Year 3 Miss Wright

Welcome to our class page. Here, you will find information about the children’s exciting learning, as well as any key dates or important pieces of information that you will need to know for the upcoming weeks and months.

Reminders and Dates

PE lessons will be on Mondays and Wednesdays, and kits should be left in school for the half term.

Homework will be sent home each Friday, and should be completed and returned by the following Thursday. Spellings will also be sent home on Friday and should be practised in preparation for our spelling test each Thursday.

Monday 17th September – School Council presentations in class

Friday 21st September – School Council elections

Monday 24th September – School Council announced

Thursday 4th October – parent consultation meetings 3:30-6:00pm

Tuesday 9th October – parent consultation meetings 3:30-5:00pm

Thursday 11th October – Year 3/4 Harvest Service

Sunday 14th October – Harvest service in church

Wednesday 17th October – Eucharist Service

Friday 19th October – finish for half term

Our Learning


Stone Age Day

Today was lots of fun and we learnt so much! As a class we enjoyed becoming the ‘Cave Lion Tribe’ in a Stone Age workshop. We each drilled holes into small stones using a bow drill, which was a tool used back in the Stone Age. We also made Stone Age bracelets to show we were apart of the tribe.

Mystery Box

What an exciting afternoon we have had today! We launched our topic for this half term with a mystery box. Miss Wright did not tell us what our new topic was, but instead gave us clues from a mystery box. As we looked through the box we found animal skin, stones, sticks, an axe and animal bones. We discussed what each object could be used for and then used this to make predictions. Using the information we found out from the box we were able to guess that it will be the Stone Age that we are going to be learning about. After this, we used the objects to help us create questions that we would like to find out the answer to by the end of our topic.

Learning from Year 2


“Shiver Me Timbers!”

We rounded off our seaside theme with a special ‘Pirate Day’.  We made ourselves some DIY costumes of hats, eye patches and jewellery, as well as learning how to speak ‘Pirate’.  We gave ourselves a pirate name and wrote a letter in a bottle to send to Captain Swashbuckler, describing our special  pirate skills and how these would be useful to his crew. We used drama to create pirate stories and learnt how to read map co-ordinate in order to find the buried treasure. What an amazin’ crew!

image 3

Holidays in the Past

We have enjoyed investigating holidays from 50 and 100+ years ago using photos, artefacts and memories provided in a loan resource from Warrington Museum.  We loved looking carefully a the objects and images and then created some fun images of our own using the Green Screen program on our I pads: “Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside …”

How Hot?

Although we have been enjoying the sunshine, the current weather means that things can get hot and sticky in school.  As part of our maths learning on reading scales,  we conducted an investigation using thermometers to find the coolest place in school.  Perhaps it is no surprise to say it was in a shady part of the playground.  On the other hand, the library area in the atrium came out with the highest recorded temperature.

Wirral Country Park

We had wall to wall sunshine for our visit to Wirral Country Park near Thurstaston.  This beautiful setting provided us with a great range of habitats to explore and learn about the creatures that live there. We visited the meadow and used nets to complete a grass sweep, went pond dipping with the park ranger and had an all too brief visit to the beach area. What a great time we had learning outdoors! We will continue our study of minibeasts back at school.


Sports Day

Thank you to all the family and friends who turned out to cheer us on for our Sports Day.  We were so lucky with the weather as the clouds lifted and the sun shone down on us.  The children were great with everyone trying their best in all of the races.  It was great to hear them cheering their classmates on – the sack race can be very tricky! Congratulations to red team who were the eventual winners.

Science: Using hand lenses

Following on from our woodland walk we have been learning how to use hand lenses to magnify plants in our school grounds. We are beginning to be able to recognise and name a range of common plants, but have been wowed by how these look when you get up close with a hand lens.  We practised our focusing skills first in the classroom before setting out into the field.

Woodland Walk

We had a lovely morning exploring the local woods and open spaces as we extended our science learning beyond the school grounds.  Everything looked beautiful and the woods were bursting with new life.  We used our good observation skills to collect and identify different sorts of leaves.  We used natural materials to create our own woodland works of art and collected tiny specks of colour to create a woodland palette.  Lots of learning and lots of fun was had by all.


