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“The outstanding curriculum, skilfully adapted for pupils’ different needs and abilities, ensures they all acquire high-quality basic skills and are well equipped for future learning. Well-planned, stimulating experiences linking subjects make learning meaningful and relevant.” Ofsted Report

Our curriculum is based on a thematic approach, which enables us to personalise and meet the learning styles and needs of our pupils, engaging them in relevant and creative opportunities, whilst applying their English and maths skills across the curriculum. The arts (music, dance, drama, literature and art) are used to stimulate worthwhile learning opportunities, which engage the children’s imagination and intellect. Children are encouraged to explore and make discoveries and apply their skills in a variety of contexts.

Our curriculum is based upon the statutory curriculum for Reception and Years 1 – 6:

Statutory Reception Curriculum

Guidance for Reception Parents (look at 30 – 50 months and 40 – 60 months)

National Curriculum