own mini service where we said some prayers, listened to some music and sang some songs. A huge thank you to Mrs Dunning for a lovely afternoon!

PE – Gymnastics

The children have all been working really hard in PE this half term. We have been learning all about different balances and shapes, making shapes on different equipment, and making sequences of shapes. Take a look at some of our super shapes!

British Science Week

What a fun-filled week we have had! To start our week, Science Boffin Harry came to visit us. He showed us lots of Science experiments, made elephant toothpaste and even blasted a rocket over our school. Continuing our Science learning in class, we researched Scientist Rachel Carson. We then made our own lava lamp, and tested which objects would float and sink. Did you know that Coca Cola sinks, but Diet Coke floats? To end our exciting week, we were visited by Mr Taylor. We had a very exciting assembly, where we learned all about waves. He then made waves with fire, and then made the fire dance to music – we were fascinated!

World Book Day

The children all looked great in their book character outfits! We all had lots of fun sharing our favourite book characters, and also sharing our favourite stories with each other. One of our favourite parts of the day was DEAR (drop everything and read). We really enjoyed just getting stuck into a good book!

Chinese New Year

We had lots of fun learning all about the different ways that Chinese people prepare and celebrate the New Year. Did you know that this year is the year of the rooster?