PE: Anyone for Tennis?

Fresh air, exercise and fun – what more could you ask for?  We really enjoyed our taster tennis session learning new skills in our taster tennis session.  Our coach was really impressed with our learning and how hard we worked!

Science: Plants

We have begun our study of plants by looking around our school grounds to find out what is growing now Spring has arrived.  We recorded this as photos using our i pads, so that we can use these later in ICT.  Back in the class room, we had a look at the parts of plants and talked about why these were important.  We made plant models and added labels and explanations.

DT: Animal Finger Puppets

In English, we have enjoyed reading traditional tales from Africa and creating our own stories based on African animals.  We explored some finger puppets and thought about how these were made and the way fun features were added to the characters.  We then chose an African animal and designed our own puppets, trying out our ideas with paper mock ups before getting busy with a needle and thread.  We worked hard and were proud of our efforts.

Easter Egg Basket Winners

Our ethos group organised a fun Easter basket competition and egg hunt to celebrate this important Christian Festival.  We had a a great time taking part and everyone received a small prize. The ethos group chose two special winners, who received extra chocolate treats! Happy Easter.

Our Class Assembly

We have worked really hard to put together our class assembly to share with family and friends.  It was based around our love of reading and books.  We shared writing and art work as well as role plays.  We especially enjoyed singing and rapping about how great it is to read. Everyone was fantastic and all our parents left with huge smiles on their faces. Great job done!

World Book Day

We had wonderful day exploring and celebrating reading and books.  Everyone looked fantastic in their costumes or warm PJs, ready for a bedtime story. We had lots of fun learning about different sorts of books – nonfiction, traditional tales, rhyming stories, cartoons – we all had our favourites.  We completed a book scavenger hunt, wrote our own book reviews, played some book themed games in PE, had a story in the new school library and painted well-known characters from traditional tales. And, of course, we had time to just read and enjoy our books!

Snow Fun

Adults may not be keen on snow but children love it!  We made the most of the little snow we got in the cold snap, wrapping up warm to wonder, investigate and just play! Sadly, there wasn’t enough snow for a snowman this time…

Rocket Investigations

Making predictions is an important scientific skill which involves not just guessing, but making an informed guess based  on our existing scientific knowledge.  We had fun developing our skills as we investigated launching paper rockets with plastic bottles.  We made predictions about what would happen if we changed how hard we squeezed the bottle, the size and shape of the bottle and the type of plastic it was made from.


In gymnastics this term we have been learning about making shapes in balances and jumps. We have worked by ourselves and with partners to create a range of shapes – long, star, tuck, straddle and pike shapes.  We have learnt how to create power through bending our knees and using our arms.  We have practised landing with good balance and control even when jumping from apparatus.

Heart Smart

We have made a new friend this week called Boris the Robot.  Boris is a very special robot because he has a heart, and he has been helping us to learn about how to look after our hearts; not the heart that pumps your blood around, but that special part inside of you that makes you you.  We have thought about how God has made us all different and how He loves each one of us.  We created word clouds on the iPads about some of the things which are special to us.

Library Visit

We visited our local library and enjoyed having time just to explore their amazing range of books.  The children were given time to choose a book which they liked and they explained why they had chosen it to their fiends.  We then had the tricky task of selecting which we would take back to school to enjoy at leisure in our classroom.  The children really impressed us with their ability to talk and listen to one another’s ideas and to come to an agreement about which books we would borrow.  Of course, you can always visit the library as a family – a great way to spend time together and foster a love of reading.

Space Dome

Our Spring Space project was launched into orbit with a visit to school by the Space Dome, a 6 metre high inflatable planetarium.  We stepped into a tent and out into space!  We learnt lots of facts about Earth, our moon and the sun, as well as zooming across the solar system for a brief visit to other planets.  We have keenly followed this up with our own research using the internet and books.


We started 2018 by looking at the days of the week and the months of the year.  We made our own calendars, including a wipe clean weekly planner, and then wrote instructions on how to do this. We hope the children will enjoy using  these at home.

Junk Modelling: Landmarks of Liverpool

We brought in lots of junk and started by sorting this according to 3D shapes.  From photos of the buildings we saw on our visit, we decided which shapes would be useful and chose junk of the right shape and size to match the features of the buildings.  We worked in teams to join the materials together to create our own representations of some of the city’s most famous landmarks. Perhaps you might like to have a g o at home to create some of the features of Westbrook.



