Year 4 Mrs Lydon

Welcome to our class page. Please check regularly to find out all about our exciting learning.

Reminders and Dates for the SpringTerm

Ash Wednesday – Wednesday 14th February 2018

Valentine’s Day – Wednesday 14th February 2018

Chinese New Year Day – Friday 16th February 2018

Break up for Spring half term – Friday 16th February returning to school on Monday 26th February 2018

Library Visit – Tuesday 27th February 2018

World Book Day – Thursday 1st March 2018

Parent Consultations – Tuesday 6th March & Thursday 8th March 2018

Science Week – Week commencing Monday 12 March 2018

Sport Relief – Friday 23rd March 2018

Break up for Easter Weekend – Thursday 29th March 2018

Our Learning

Below you will find lots of photographs about the learning in our class.

Warrington Detectives

As part of our project this half term, we have been learning all about Westbrook and Warrington.  We have studied a range of different maps including aerial photographs where we could see our school and the surrounding streets.  The children designed their own surveys that they completed on our walk around Westbrook to find out why people come to the Westbrook Centre.  They also conducted a traffic survey where they found out what vehicles pass through.

United Utilities Water Cycle Workshop

In science, we have been learning about different ‘States of Matter’.  We have found out the difference between solids, liquids and gases; investigated the best way to melt chocolate and taken part in a workshop let by United Utilities about how the Water Cycle works.   We were fascinated to learn that the water on our planet has been here since life began and that we even drink the same water that the dinosaurs drank!  Thankfully, we found out that we now treat our water nowadays to make sure it is clean and doesn’t make us poorly.  To help keep our water systems free from blockages, the children learnt what should and shouldn’t be put down toilets and drains.

Health Week

Health week began with an assembly all about being ‘Heart Smart’.  Boris the robot joined us last year teaching us different ways to keep ourselves healthy.  Throughout the week, our theme was ‘Let Love In’ and we started by reading a story called ‘Words and your Heart’ by Kate Jane Neal.  The story talked about how words can change the way we feel in so many ways.  We really enjoyed different ways of using words to make each other feel good – there were so many huge smiles around the classroom!

We also took part in at least 30 minutes exercise every day and investigated how this changed our heart rate in maths where we presented our results in line graphs.

In science, we looked at how our digestion system works and what organs make up our digestive system.  As always, this topic was thoroughly enjoyed by the children, especially when they had to sort organs into the correct place on a body.


During our PE lessons, we have been learning skills for gymnastics and badminton.  In gymnastics, we have worked on our own independently and  in partners/small groups.  We have used control and balance to be able to perform a range of gymnastic shapes which we put together at the end to create a sequence.

In badminton, we have learnt the key skills needed to be able to strike the shuttlecock effectively and begin to build up a range of techniques to help us score higher points and win the game.

Christmas Play

Today we did our first performance of our Christmas play ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’.  We hope that everyone has left remembering the true message of Christmas and that it’s not just about presents, and that there are many people in the world who are not as fortunate as us.  We need to remember that Christmas is about giving our time, our love and our friendship and that we were given God’s greatest gift, Jesus, to remember and celebrate each Christmas.  Merry Christmas, everyone!

Ancient Greek Workshop

As part of our learning about the Ancient Greeks, we took part in a Greek workshop called ‘Greek Gods and Monsters’.  We had a really exciting morning where we learned a lot more about different Greek gods and goddesses.  Also, we took part in lots of drama to act out some of the myths.

After our Greek workshop, we designed our own plate of healthy, Greek food.  We learned about foods that are good for us and how much of each food group we should aim to have on our plates.  The morning was a great success and lots of us tried foods that we haven’t tried before.

Happy Diwali!

Towards the end of our first half term, we took part in lots of activities to learn about how Diwali is celebrated.  These included creating artwork, learning about what Diwali is and showing our creativity through some Bollywood dancing.

Roald Dahl Day Fun

We had lots of fun on Roald Dahl Day.  The children all looked fantastic and had gone to so much trouble to make their costumes look so good.  During the day, we took part in exciting workshops where the children focused on the story ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.  We participated in some drama activities where we created our own freeze frames and designed our very own sweets in the style of Roald Dahl.  This meant that we were able to be very creative in our designs and make them as bizarre as possible!

A great day was had by all and the children had lots of fun.


Our topic in science this half term is ‘Sound’.  We will be learning about what sound is, how it travels, how our ears work and what happens to sound as we move further away from it.

As well as following our year four topic, the children will also be taking part in science assemblies where we have different people coming in to show us just how exciting science is.


