Year 2 Miss Ramsey

Welcome to our class page. Please check regularly to find out all about our exciting learning journey.

Reminders and Dates for the Spring Term

The children will start back to school on Thursday 4th January at 8:40am.

Mr Artingstall will be teaching us Spanish every Monday.

The children will be enjoying PE lessons every Monday. Please bring a labelled kit in at the start of the half term – this will be returned at the end of the half term.

Our Learning

Below you will find lots of photographs about the learning in our class.

Our Learning in Year 2

Which sweet makes the best brick?

This half term our focus in Science has been materials. Today we completed a fair test to see which was the best sweet to use to make bricks. We chose to test fudge, marshmallows and chocolate buttons. After thinking about the properties a brick needed, we used our cement (icing sugar) to create our wall. We made sure to keep the number of sweets we used and the ball used to test the strength the same, in order to keep it a fair test. We found out that the fudge pieces were best for stacking, and that they held up in our strength test. They were also opaque, solid and not bendy!

Astronaut Food

As our topic is ‘Space’ this half term, this week we have had the chance to try something very exciting – astronaut food! Using our senses, we described how the food looked, felt, smelt and then finally we got to taste it! Most of us thought it was very delicious but a little strange looking!

Library Visit

I was very much looking forward to taking the children to the library because they are so enthusiastic about books! Of course, on our visit it was no different. The children were respectful of the library and other people and they behaved impeccably. They loved nothing more than choosing a great book and sharing it with a friend! We definitely have some authors of the future in our midst! Linking to our current project, we looked for non-fiction books about space. The children could identify a variety of non-fiction features, including contents pages, index pages and glossaries.

Making Healthy Drinks

This week is ‘Health Week.’ Throughout this week, our learning will concentrate on looking at how to keep our bodies and minds healthy. Today, we started with how to keep our bodies healthy by recapping our learning about healthy eating. We remembered the ‘Eat-Well Plate,’ and how important it is to have a balanced diet. From this, we enjoyed creating and making our own healthy drinks!

We started this by trying lots of different fruit juices: orange, pineapple, cranberry and apple, thinking about what we liked and didn’t like about the juices. We then chose two juices to mix together, measuring our juices exactly using a measuring jug! Using our knife skills, we finished our drinks with fruit that we chopped carefully using a knife. They tasted delicious!

Space Day

On Tuesday we all had lots of fun during our ‘space’ themed day. Firstly, the children enjoyed a workshop all about Space, in a fantastic Space Dome which was huge!

We learnt lots of exciting, new things about Space. We were amazed to see a sea of shooting stars in the sky, called a meteor shower. Did you know this only happens around every 100 years? We also learnt about the moon’s phases and why the moon looks like it is a different shape each night. The children and teachers had a fabulous time!

We then went back to the classroom to complete a science experiment – what is the best material to make a space suit? We had lots of fun testing the different materials to find an answer to our question.

Finally, we ended the day looking at artist, Peter Thorpe, who paints pictures of rockets. We had a go at creating our own artwork, in his style. A fantastic day was had by all!

Christmas Party

The children had lots of fun at their Christmas party. We enjoyed pulling crackers, playing pass the parcel and dancing to our favourite songs. Have a lovely Christmas break – Merry Christmas everyone!


Junk Modelling

Our topic this half term has been called ‘Lively Liverpool.’ Throughout our Geography lessons, we have been learning all about the differences between Liverpool and Westbrook. To follow on from this learning, we used junk to create a small-scale model of Liverpool’s waterfront, and of Westbrook. We explored different ways of joining materials, and learnt to join materials using tabs. Take a look! Can you guess which buildings we have re-created?

Our Christmas Play

The children have been working extremely hard, practising for their Christmas play, and WOW, wasn’t it fantastic? From our dancers to our elves, each and every person in year 2 tried their best throughout the whole production. It helped us to remember the real story of Christmas, and the reason that it is celebrated every year. A big thank you to parents for providing such super costumes – all of the children looked great!

