Year 3 Miss Evans

Welcome to our class page. Please check regularly to find out all about our exciting learning journey.

Reminders and Dates for the Autumn Term

This half term, our PE will be on Mondays and Wednesdays. PE kits should remain in school and should only be taken home at the end of the half term.

Homework is given out on Fridays and should be handed back in by Thursday at the latest.

Children should be reading at home with an adult at least 3 times each week. Every time you read with your child, please sign their Reading Record. Records will be checked every Thursday and children who have collected 3 adult signatures will receive a sticker for their bookmark. Children who have not completed their homework or home reading will visit Homework Club, which takes place on Thursday lunchtimes.

Monday 6th November – School reopens

Friday 17th November – Children in Need

Wednesday 13th December – Year 3 Christmas Production (afternoon)

Thursday 14th December – Year 3 Christmas Production (morning)

Thursday 21st December – School closes for Christmas

Our Learning

Below you will find lots of photographs about the learning in our class.

Science Skeletons – 10.11.17

To begin our new Science topic this half term we opened with a really exciting lesson. We started to think about the human skeleton and what bones we have and where these are. To do this we used dog bones to create a human skeleton and then labelled the bones with post it notes. All the children worked fantastically, and really showed off that they already had some great prior knowledge! Each group communicated ideas clearly with one another and there was some great collaborative work taking place. Have a look at some of our skeletons below. 

Design Technology Stone Age Bags – 20.10.17

In Design Technology, we have been busy designing our own Stone Age bags. We first started with a design specification that we used to help us with our planning. Our bags had to be eye catching, strong and a good size to carry on a Stone Age hunt. We chose the materials that we would use to create our bags and then we used a needle and thread to sew them all together. After we had completed them, we had to evaluate. Quite a few of us agreed that we found the sewing a bit tricky however, we all thought our bags looked very eye catching and that Stone Age Boy would love to use them on his next hunt.

IMG_0369[1] IMG_0368[1] IMG_0366[1] IMG_0364[1]


Country and Western Dancing- 18.10.17

This half term in P.E we looked at country and western dancing and this resulted in a final production of a dance. We learnt various movements and put this together to create an entire sequence that we performed to Miss McKinnon’s class and they gave us some great feedback! When we were performing we used a variety of formations, sometimes performing in lines and then changing into small circles. Have a look below at us in action. 

Next half term we will be starting to look at the Spanish dance flamenco.

The Story of The Good Samaritan – 12.10.17

On Thursday we looked at the story of The Good Samaritan. We started to make links between the story and the ten commandments. In our groups, we discussed how the story shows us how to love our neighbours, and that our neighbours could be anybody. In class we recognised that it was important to help everybody if they need it.

To show how well we knew the story, we produced a retelling of the story. A few of us did this through drama and created freeze frames, others produced some excellent writing, and one group retold the story through pictures.

Have a look below at some of our drama and art work.


Learning About Different Rocks – 27.09.17

Today we took part in a really exciting Science investigation using starbursts! We were investigating different types of rocks and looking at how they are made. To do this we started off by looking at a representation of an igneous rock. This was made by applying extreme heat to starbursts and melting them together. We investigated the holes in the rock and discussed how this happens to igneous rocks.

Then it was our turn! We started off by showing a sedimentary rock, we did this by applying pressure to our starbursts and cutting them up. We then made our metamorphic rock, our method for replicating this rock was to apply heat and pressure by wrapping the starburst up in grease paper and lightly squeezing it.

Have a look at some of our pictures from our investigation.

Roald Dahl Day – Wednesday 13th September

It was a really exciting day for our school on Wednesday! To celebrate Roald Dahl day we all dressed up as different characters from his books. It was such an action-packed day, and we would like to thank everybody who helped us all to look so fantastic! In the morning we had a character parade to share all of our costumes with Year 3, everyone looked great.


We were exploring the story of Fantastic Mr Fox and because we know how much he likes his eggs we did an experiment with them. After our science lesson,  we had a drama workshop with our visitor Kate. In the workshop we learnt all about alliteration and then we got the chance to use rhyme in our drama to introduce our friends- It was great fun!