Our project this half term in all about the Ancient Greeks.  We will be learning both Geography and History throughout this topic, finding out where Greece is and how the Ancient Greeks lived.

Year 3 Learning

Spanish Breakfast

During our Spanish lesson, we planned and made a Spanish breakfast. We prepped our ingredients and read the instructions on the recipe. Once we combined our ingredients, we put them in the oven! The tortilla’s were a great hit with the class! I’m sure the children would love to cook this for you at home.

‘Which chocolate melts the quickest?’

On Friday, we planned and carried out a fair test which aimed to find out which type of chocolate melted the quickest. We thought about how we could make sure the test was fair and what we need to keep the same.

“This was the best lesson ever!” I heard being said across the classroom as smiles beamed from the children’s faces (that were covered in chocolate).

Our Holiday to Barcelona

Well, we had a fantastic afternoon on Wednesday! We went on holiday to Barcelona. As we entered the classroom, it was set up like a plane – all the chairs were in rows – we each took a ticket, and found our seat ready for our flight. What does every flight need? A pilot, co-pilot and cabin crew! We selected some trustworthy members of the class to help us with these important jobs. As you can see from the pictures, the children were very excited to go on holiday and had smiles on their faces from start to finish. During the flight, we learnt about Spain and all about human and physical geography in Spain. Zach’s love of planes inspired this geography lesson!

All aboard with our tickets!

All aboard with our tickets!

We had our tickets ready!

We had our tickets ready!

The captain doing an announcement

The captain making an announcement.



We have some fantastic artists in our class! We have been examining different artists and using their work to inspire our own. We were even lucky enough to have an artist, Miss Culleton, come and join us for the lesson. We used a range of media to create our artwork inspired by Monet. The children enjoyed our walking gallery once w had finished so they could show their friends their beautiful artwork. Check out our work!


Expressing Christianity through Creative Arts

Wow! The children created some excellent sculptures based on Christianity. We were inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, a sculptor who uses natural resources, to create our own artwork. It was lovely to see the children exploring the outdoors with their groups and working together to create some fantastic sculptures.

An Exciting First Week Back!

Wow! What an exciting first week back! We had a fun-filled week exploring our new project all about ‘Dinosaurs’. This project is based upon what the children wanted to find out. We started our first day by exploring dinosaurs’ footprints. We used our maths skills to measure the footprints to work out which dinosaur the footprints belonged to.

Outdoor Adventure Activities (OAA)

This half term, we are focusing on our team work skills. We had so much fun trying out the different activities and learning to work together effectively. It was lovely to hear the children supporting one another.


Head Teacher’s Award

Looking very proud with her Head Teacher's award!

Looking very proud with a Head Teacher’s award!

Lots of achievements! Cross country runners, sports day super star and Head Teacher's certificate!

Lots of achievements!
Cross country runners, sports day super star and Head Teacher’s certificate!

Investigating Shadows

Today, we went outside to investigate how our shadows change over time. We planned our investigation and carried it out by drawing around our shadow every hour to see how it moved through out the day.

Sports Day

A super, but wet, sports day! A little bit of rain didn’t stop the fun had by all. Well done to Mrs Angel-Webb and Mr Strickland-Wright for winning their races. A big thank you to all who came to support the children!

 Tatton Park

The children thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Tatton Park where we learned lots about the Anglo-Saxons.


We had an exciting science lesson examining different objects under the microscopes.


IMG_0616  IMG_0627IMG_0619

Anglo Saxon Invasion

What a fantastic first day back! Today we had an Anglo Saxon invasion. Half of the class were the fearless Anglo Saxons and the other half of the class were the Britons. The poor Britons were minding their own business, working hard, taking naps, cooking and cleaning when the Anglo Saxons invaded their homes. We thought about what life would have been like at this time and how the people would have felt.

We are all very excited for our trip to Tatton Park to explore life during the Anglo Saxon period tomorrow!

Fierce Anglo Saxons

Fierce Anglo Saxons

Very scary Anglo Saxons

Very scary Anglo Saxons


Have a wonderful Easter break with your friends and families. Enjoy, be safe and eat lots of chocolate!


‘Eggciting’ Egg Competitions

The children decorated some ‘eggcellent’ eggs for our competition.  It was an extremely tough decision for Amelia to make, but the minion was the winner! The next competition was to see who could roll their egg the furthest. Although there was lots of yolks flying around the playground, we had a clear winner!

Winner of the best looking egg!

Winner of the best looking egg!