Our Trip to Liverpool

We went on a visit to Liverpool as part of our project work. First we went to the Anglican Cathedral where we looked carefully at the features of a Cathedral and the stained glass windows. We spent some time designing our own stained glass windows and using a viewfinder to draw parts of the Cathedral.

After that, we looked at the waterfront and spotted lots of the features that we had looked at in our lessons!

Finally, we looked at a wonderful painting in the Museum of Liverpool, by artist Ben Johnson. We all enjoyed exploring the different parts of the Museum.

Diwali Celebrations

On Thursday we came to school dressed in brightly coloured clothes and we learnt all about the Hindu celebration of Diwali. It is a ‘festival of light,’ that celebrates the fact that good overcomes evil. We had lots of fun making Indian sweets – coconut squares, creating rangoli patterns, sculpting diva lamps and learning a Bollywood dance!

Making Healthy Desserts

This week we made our very own healthy desserts. After researching the ‘eat-well plate,’ we decided that our dessert had to have something from all of the different food groups (carbohydrates, protein, fats, dairy, fruits and vegetables) in order to make it healthy. We decided to make an apple cake, and an apple crumble. We made sure to prepare our food safely by washing our hands before we started to bake! We used scales to measure our ingredients, and used a knife sensibly to cut our apple into chunks. We enjoyed making healthy desserts, and most of us thought that they both tasted delicious!

Our Visit to Tesco 

Today we had so much fun on our trip to Tesco. We started our day by learning all about the Eat Well plate – did you know that pasta is a carbohydrate? Then we went to look at the different places in Tesco where the food is made. We went to the bakery and smelt the yeast – some of us loved the smell and others thought it smelt horrible! We also went to the fish counter and the cheese counter, where we learnt all about where fish comes from, and how cheese is made. Did you know that cows, goats and sheep produce milk to make cheese? We didn’t! We then got to try lots of different healthy foods and some of us found new foods that we liked! Our trip finished with a visit to the freezer, where it was -20 degrees! What an exciting morning we had!

Glockenspiels – Music

This week we have been learning to play the glockenspiels. Miss Ramsey and Mrs Bright thought we sounded great! Take a look.

Exploring the Bible

This week we have explored different Bibles. Firstly, we learnt that the Bible is a Christian’s Holy book and discussed what makes it holy. We then talked about why the Bibles are all special. Whilst exploring the Bibles, we discovered that they were all split into two sections: The Old Testament, and The New Testament. From further exploring, we found that all the Bibles, although different, had the same stories in them! We discussed which stories we already knew. Finally, we chose our favourite, explaining why.

Roald Dahl Day

The children had great fun celebrating Roald Dahl Day! Our day started with a very exciting assembly, where we learned all about the different books that Roald Dahl has written. In class, the book that we decided to focus on was ‘The Enormous Crocodile,’ and we enjoyed acting out the different parts of the story. He really is a very mean and greedy crocodile! We finished our day by becoming illustrators, creating our own art work to go along with the story. A special mention goes to all the fantastic costumes – the children all looked super! What an exciting day we had!

Our Learning in Year 1

Masizani Day

We were all very excited when we arrived at school dressed in blue and yellow. These are the uniform colours of Masizani Primary School. We enjoyed our activities based around recycling. We had been wondering what we were going to make with the plastic bottles we had brought in. The turtles were the most popular choice. We are looking forward to creating something new for homework.

Teddy Bears

We have really enjoyed learning about different teddy bears. We found out about old and new teddy bears. For homework, we wrote facts about our own teddy bears. We were really excited about bringing them in to show to the rest of the class. It was fun showing them to the children in Reception too.

Warrington Museum Toys

We really enjoyed looking at old toys belonging to Warrington Museum. We decided that the cat was our favourite. We found out that it was filled with straw. We compared it to our own cuddly toys.

We also had fun looking at a variety of replica toys.


We have been looking at making turns. We thought about how to make a whole turn, a half turn, a quarter turn and a three quarter turn.