Our drama workshop.

Our drama workshop.


Our Learning in Year 2


PE – Striking and Fielding 06.07.17

In PE this half term we are learning all about striking and fielding. We started by practicing our throwing and catching skills, making sure that we were hitting our target, and throwing with accuracy. We have now moved on to striking a ball with different objects, such as a tennis racket and a bat. We are having so much fun!

Formby 19.06.17

We went to Formby to learn all about different animal habitats. We walked through two different woods, along some sand dunes and then on the beach. We stopped in each place and discussed what we could see, what we could smell and what we could hear. We then talked about the different animals that might live there and decided if there was water, shelter and food for them. We had a fantastic time! The staff noted how well behaved and clever we were!

Minibeast Hunt 17.06.17

This half term, our topic is ‘Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside.’ To link with this topic, in Science we will be learning all about animals and their habitats. To begin our learning, we  went for a minibeast hunt around the school grounds, to see what minibeasts we could find, and where. We found out that snails and slugs like very wet and damp places, because we found lots in the shade under logs and in the grass. We made a tally to show how many of each minibeast we found, and made a note of where we found them. Take a look!


R.E – The Creation Story 15.06.17

This half term we we be learning all about the creation story in RE. We started our learning by reading the story, and thinking about different times we have seen something being created. We then made our own creation out of LEGO, and thought about how we felt making our creation, and how we felt after it was made. Take a look!

Pentecost and the Holy Spirit 26.05.17

This half term we have been learning about Jesus’ ascension, and Pentecost. To finish our topic, we thought about how the Holy Spirit might help us. We discussed how we could not see the Holy Spirit – but we know that it’s always there. We linked this to wind – we can’t see the wind, but we know it’s there because we can feel it – just like the Holy Spirit. We made wind-catchers to always remember this.


Jim and the Giant 22.05.17

This week we have enjoyed learning through the story called ‘Jim and the Beanstalk.’ At first, we thought that the giant would be mean and scary like he is in ‘Jack and the Beanstalk,’ but he turned out to be kind and thoughtful! As part of our learning, and to help us to retell the story later on in the week, we chose part of the story to retell and to illustrate. Take a look!

Westbrook Walk 11.05.17

This half term, our topic is ‘Our Local Environment.’ This afternoon we took a walk around Westbrook to look at the different buildings around Westbrook, who uses the buildings and why they might be there. We were very lucky to have such gorgeous weather. What a beautiful afternoon it was! Take a look at some of our learning.

Planting Seeds

We are continuing our learning about plants and seeds this half term in Science. Today (26.04.17) we learnt how to plant seeds. We worked in groups to plant broad bean seeds, making sure we followed the instructions we were given very carefully. We have given our seeds water, and put them in a sunny place – we are hoping that the seeds germinate very soon so that we can start to see bean shoots. We then used this as a context for writing, and we wrote our own instructions, explaining to others how to plant a seed.

Parts of a Plant

The children had a wonderful time learning about the different parts of a flower.


Easter Fun!

Sunday 9th marked the start of Holy Week. For our final week at school we have been enjoying lots of Easter fun. Spring has definitely sprung at St. Philip’s and we have enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful flowers around our school.

We started the week making sun catchers, from which we will write some instructions to let others know how to make them. The eggs that we brought in for the competition were super – we all worked very hard at home. A huge well done to Harrison who was chosen as the winner! We finished the day with a egg rolling competition – Well done to Imaan for winning the egg roll!

British Values Day

On Friday 7th April we celebrated British Values Day at St. Philip’s! We spent the day learning about, and celebrating everything great about Britain. Our day started by thinking about foods, places, events and people that are very ‘British,’ and that make us proud to be British. We created our very own class bunting to display, which shows everything that we love about living in Britain. To continue our learning, we looked at a map of the UK, and talked about the different places that we recognised, that we had been to and what we had done there. Lots of us loved the beautiful beaches around the British coast. What do you love about Britain?