The winner of the egg rolling competition won a rolo egg!

The winner of the egg rolling competition won a Rolo egg!

British Values Day

What a fantastic day we have had! First of all, we asked the question ‘What is good about being British?’. The children came up with fantastic ideas and decided that fish and chips and roast dinners was one of the best things about our country! We discussed each of the British values and what they meant. We had some super discussions throughout the day about why it is important to celebrate people’s differences, about being unique and what we love about our country. We finished our day by singing our national anthem!

Singing the national anthem

Singing the national anthem

Democracy- The Great Debate- Should it be chip day every day? 

Two wonderful panel members listened to each side of the debate and came to the conclusion that it shouldn’t be chip day every day as we need a balanced healthy diet, despite some interesting views from the ‘for chips’ group.

The panel who listened to both sides of the debate

Prince William showing his passion for chip day

Prince William showing his passion for chip day

Which side is going to win?

Which side is going to win? Waiting for the result…



Winner: Against chip day every day!

Roman Day

Today, we learned all about what the Roman’s ate by tasting food, what the Romans’ pottery was like by creating our own clay pot, all about Roman numerals, cracking codes and creating our own roman clock and finally we found out about different dates during the Roman invasion.

Showing Compassion for the Environment 

The children have been thinking of ways we can show compassion to our environment. Recently, we noticed the ducks were looking for the perfect nesting spot, and all of the class were concerned that children might scare the ducks, so the children made posters to warn others of the ducks in the area.

Google Expeditions 

We had a super day in Rome exploring the historical sites using Mr Google’s special google expedition equipment!


Today, we continued our art project about buildings. Over the last few lessons, we have examined different pieces of Roman art of showing buildings. The children sketched different buildings, creating a final sketch and then worked on mixing colours to add effect. The children produced some brilliant pieces of work!

Red Nose Day

What a fantastic day we had! Everybody came dressed in their pjs to raise money for those who are in need. We watched a video all about Hassan. Watch it here.

British Science Week

We had a fantastic week for British Science Week! The week consisted of many WOW investigations and we asked many ‘what if…?’ questions. On Tuesday, we were visited by a Boffin Scientist called Harry who taught us how to make slime, and he showed us how electricity travels through our bodies to the ground. Throughout the week we did other experiments in our class such as: What happens if you put a Mento into different types of fizzy drinks? What happens if you add a special tablet to water? Will it create a popping canister? We also created a jolly jet balloon. On Friday, we were lucky enough to have Alfie’s dad and his colleagues, who are scientists, join us from Manchester University. We asked the scientists different questions about their choice of job, what they enjoy and we even examined some brain cells!

Home learning

Well done to everybody for their fantastic home learning! We enjoyed a great afternoon presenting our home learning to our group. We followed this by holding our very own ‘Walking Gallery’. The children imagined they were in an art gallery and inspected all the different work that each other had done. The children then commented on each piece of  work by writing a note saying what they liked abou the work. It was lovely to hear the comments they each received from their peers.

History- What did the Romans eat?

You probably thought you heard incorrectly when your child came home from school saying they were examining a Roman’s poop? Well, not quite! Today, we investigated what the Romans used to eat by examining their poop. How else would we have found this out?! The children were hooked throughout the lesson. Laughter and learning all rolled into one. Although it was rather disgusting, the children learnt a lot about their diet and digestion. It was a fun- filled hands on history lesson!

James said, “This was the best lesson ever!”

Jake said, “Thank you for this afternoon. It has been fun!”

Laughter and learning all rolled into one!

World Book Day

What a fantastic day! We started the day by looking at our favourite books and explaining who we were dressed as. We had an exciting range of characters from Gangster Granny to Matilda. All the costumes were fantastic. We created some book reviews on the iPads using the green screen app and took part in  Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) sessions throughout the day which the children loved! Later on in the day, during the reading safari, we had a surprise reader come to visit and read a story – Miss Ashton! The children loved seeing their old teacher again! See our pictures and videos below of our fun filled day.


 Our Trip to Chester

On Tuesday 28th February 2017, we went on our trip to Chester. It was exciting from start to finish. We had a fantastic day learning lots of new facts.


On Friday, the children were investigating the properties of 3d shapes. They created a model of different 3D shapes using sticks and marshmallows.  The children really enjoyed this and could all explain the properties of different shapes.


Our Class Assembly

I would like to say a massive thank you to all the wonderful children in my class for working so hard in putting together their class assembly. They have worked extremely hard on their work and were so excited to show you. I am so proud of them! Thank you to everyone who came to watch we hope you enjoyed it!

