School Work When Isolating

We hope that all of our families are keeping  safe and well. Please find below the set tasks for children to complete at home during their period of isolation. Some tasks will be set as 2DO tasks on Purple Mash, others may involve practical activities, downloading documents or simply recording on a piece of paper. This work can be photographed and uploaded into the children’s work files on Purple Mash so that teachers can respond to the children. We have also added an additional table of optional activities and skills that are ongoing and can continue to support your child’s learning. Please do not hesitate to contact the school office if you would like to discuss this work with your child’s class teacher.

How to upload work onto Purple Mash

To share any work that you have completed at home, please take a photograph and up load it to Purple Mash. Your teacher will be able to see it and send you some feedback.

1. Select the ‘Work’ tab at the top of the page:

2. Click ‘upload’

3. Click to add a photo or file.

Friday 16th October

Phonics:  To begin with today we’d like you to practise the ‘c’ and the ‘k’ sound. Open the ‘ck’ Powerpoint and say what you see. Which pictures begin with a ‘c’ and which begin with a ‘k’ sound? Drag the pictures into the correct circles. 

Today we are going to look at a new digraph. Can you remember what a digraph is? It is two letters that make one sound. Say aloud what each picture shows, can you hear the same sound in each word? Our digraph today is ‘ck’.  Use your robot arms to help you sound each word out, you could even add the sound buttons too. 

Now you are ‘ck’ experts, have a go at reading the question at the end. Tell your grown up any more ‘ck’ words you might know. 

Literacy: What jobs do you know? What do you want to be when you grow up? This week we have learnt a little bit more about jobs. Can you remember the jobs we have been learning about? Which one has been your favourite? Are there any jobs you really wouldn’t like to have?

Today we are going to learn about the role of an ‘engineer’. An engineer is somebody who thinks about how and why things work. They find a problem and think of a solution. Watch this video to find out more.

Can you become an engineer and design a solution to help the doll in the video? Draw a picture of your idea and add some labels to the picture using your sound mat. Ask your grown up to upload your design to your Purple Mash ‘Work’ folder

Maths: Can you order the ladybirds from the smallest amount of spots to the ladybird with the most spots. Have a go at ordering the amounts to five. As a challenge order amounts to ten. Remember when you count the spots, touch the spots and count slowly.

Focus: What have you learned this week? We have been learning about counting carefully and finding one more and less than an amount. We found out that when we find one more we add one more. When we find one less we take one item away. When we take amounts away that is called subtraction. 

Today let’s practise adding two amounts together. When we add two amounts what happens to the total? If you add one or more to an amount our total increases (gets bigger). 

Watch Miss Molnar to find out more.

Can you use the part-whole model to add two amounts together? Cut out the animals and add different amounts of animals together.  When you add them, remember to count one at a time and count slowly. Investigate what happens when you add one and one together. Keep finding out new totals. Can you add two horses and one chicken together? What will the new total be? What do you notice? What has happened to the amount? (pdf) How did you make five? What amounts made ten?

RE: This week we are thinking about all the wonderful food that God gave us and where this food comes from.  This Harvest Samba is a St. Philip’s favourite, try and join in at home and see if you can spot the different foods as it plays. 

Work through this Harvest activity and try to think about how each type of food grows and how it gets to our dinner plates? Does it grow on a tree, plant or in the ground? Look at the last slide, tell your adult why we are thankful to God at Harvest time. How has God helped all this wonderful food to grow?

At Harvest time we often think about those who are less fortunate than ourselves and many people bring Harvest baskets to the Church for those who need a little more food. On Purple Mash To Do’s there is a Harvest Basket activity to complete, what would you put in yours?

Here is a Harvest Prayer to show our gratefulness. 

Handwriting: We are going to continue to practise the letters that belong to the ‘curly caterpillar family’. All of these letters begin in the same way, with a ‘curly c’ shape first. Today let’s practise ‘q’, click on this video to show you how.


Thursday 15th October


What is a tricky word? What tricky words do you know? Today we are going to learn a new tricky word. Look at thisThursday tricky words presentation and practise reading the tricky words. When you come to the last slide you will see our new word.
Watch this video and practise reading the tricky words:

Yesterday we practised reading words that had the ‘f’ or ‘ff’ sound in them. What words can you remember? We used the word ‘digraph’. This means two letters together that only make one sound. Today we are going to learn another sound that can also be doubled up to make a digraph. Have a look at the pictures on the first slide. What sound do they all begin with?
On the following slides, try to blend the sounds together to read the words.
Thursday l and ll

Now log onto Purple Mash and select the 2DO: Reading words with l and ll. Do the l and ll words match the picture? Click ‘True’ if they match and ‘False’ if they don’t match. Good luck!

Literacy: This week we have been thinking about a job we would like to have when we grow up. Have you changed your mind yet? Over the last couple of days we have learnt a little bit more about a firefighter and a doctor. What can you remember? Which one was your favourite?
Today we are going to learn about the role of a police officer. Have you ever seen a police officer? What do they do? Would you like to be a police officer? Watch this video to find out more:
Now, who committed the crime? Ask your toys the questions and make a decision about who the criminal might be. When you have decided, complete this ‘WANTED’ poster to let us know! Ask your grown up to upload your poster to your Purple Mash ‘Work’ folder

Maths: Can you count the ladybirds spots and match the ladybird to the correct number? If you have done that to six have a go at counting to ten:

Focus: Today we are learning to find one less. When we find one less we can take one away from an amount. If I have five cakes and take one away. How many cakes will be left? What do you notice about the amount left? Is four more or fewer than five?

When we take away from an amount we call this subtraction. Let’s find out more. Click the link:

Play the one less game. Print out the One Less Than Game and the Counters. You will need a dice. Roll the dice and cover the number which is one less than the amount you have rolled. 

PSHE: we are going to think about friendships today. What do you think makes a good friend? Who is your best friend and what do you like about them?

Sometimes best friends disagree. Watch this video to see how these best friends sort out their problems.  

Handwriting: We are going to continue to practise the letters that belong to the ‘curly caterpillar family’. All of these letters begin in the same way, with a ‘curly c’ shape first. Today let’s practise ‘a’.


 Additional activities and skills to practise: (optional)
·       Practise washing hands (put paint or glitter (germs) on your child’s hands and wash it off)

·       Use playdough to make your face

·       Practise putting your coat on

·       Practise zipping your coat up

·       Can you dress yourself in your uniform? How quickly can you do it?

·       Put your socks and shoes on and fasten them

·       Build a house using blocks or Lego

·       Bake something with a grown up

·       Play a board game with your family

·       Retell your favourite story to a grown up

·       Dance to your favourite song

·       Sing your favourite nursery rhyme

·       Brush your teeth in the morning and before bedtime

·       Practise using a knife and fork to eat a meal

·       Tell a family member what you love about them

·       Tidy your toys away

·       Can you play a game in your garden safely? E.g kicking a ball or playing bat and ball

·       Make a packed lunch (with a grown up) and eat it

·       Can you express how you feel and different emotions we may feel?

·       Play a game on your tablet

·       Look for different shapes around your house

·       Help your grown up to fold your clothes

·       Can you make your bed?

·       Practise naming different colours. What happens if you mix them together?

·        Go on a hunt to find objects that are different colours.

·       Can you name the days of the week?