Y1 School Work for Remote Learning

Below, you will find the work/activities to be completed by those children who are learning remotely due to isolating.

Monday 24th May 2021


Please follow the below link to access the English lesson for today. It is all about planting a bean which we have done in school!


Then, complete the activity and upload to Showbie.


This week, we are learning all about numbers to 100. Follow this link to complete today’s lesson of grouping in tens:


Then, complete the worksheet and upload to Showbie.

Reading Time

Go on Reading Eggs for 10-20 minutes to practise your reading today. Can you move up a level? 


Today, we are learning the ‘oi’ sound. 

To learn the sound watch the video below:

Then, have a go at reading the story below and spot as many ‘oi’ sounds as you can. How many did you find?

oi story

Extension: Can you write one of the words in a sentence?


Have a go at this Cosmic Kids Yoga adventure with dinosaurs:


How to upload to Showbie

You will find more information on how to do this here: https://support.showbie.com/en/articles/1420194-uploading-files

When children login to Showbie, they should click on the name of their class teacher on the left. They should then select the folder in which they wish to upload the work e.g. ‘Isolation Work’.

Once they have selected the correct folder, they will see a ‘+’ towards the right of the screen (next to where it says ‘Write a comment’). Click the + and then the children will be able to upload a picture of their work by using the camera or uploading a file.