Here is the PowerPoint shown in the assembly. Miss Cragg’s Class Assembly PowerPoint

Breaking news!

3..2..1 ACTION!

Today, we have been looking at the images from the story ‘Escape from Pompeii’. We imagined we were there and used the app ‘Green Screen’ to transport us into the story. We had great fun using this app and we felt like real actors!


Independent Learning

We are always very proud of the children when they are inspired to continue their learning at home. Here are some fantastic examples of children continuing their science investigating at home.


Researching different types of rocks and fossils.

Chinese New Year 

Wow! What a fantastic day celebrating Chinese New Year. We all took part in a Chinese workshop where we learnt a Chinese dance and had our own Chinese parade. After our workshop, we did a range of activities which included creating a book mark, a picture of a rooster, we retold the Chinese New Year story, practised our fine motor skills using chopsticks and did some research on the iPads to create a leaflet/ newspaper report.

Our Visit to the Library 

“Yesssss!” is always the response I get when I tell the children we are going to the library. This shows me how much they enjoy reading and getting stuck into a good book! The children always enjoy looking through the wide selection of books and discussing them with their friends. We brought back many books from the library to add to our reading area including lots of fact books and some stories about animals.


In our gymnastics lessons, we have been jumping on and off the equipment. We are working on perfecting our balances and shapes.


Science – Rocks

We looked at the different types of rocks and the children made their own sedimentary rock using chocolate to form the layers.

The children also made an earth pudding as we looked at what exactly is underneath our feet and under the ground.

Do you want to make your own earth pudding? Here are the instructions to do so.  Instructions for Earth Pudding

Earth Pudding

Earth Pudding


Welcome Back

Happy New Year! It has been lovely to hear the stories from the children of what they have been up to over the Christmas break. The children have settled back into school wonderfully and are ready to get started on our new project ‘What happened in Pompeii?’.


We started our year by thinking about what it means to be a good friend. Each child created a poem about another child in our class and what makes them a good friend. Each and every poem created was beautiful and it definitely gave us a wonderful, positive start to our year.

Christmas Wishes

I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Thank you for all your support this term. The children have settled into year 3 wonderfully and I am so proud of their achievements and hard work. I look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!

The Christmas Party

Today was our Christmas party. Lots of fun was had by everyone. We designed our own party hats and used our maths skills to measure our head using a tape measure to make sure it would fit.  There were some super designs! After that, we had lots of fun playing different party games.


Christmas time

We have been creating a range of Christmas crafts. The children have been working on their fine motor skills to create a wreath, a card, a reindeer gingerbread man, a gift bag, a Christmas candle holder and even some very special reindeer food.

Christmas crafts


The Christmas Play

The children have been working exceptionally hard to learn their lines and songs for our play. They performed it beautifully and it definitely put a Christmas smile on all the adults’ faces.

The children ready for their first production!

The children ready for their first production!

img_0578 img_0580 img_0583

Multiplication Games

Today we had chance to play the multiplication games the children made at home. They were fantastic! It is clear a lot of hard work and thought had gone into designing and making the games. Thank you for supporting your child with their homework. We had great fun playing the different games whilst learning our times tables.

Freya and Oluomachi playing Freya's game.

Playing games



The 11th November is a special day. We all reflected upon what Remembrance day is about and who we think about at this time. The children created acrostic poems about remembrance and prayers. We all created a poppy to display on our classroom door.

Remembrance Display


Fun Run

Our class took part in the mile long fun run around our playground. All the children looked fantastic in their costumes. The children across the school raised a whopping £8 000 in total! A fantastic effort by all.


The Savage Stone Age Workshop

A Savage Stone Age welcome from Miss Cragg and Ms Bradbury.


On Tuesday 8th November, we had a ‘Savage Stone Age’ workshop. From start to finish, the children were hooked into life in the Stone Age. The workshop consisted of perfecting our rapping skills, acting and exploring life in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

Jack, Isobelle, Bonnie, Jonah and Sophie as hunters.

Creating a dance about hunting.

Emily, Daniel, James, Niamh and Noah perfecting their skills using a Stone Age weapon.

Perfecting skills using a stone age weapon.

School Council

Children who aspired to be a school councilor prepared speeches to deliver to the class. After delivering their speeches to the class, a vote took place to elect our school councillor.

Leila Grillon our School Councilor

“I will do my best to help our school by making it a better place. I will help children with their problems on the playground and I will listen to everyone’s ideas. I love helping others!”