Our Christmas play this year is all about reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas.  Mr Potts the caretaker makes wonderful baubles for the school Christmas tree which retell the story of the birth of Jesus.  There’s lots of singing and dancing to enjoy, as well as some super acting.  Thank you to all the parents who have provided great costumes; we’re sure that you will agree that all of them look fantastic!

Visiting Liverpool

We had a super time visiting Liverpool and exploring some of the great landmark buildings of the city.  In the morning we visited the Anglican Cathedral.  Some of us felt a little nervous because we hadn’t been in such a huge building before, but everyone gave us a warm welcome and we loved finding out a little more about this special place.  We looked carefully at the stained glass and spotted lots of stories we knew from the Bible, before having a go at designing our own.  At lunchtime, we went down to the Waterfront and had a (chilly) walk along to admire the grand buildings.  We loved the lambananas – perhaps we will find out some more information and have a go at designing some of our own.  We finished the afternoon by viewing the Liverpool Cityscape by Ben Johnson and visiting some of the galleries in the Museum of Liverpool.  Lots of fun and lots of learning!

Preparing Food Safely: DT

After our visit to Tesco we wanted to find out more about how we can use fruits, so we completed some tasting of different apple products – fresh apples, dried apples, apple juice and tinned apples – to compare their tastes and textures. We were then ready for baking! We had to think about how to keep safe, so we followed Little Red Hen’s safety rules about being clean and using knives safely.  We had a chance to do some measuring and using our maths too.  Of course, once it was ready we had to decide which was our favourite.  We thought about what it looked like as well as the tastes and the textures.  Perhaps you would like to try out other recipes with fruit or vegetables at home?

Wash Days Past and Present

We borrowed some mystery items from Warrington Museum to find out more about wash days in the past.  We looked carefully at the objects – what they were made of, their shape, any writing or marks – to look for clues about what they might have been used for.  We made guesses using our observations.  We then read a book and found out what the objects were called and how they were used.  We tried out some role play comparing a modern washing machine and the old dolly tub. Phew! Washing was hard work!


Tesco Healthy Eating Trail

We have been learning in school about how important it is to eat the right balance of food if we want to stay fit and healthy. We were very excited about our visit to Tesco to find out more information about where our food comes from, how it is stored and prepared and, of course, to try some healthy food tasting.  A really big thanks goes to our parent helpers and the staff at Tesco, who made our morning of learning outside the classroom so successful.

The Bible is a Special Book

We collected together lots of different versions of the Bible and talked about which was our favourite and why.  We found some stories we knew well, and others which we would like to learn more about.  We discovered that although the stories might be shown in different ways for children, the same stories are found in adults’ versions of the Bible too. Do you have a favourite story? Is it from the Old or the New Testament?

What is the Best Way to Wash Your Hands?

We have been learning about how important it is to keep clean if we want to stay healthy.  We decided to design an investigation to test whether it is important how we wash our hands.  We thought about things we could change – the type of soap, the temperature of the water, whether to use soap or not, how carefully we rubbed our hands together.  We used a mixture of oil and cinnamon to make our hands ‘dirty’ and looked to see the difference after washing.  We found out that using warm water and soap is the best way to clean our skin. We also need to remember to wash the backs of our hands and between our fingers too.

Roald Dahl Day

We came to school dressed as characters from some of our favourite Roald Dahl stories.  In Year Two we read ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ and how he had secret plans and clever tricks to gobble up juicy little children.  Did you know children are tastier with their clothes on? We worked together in groups to retell the story through drama before producing a class version of the story.  We loved looking at Quentin Blake’s illustrations and created our own illustrations for a display.

Learning in Year 1

Masizani Day

The children all looked fantastic dressed in blue and yellow to make the uniform in our partner school. We had a lot of fun singing African songs and making plastic bottle art.


In PE we have been using balls and worked on our  coordination skills and accuracy skills when navigating obstacles. It was lots of fun !

We also completed a live workout out with the Body Coach and got very hot . Harry said he loved doing press ups and is going to practise these at home.

