Year 3 Mrs Hogan

Welcome to our class page. Here, you will find information about the children’s exciting learning, as well as any key dates or important pieces of information that you will need to know for the upcoming weeks and months.

Reminders and Dates

PE lessons will be on Mondays and Tuesdays, and kits should be left in school for the half term.

Homework will be sent home each Friday, and should be completed and returned by the following Thursday. Spellings will also be sent home on Friday and should be practised in preparation for our spelling test each Thursday.


Thursday 11th October – Year 3/4 Harvest Service

Sunday 14th October – Harvest service in church

Wednesday 17th October – Eucharist Service

Friday 19th October – finish for half term

Our Learning


Westbrook Orchard

What an adventure we had today! We are so lucky to have such a fantastic space so close to our school, and we have thoroughly enjoyed our outdoor learning today. We were joined by Mary and Kev from the Land Trust who taught us all about the wonderful creatures and wild plants that live in the orchard. We thought about how different the orchard will look in different seasons and we are looking forward to returning in the summer.

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Leaf Man

The stimulus for our poetry writing this week has been the book, Leaf Man. To spark our imagination we worked in groups to create our own leaf creatures which will be the focus of our poems this week, and our stories next week.


Stone Age Workshop

Today, we were fortunate to have a visit from a wonderful visitor from Warrington Museum who came to teach us about the Stone Age. We learnt about Stone Age tools and used a bow and drill to make holes in flint to wear as jewellery. Later on, we worked as a team to twist fabric and make our own rope. We were all surprised by how difficult all of these jobs were. Stone Age people had to work very hard.

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Christian Values

Today, we thought about the rules that we all agree to live by and how these rules affect us and those around us. We wrote rules for our class and linked them to our Christian Values, and then a groups of children used drama to show what each of our values looks like as a freeze frame. The rest of the class found it really easy to guess which value was which.

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Our Learning from Year 2

Library Visit

What a super time we had at the library! We all enjoyed finding books about things that we are interested in, which was lovely to see. Don’t forget to sign up for the Library’s Summer Reading Challenge!

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Minibeast Hunt

We all enjoyed a mini-beast hunt around the school grounds, looking in lots of different micro-habitats. We found ants, butterflies and lots and lots of spiders! We then made a tally to see which mini-beast was the most common, and used this to create a pictogram.

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Scooter Training

The children had lots of fun on their scooter training this week. We learnt all about how to stay safe when riding a scooter. Did you know that you should always get off your scooter when you cross the road? It’s much safer!

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Planting seeds

We are really enjoying learning about plants this half term. We have been very busy planting seeds and writing instructions to help others if they would like to plant their own! Mrs Ryan thinks that we’ve all definitely got ‘green fingers!’

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Westbrook Walk

The children had lots of fun on our Westbrook walk. They looked at different trees and plants, noticing similarities and differences, searched for different animals in different habitats, and used natural materials to create some artwork.

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We had a super, sunny day starting our new Science topic, ‘Plants.’ We started off by looking at different flowers, naming their parts. We then discussed their function and created our own labelled diagram. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, we took our learning outside, drawing and labeling trees on our school grounds.

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Finger Puppets

Take a look at some of our super finger puppets! We designed them from our favourite Indian animals and worked really hard to sew very carefully. All of the adults who helped us were very impressed with our sewing skills!

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Our topic for this half term is ‘India,’ and we have enjoyed learning all about the country and it’s culture. This week we have been extremely lucky as Mrs Sen came in to our class to tell us all about India, the country that she grew up in!

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British Science Week

British Science Week is always a fun-packed week, full of exciting Science learning, and this week has been no different! Our week started with a visit from the ‘Science Boffins.’ We had a super assembly, where we were shown lots of exciting experiments and investigations. We were then lucky enough to have a workshop with the Science Boffins, where we learnt all about filtering water, food chains and keeping our environment clean and healthy.

To continue our Science learning, we started to think of our own questions and investigations that we could complete. Using some milk, food colouring and washing up liquid, we enjoyed testing and predicting what would happen when we put all of the liquids together. When we used a pipette to put the food colouring and fairy liquid in the milk, there was an array of ‘WOWs’ around the classroom!