Toys From The Past

We are very excited about looking at Warrington Museum’s selection of old toys. Before looking at these toys, we thought about questions we would like to find out about toys from the past. We came up with lots of different questions. We hope you enjoy reading a few of them.

Did children have the same toys as us?

Were the toys made out of different materials?

Were any of the toys made out of plastic?

Were old teddy bears cuddly?

What did old teddy bears have inside them?

Did children have electric toys?


This week we have been looking at writing instructions. We thought about what we might need instructions for. Our ideas included playing a game and making a sandwich. We also thought about how to make vegetable soup. We enjoyed seeing how vegetables can be made into soup. We are looking forward to tasting our soup tomorrow.


We enjoyed looking at lots of different fruits and vegetables. We talked about the different shapes and sizes. We then used modelling clay to make a fruit or vegetable of our choice. We had to think very carefully. Can you guess the fruits and vegetables we have made?

Walton Gardens and Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden

We had a fantastic day visiting these places. We began our day with a walk around Walton Gardens. We thoroughly enjoyed sketching the beautiful flowers.

We worked in groups to make a natural collage.

We also really enjoyed looking at the different animals at the zoo.

In the afternoon, we travelled to Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden. We met Kate who worked with us. We planted our own peas which we were able to take home to grow.

Lots of us said that this was our favourite part of the day.IMG_1498

Easter Egg Fun

We have had such fun this morning with our decorated eggs. We all enjoyed looking at our creations. There were lots and lots of different designs. It was very difficult trying to pick a favourite.

We were all delighted for our winner.IMG_0992

We also went outside to have an egg rolling contest. It was all very exciting. We couldn’t wait to see how far our eggs travelled.

Again, we were really pleased for our winner.


Red Nose Day   Friday 24th March

We all felt very cosy in our pyjamas and onesies. Thank you to everyone for your donations. We talked about how our money can help others. We all enjoyed designing our own red noses. Some of us even came up with new names.

Our Learning

British Values Day

Today we dressed up to celebrate British Values Day in school. We could either choose to dress in red, white and blue, as a member of the Royal Family or as someone who helps us.

We also enjoyed using red, white and blue paint to decorate our pebbles. We think they look amazing. What do you think?


Google Expeditions

On Friday we used the iPads to find out more about scientist Jane Goodall. We enjoyed exploring Gombe National Park. We also looked around Jane’s office. We couldn’t believe how many books she had. It was a great experience!



Today we listened to part of “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. We then went outside to look around us, thinking carefully about why we think our world is wonderful. We had lots of different ideas.


We have been exploring different balances, thinking hard about what makes a good balance. We also talked about points and patches.  We used these to help us to balance in different ways. Can you see the points and patches we have used in each one?

No Place Like Home by Jonathan Emmett and Vanessa Cabban

In this story Mole is looking for a new home. He sets off on his search, looking for somewhere he can call home. His friends Hedgehog, Squirrel and Rabbit all try to help him. Mole finds problems with each new home he finds. What will he do?

We acted out parts of this story, thinking carefully about each of the characters.

The Tin Forest by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson

Following on from our learning on being creative, we looked at a story where the character uses his creativity. The man in the story is sad because he lives in a very untidy place. He dreams of one day living in a different world. We talked about which Christian values we thought the man was showing throughout the story. We all agreed that he showed a great deal of perseverance. We also liked the fact that he never gave up hope. We were very happy when the man’s dream finally came true. Maisie even gave the story a round of applause.

Science Week

We have thoroughly enjoyed this week. Our favourite investigation was on Monday. We wanted to find out what happened to cheeky monkeys (gummy bears) when they were put in lots of different solutions. We put gummy bears into plain water, salty water, sugary water, vinegar and water with baking powder. We left these overnight and then looked at what happened. The gummy bears had changed size. We talked about why we thought this had happened.

Being Creative

To begin our RE focus on Creation, we looked at what it means to be creative. We thought about what we like to make and do when we are being creative. We all like to use different things including art materials and construction. We were very pleased with our creations. What do you think?