Bear Museum

We all brought in our favourite teddy bears and wrote special facts about them. We made a museum for Miss Daley’s class to come and visit. Tulisa brought in the oldest bear that was over 60 years old.


As the Phonics Screening approaches, we have been continuing to practise our blending. We went outside for a Phonics Dash! We split into teams and had to race to collect the real and alien words on the playground. We then had to work together to segment and blend the words correctly. We also went on a sound hunt. We used our team work and orienteering skills to navigate the playground and find all of the phonics clues. We loved practising our reading outside!


Sports Day

What an exciting day Thursday was! After our assembly in the morning, it was  races in the afternoon. We all enjoyed the different events, especially the parent races at the end.

IMG_1441 IMG_1449 IMG_1446 IMG_1453 IMG_1458

Class Assembly

We sang some songs, performed a rap, and showed our art work. The adults had to answer a fruit or vegetable quiz, some of them were quite tricky. Our families were very proud of us.

IMG_1487 IMG_1424 IMG_1408

Vegetable soup

We looked at a fantastic story ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ as part of our ‘Green Fingers ‘ project. Then we made some lovely vegetable soup with some of the vegetables.

IMG_1358IMG_1373IMG_1393We all thought it was delicious!

Walton Gardens and Grappenhall Heys Walled Gardens


Year 1 dance

British Values Day

Google expeditions 31st March 2017 

The children were extremely excited to take part in our expedition to the Gombe National Park. We were able to explore the chimpanzees habitat and visit Jane Goodall’s office and home. It was fantastic to walk in the shoes of the famous scientist and explorer. 

Egg experiment



Chester Zoo

What a fabulous day we had at the zoo. We learnt so many interesting facts and saw some curious creatures.

World Book Day


First Aid Certificates

The children received their certificates after taking part in basic first aid from St John’s Ambulance. IMG_0581

Chinese New Year 

Our class have had so much fun over the last 2 days learning about Chinese New Year. The children have made lanterns, painted dragons, took part in a parade and ate Chinese food.

Watch our parade below!

Dragon parade

Home Learning

Science experiments

This week the children had to help free our penguin from this ice. We used water,  bubble wrap, tinfoil, newspaper and salt to melt the ice and we observed which melted the ice the quickest.

IMG_0659 IMG_0653 IMG_0654 IMG_0655 IMG_0656 IMG_0657

Melting with salt.

Melting with salt was the winner!

Sunny has visited lots of different places around the world, including rainy places. We have been looking at clouds and, in particular, how and why it rains. We began by sharing what we already knew about this and what we would like to find out. Ethan suggested  that the clouds are made in factories, where the clouds come out of the tall towers. Amelie thought clouds rain when they are full of water. Alex questioned whether God squeezes the clouds to make them rain. We tested our predictions and watched rain science clips. Have fun at home looking at clouds.

rain cloud experiment

rain cloud experiment

IMG_0624 IMG_0625 IMG_0627 IMG_0628

Wow ! The children were so excited to watch as the water collected in the clouds and it began to rain.

Top Fundraiser

Congratulations to our top fundraiser.poppy

Christmas Performance ‘Children of the World’

The teachers are so proud of all the children who took part in our Christmas performance. We loved finding out about so many traditions.

img_0574 img_0575 img_0576 img_0577 img_0578 img_0579

St John’s Ambulance 

Year 1 took part in a workshop to learn first aid and life saving skills. We had so much fun using the bandages.

Home Learning

We loved looking at our maps and 3D models of our local area.

Lego Workshop

We took part in a workshop and made our own houses. The houses had lights that we could turn on and off. All of the houses were put together to make a village.

Lego Workshop

Lego Workshop


Fun Run

Huge congratulations to all the children for taking part in our Fun Run. We are so proud of you and for your wonderful role in raising so much money for our school. Go St Philip’s!

We had so much fun raising money for our school playground.

We had so much fun raising money for our school playground.



With our dance teacher we performed a cheer leading dance.


img_0457 img_0459


We had a visit from John Stubbs Gold medalist. He inspired us by telling us how he persevered to achieve his goal.


A nurse from Warrington Hospital came to tell us about her job and she told us how she looks after ill children. What a special person she is!