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We then chose to find out the answer to the question: Do the children with the longest legs jump the furthest?

We created our own table for recording and using a tape measure we set out to try to find an answer to our question!

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World Book Day

It is always lovely to see all of the children sharing and enjoying their love of books on World Book Day. There were some fantastic outfits, and the children all enjoyed discussing their favourite characters and their favourite books. Our day involved lots of reading, a trip to our new library to enjoy a bedtime story, and using our art skills to create alternative front covers for our favourite books. Take a look at some of our fantastic outfits!

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Fun in the Snow

The snowy weather meant that we all enjoyed some time making snowballs and snowmen. You can tell by the big grins on our faces that we all had so much fun!

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Which sweet makes the best brick?

This half term our focus in Science has been materials. Today we completed a fair test to see which was the best sweet to use to make bricks. We chose to test fudge, marshmallows and chocolate buttons. After thinking about the properties a brick needed, we used our cement (icing sugar) to create our wall. We made sure to keep the number of sweets we used and the ball used to test the strength the same, in order to keep it a fair test. We found out that the fudge pieces were best for stacking, and that they held up in our strength test. They were also opaque, solid and not bendy!

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Astronaut Food

As our topic is ‘Space’ this half term, this week we have had the chance to try something very exciting – astronaut food! Using our senses, we described how the food looked, felt, smelt and then finally we got to taste it! Most of us thought it was very delicious but a little strange looking!

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Library Visit

I was very much looking forward to taking the children to the library because they are so enthusiastic about books! Of course, on our visit it was no different. The children were respectful of the library and other people and they behaved impeccably. They loved nothing more than choosing a great book and sharing it with a friend! We definitely have some authors of the future in our midst! Linking to our current project, we looked for non-fiction books about space. The children could identify a variety of non-fiction features, including contents pages, index pages and glossaries.

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Making Healthy Drinks

This week is ‘Health Week.’ Throughout this week, our learning will concentrate on looking at how to keep our bodies and minds healthy. Today, we started with how to keep our bodies healthy by recapping our learning about healthy eating. We remembered the ‘Eat-Well Plate,’ and how important it is to have a balanced diet. From this, we enjoyed creating and making our own healthy drinks!

We started this by trying lots of different fruit juices: orange, pineapple, cranberry and apple, thinking about what we liked and didn’t like about the juices. We then chose two juices to mix together, measuring our juices exactly using a measuring jug! Using our knife skills, we finished our drinks with fruit that we chopped carefully using a knife. They tasted delicious!

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Space Day

On Tuesday we all had lots of fun during our ‘space’ themed day. Firstly, the children enjoyed a workshop all about Space, in a fantastic Space Dome which was huge!

We learnt lots of exciting, new things about Space. We were amazed to see a sea of shooting stars in the sky, called a meteor shower. Did you know this only happens around every 100 years? We also learnt about the moon’s phases and why the moon looks like it is a different shape each night. The children and teachers had a fabulous time!

We then went back to the classroom to complete a science experiment – what is the best material to make a space suit? We had lots of fun testing the different materials to find an answer to our question.

Finally, we ended the day looking at artist, Peter Thorpe, who paints pictures of rockets. We had a go at creating our own artwork, in his style. A fantastic day was had by all!

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Christmas Party

The children had lots of fun at their Christmas party. We enjoyed pulling crackers, playing pass the parcel and dancing to our favourite songs. Have a lovely Christmas break – Merry Christmas everyone!

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Junk Modelling

Our topic this half term has been called ‘Lively Liverpool.’ Throughout our Geography lessons, we have been learning all about the differences between Liverpool and Westbrook. To follow on from this learning, we used junk to create a small-scale model of Liverpool’s waterfront, and of Westbrook. We explored different ways of joining materials, and learnt to join materials using tabs. Take a look! Can you guess which buildings we have re-created?

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Our Christmas Play

The children have been working extremely hard, practising for their Christmas play, and WOW, wasn’t it fantastic? From our dancers to our elves, each and