Chester Zoo  Monday 6th March

What a wonderful time we had at the zoo. We were all very excited before we left school. We enjoyed talking about what we might see during the day. When we were there we saw lots and lots of different animals. We were all interested in different ones. It was really difficult to choose a favourite. When we were back in school everyone agreed that a highlight of the day was seeing the baby giraffe. We found out lots of interesting things about giraffes’ necks from our guide, Sean. It was fascinating watching the giraffes eat their food. Sean told us what to look out for.

World Book Day

Everyone looked fantastic in their costumes today. There were lots of different characters. Can you guess which character has been drawn?

On Monday we all brought in a book from home. We wrote a bookmark for another child, telling them why it was such a good book. The books were then collected together ready to be swapped. On Thursday we had great fun looking through the books. We each chose a new book and took it back to our classroom. We really enjoyed looking through our new books.

Home Learning

Masizani Primary School, South Africa

We have really enjoyed finding out about Masizani Primary. We found out that even though we are far apart, we share lots of the same values. For example, we try our best with our work. We also try to be kind and caring to each other. We wrote about how we try to show our Christian values when we are in school. We then put all our work together to make a large South African flag. We hope the children enjoy looking at our work.


Class Assembly

On Thursday we all enjoyed sharing our learning with our families and the rest of the infant children. We had lots to remember and we think we did a really good job. We worked hard on our pictures and lots of people were smiling when they saw them.

Here are the 12 animals in the Chinese New Year calendar.

Nian was a beast in China who enjoyed frightening people. He didn’t like red, loud noises or firecrackers.


During our focus on Chinese New Year, we also worked very hard on our blossom paintings. We had to use our brushes really carefully to create delicate flowers.



We are really looking forward to looking at the books we took out from the library this morning. We had lots of fun looking at different ones. We then took them back to our group leaders. Each group chose two or three books to share with the class.


Chinese New Year

On Thursday the Global Awareness group held an assembly for us. They talked about Chinese New Year which begins on Saturday 28th January. We found out that this is because red stands for good luck and good fortune.


We enjoyed a Chinese meal at lunchtime.

The children looked wonderful dressed in their red clothes to celebrate Chinese New Year. We were all very excited to receive fortune cookies, red money wallets and chopsticks. Some of us thought we might try using our chopsticks but others thought it looked a bit tricky.


We all enjoyed coming to school dressed in red.


Receiving our Chinese gifts was very exciting.


During our focus on baptism, we thought about what kinds of groups we belong to and how it feels to be members of these groups. We came up with lots of ideas and are pleased to be members of our families, our class, our school, Rainbows, Beavers and lots  more. Recently some of us have become members of gymnastics club at school. We enjoyed making badges to show which groups we are part of.


We made badges to show our different groups.


On Monday we thought about clouds. We shared what we already knew with the rest of the class and talked about why it rains. We had some really good ideas. We investigated clouds by creating our own using shaving foam inside a jar. The clouds collected water droplets and it started to rain.


On Friday 6th January we looked at the journey of the wise men. We talked about the gifts they gave to Jesus and then thought about suitable gifts we could have given.


We used chalk pastels for our Epiphany pictures.


St John’s Ambulance

Last half term a team from St John’s Ambulance came in to talk to the children about  important skills. For example, how to ring 999 and how to apply bandages correctly. The children listened carefully  to the presentation and followed instructions really well.  The class were excited to receive their certificates.



Some of our first aiders

Christmas Performance

We are really proud of the children for how well they performed in “Children of the World”. We know they were really pleased with themselves at the end.


St Philip’s Fun Run

We all really persevered during our school fun run and we were really proud of ourselves at the end.


 Heroes and Heroines

John Stubbs MBE

John Stubbs MBE


Lego Workshop


We had lots of fun building our Lego houses and enjoyed finding out about how to add light to our creations.



Supertato by Sue Hendra

On Monday we became detectives for the morning. Someone had been causing havoc. The poor fruit and vegetables were captured.

Fortunately, Supertato came to the rescue. We were so impressed by his superhero skills that we decided to design our own superhero fruit and vegetables.