Reception School Work for Remote Learning

We hope that all of our families are keeping  safe and well. Please find below the set tasks for children to complete at home during their period of isolation. Some tasks will be set as 2DO tasks on Purple Mash, others may involve practical activities, downloading documents or simply recording on a piece of paper. This work can be photographed and uploaded into the children’s work files on Purple Mash so that teachers can respond to the children. We have also added an additional table of optional activities and skills that are ongoing and can continue to support your child’s learning. Please do not hesitate to contact the school office if you would like to discuss this work with your child’s class teacher.

How to upload work onto Purple Mash

To share any work that you have completed at home, please take a photograph and up load it to Purple Mash. Your teacher will be able to see it and send you some feedback.

1. Select the ‘Work’ tab at the top of the page:

2. Click ‘upload’

3. Click to add a photo or file.

Wednesday 26th May


Today we are going to recap the sound that ‘oi’ and ‘oy’ make. Watch this video and practise the sound:

(64) Spelling Rule Rap: ‘oi’ & ‘oy.’ When To Use Each Digraph. #spellingrules #oi #oy #digraphs – YouTube

Open the presentation and write the labels containing the correct oi/oy sound. 


What coins do you recognise? Look at the coin presentation. Which coin is easy to recognise? Which coin is tricky to remember?

We are going to play a game and count out the correct amount of coins. Click on the following link to play the toy shop game:


This week in literacy we are thinking about our favourite memories in Reception. What has your favourite time been?  What are you good at? What have you enjoyed learning about?

Log onto Purple Mash: My favourite memory. Can you draw a picture that describes your favourite time in Reception and write  a sentence. 


Today we are going to look at an artist called Arcimboldo. Look at the presentation. What has the artist used to make the image? He has used fruit and vegetables to make faces. Each face shows a different season. Can you guess which face is Summer? How do you know?

For your activity, can you make a face out of fruit and vegetables. When you have finished can you upload your work on purple mash.

Useful websites to support children in their reading whilst at home:

Reading Eggs –  Children have their own log on details for this site

Phonics Play –  This is a website we use a lot in our phonics lessons for applying our learning of letter sounds and high frequency words. It is now free for parents to use during the month of January. (Username: jan 21   Password: home)

Oxford Owl – This website contains links to ebooks that children can read at home. Once you have set up an account you can access online ebooks organised according to book band. (Children in Reception are working on either Pink or Red book band)

 Additional activities and skills to practise: (optional)
·       Practise washing hands (put paint or glitter (germs) on your child’s hands and wash it off)

·       Use playdough to make your face

·       Practise putting your coat on

·       Practise zipping your coat up

·       Can you dress yourself in your uniform? How quickly can you do it?

·       Put your socks and shoes on and fasten them

·       Build a house using blocks or Lego

·       Bake something with a grown up

·       Play a board game with your family

·       Retell your favourite story to a grown up

·       Dance to your favourite song

·       Sing your favourite nursery rhyme

·       Brush your teeth in the morning and before bedtime

·       Practise using a knife and fork to eat a meal

·       Tell a family member what you love about them

·       Tidy your toys away

·       Can you play a game in your garden safely? E.g kicking a ball or playing bat and ball

·       Make a packed lunch (with a grown up) and eat it

·       Can you express how you feel and different emotions we may feel?

·       Play a game on your tablet

·       Look for different shapes around your house

·       Help your grown up to fold your clothes

·       Can you make your bed?

·       Practise naming different colours. What happens if you mix them together?

·        Go on a hunt to find objects that are different colours.

·       Can you name the days of the week?