Y1 School Work for Remote Learning

Below, you will find the work/activities to be completed by those children who are learning remotely due to isolating.

Wednesday 22nd September 2021


Our focus is to match numbers to words please try the following – 



Our sound of the day is e-e. 

We will be practising reading and writing these words- says, to, love, our



Choose a page from the text. See the link below. Can you label 10 objects on the page? Now try and add an adjectives to each of your labels. 


We will again be practising ‘d’ see if you can use cursive letters to write dad. 


Reading time 

Please log onto Reading Eggs 


This afternoon we will be doing PE. Can you get yourself changed into your shorts and t-shirt and complete the work out below? 


Thursday 23rd September 2021


Roll a dice and write the corresponding number and  word. 

Can you roll two di and repeat the activity?  


We are revisiting ‘e-e’. How many ‘e-e’ words can you write? 

Can you draw a picture of a – ‘Pete eating a Chinese meal’. 


Write a sentence about the beginning of the story. What happened at the beginning? Who was there? 



Today we shall be practicing ‘d’ again. 


Please log on and explore purple mash 


Today, we are looking at the miracle that Jesus performed, called Jesus calms the storm. 

Watch this story.

Can you think of time you were scared? Can you draw this and write a sentence about it? What made you feel better?

How to upload to Showbie

You will find more information on how to do this here: https://support.showbie.com/en/articles/1420194-uploading-files

When children login to Showbie, they should click on the name of their class teacher on the left. They should then select the folder in which they wish to upload the work e.g. ‘Isolation Work’.

Once they have selected the correct folder, they will see a ‘+’ towards the right of the screen (next to where it says ‘Write a comment’). Click the + and then the children will be able to upload a picture of their work by using the camera or uploading a file.