Y1 School Work for Remote Learning

Below, you will find the work/activities to be completed by those children who are learning remotely due to isolating.

Friday 26th March 2021

Morning Task

Today, we are going to count in 5s.

Practise counting in 5s up to 100 using the video below:

Once you are confident, have a go at the worksheet below:

Counting in 5s


Today, we are going to learn the ‘oe’ digraph

Watch the video below to learn about this sound:

Can you read these words using the ‘oe’ sound? You could sort them into real and alien words.

oe words

Phonics Application Activity

This week, we have been learning the ‘oa’ sounds in phonics.

How many ‘oa’ sounds can you remember?

We have learnt ‘oa’, ‘o_e’, ‘ow’ and ‘oe’. We are going to use all the sounds we have learnt this week to spell the words for the pictures on the sheet below.

Alternative oa sounds


This week, we have been learning about length and height. Today, we are going to measure length in centimetres.

For today’s lesson, you will need:

-pencil and paper.
-small objects of different sizes e.g. pens, pencils, pasta etc.
-a ruler

Follow each part of the lesson and complete the activities as you go.


This half term, we have been completing lots of investigations in science. Have a go at the investigation below to find out what happens to our germs when we use soap.

Why Soap Works Experiment Instructions Activity

Follow the instruction sheet below to complete the experiment. Can you make a prediction of what you think will happen before you begin?

For this investigation you will need: 

  • a plate or bowl
  • pepper or spices
  • soap
  • water

You could record your results on the sheet below:

Why soap works recording sheet


How to upload to Showbie

You will find more information on how to do this here: https://support.showbie.com/en/articles/1420194-uploading-files

When children login to Showbie, they should click on the name of their class teacher on the left. They should then select the folder in which they wish to upload the work e.g. ‘Isolation Work’.

Once they have selected the correct folder, they will see a ‘+’ towards the right of the screen (next to where it says ‘Write a comment’). Click the + and then the children will be able to upload a picture of their work by using the camera or uploading a file.