Science – Plants

This half term, our Science topic is living things. We spent today learning all about the life cycle of a plant. Did you know that it starts life as a seed, then starts to germinate? We then looked around our school grounds to see if we could find any plants, and we tried to identify what part of the life cycle they were up to. Take a look at our finds!

Google Expeditions

On Friday we had some exciting visitors at school, who brought some new and exciting tools for learning. We spent Friday afternoon exploring Antarctica using the iPads. We saw polar bears, seals and penguins and learnt lots of interesting facts! We were all amazed – it was a fantastic experience! Take a look at our explorations.

Our Visit to St. Philip’s Church

In R.E. we have been learning all about the Church. Mrs Dunning kindly organised a special trip to St Philip’s Church for us. She showed us around the Church and we talked about the different features of a Church. We counted all the crosses around the Church. How many can you see? We had our own mini service where we said some prayers, listened to some music and sang some songs. A huge thank you to Mrs Dunning for a lovely afternoon!

PE – Gymnastics

The children have all been working really hard in PE this half term. We have been learning all about different balances and shapes, making shapes on different equipment, and making sequences of shapes. Take a look at some of our super shapes!

British Science Week

What a fun-filled week we have had! To start our week, Science Boffin Harry came to visit us. He showed us lots of Science experiments, made elephant toothpaste and even blasted a rocket over our school. Continuing our Science learning in class, we researched Scientist Rachel Carson. We then made our own lava lamp, and tested which objects would float and sink. Did you know that Coke sinks, but Diet Coke floats? To end our exciting week, we were visited by Mr Taylor. We had a very exciting assembly, where we learned all about waves. He then made waves with fire, and then made the fire dance to music! How fascinating it was!

World Book Day

The children all looked great in their book character outfits! We all had lots of fun sharing our favourite book characters, and also sharing our favourite stories with each other. One of our favourite parts of the day was DEAR (drop everything and read). We really enjoyed just getting stuck into a good book!


Chinese New Year

We had lots of fun learning all about the different ways that Chinese people prepare and celebrate the New Year. Did you know that this year is the year of the rooster?

To start the day we had a quiz, to see what we already knew about the tradition. We then had lots of fun learning to write the numbers 1 to 10 in the Chinese symbols. To finish the morning, we measured the tails of all the different animals of Chinese New year. Which animal do you think had the longest tail?

We spent the afternoon completing lots of fun craft activities – we made fish, dragons and learned a Chinese dance.

Take a look at all of our exciting learning!

Our Visit to Jodrell Bank

We went to Jodrell Bank to launch our new topic, The Moon and Beyond. In the morning we enjoyed a workshop all about Tim Peake. We watched videos of different astronauts in space and decided what we would need to take to space. We thought that the idea of having to wear a nappy in space was very funny!  Afterwards we got to make our own rockets and watch them blast off into the air! This was very exciting! After lunch we went inside an Inflatable Planetarium and learnt more about the different planets.

D+T Junk Modelling – Our Cracking Contraptions

This half term our topic is ‘How is it Made?’ – and we are really enjoying it! In D+T, we started our topic by watching clips of Wallace and Gromit’s cracking contraptions, taking inspiration, before designing our own contraption. The children had lots of wonderful ideas for their own inventions – from cameras to find lost dogs, to sweet machines. Take a look at some of our inventions, made from junk modelling.

Making Healthy Desserts

We have been learning all about healthy food, and the importance of a balanced diet. To put what we’ve learnt into practice, we investigated, designed, and evaluated our own healthy desserts. We thought that they tasted delicious, and, after our evaluation, we decided that they are the perfect balanced dessert.

Tesco Visit

The children all enjoyed their visit to Tesco. We learned all about healthy foods, and the importance of a balanced diet. We had lots of fun searching around Tesco for items from our very own shopping list, learning about the different parts of the shop and their function, and trying different healthy foods including cucumber, tiger bread, carrots and cheese.


Maths Homework

The children have been working extremely hard in class and at home. They were all very excited to show the class their home-made Maths games, and explain the rules of their games. Here is a little snapshot of a few of their games.