Year 2 Miss Ramsey

Welcome to Miss McKinnon’s class page. Below you will find photographs of your child’s learning and any important information. Please check regularly to find out all about our exciting learning journey.

This half term’s project is ‘Let’s Play’. We are very excited to learn all about different types of toys. We are going to be comparing toys that we play with now to toys that our grown ups played with when they were little. This term we will also be having a Teddy Bears’ Picnic! Please take a look at our curriculum map to find out more information.

Reminders and Dates for the Summer Term

P.E is on Thursday and Friday every week.

Please ensure that spelling books are back in school on Thursdays.

Our Learning

Below you will find lots of photographs about the exciting learning in our class.

Toy Dance 

As part of our ‘Let’s Play’ project we had a fantastic dance lesson about old toys. We thought about how the different toys might move. We pretended to be a clockwork toy that needed winding up, but then slowed down as it unwound. We looked at spinning tops and thought about how we could turn our bodies on different body parts and at different levels. We then looked at the game Cat’s Cradle and experimented with how to make different shapes with elastic. We worked in partners and groups to make some amazing  shapes!


In Maths we have been learning about time. We made o’clock and half past times on our clocks. Then we did lots of estimating of how long things took to do. We thought about seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks. We worked out how many times we could write our names in 1 minute.

Teddy Bear Museum

What an exciting day we had on Wednesday. We all brought our teddy bears or cuddly toys to school. We also had a visit  from Mrs Kennerley’s class to share our bears with them.

teddy bear museum

Scooter Training

This week we had a wonderful afternoon on our scooters. We learnt about how we can stay safe when we ride them and practised weaving in and out of cones. After working hard to manoeuvre around the obstacles we had some time to ride freely around the scooter park. We had so much fun!


This week in maths we have been learning about fractions. We did lots of exciting activities finding halves and quarters.

How to Grow a Dinosaur

Our class recently received a letter from Dr Grey – a zoologist who works in Jurassic Park. He told us that a friendly dinosaur called Daisy had escaped from the park! In our classroom we found green vines, dinosaur footprints and a nest that had an egg in it. We were a little bit unsure as to what could have been in our classroom. We watched the CCTV footage and found that Daisy the Dinosaur had been in our classroom! We reported back to Dr Grey and told him all about what we found.


We were a sent a box that gave us instructions on what to do with the dinosaur egg. It told us that we had to put it in water so that the dinosaur could hatch. We wrote wonderful predictions of what we thought would happen when the egg goes into the water. After a week, the dinosaur started to hatch!

We read the story How to Grow a Dinosaur by Caryl Hart. This story is about a little boy called Albie who woke up one morning and realised that he had grown his own dinosaurs! We thought about what else we might be able to grow. There were lots of very creative ideas! We designed seed packets for our ideas and wrote stories all about our lands.


Walton Gardens and Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden

What an exciting day we’ve had! We started our morning in Walton Gardens. We explored the sensory garden, the pond, the woodland walk and the beautiful gardens. After that, we visited The Children’s Zoo where the peacocks were showing off their fabulous feathers. We enjoyed lunch in the band stand and then set off towards Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden. When we arrived, we went into Mr McGregor’s Garden. We had to keep an eye out for Peter Rabbit! Kate showed us the plants in the garden – we had to try and guess what was growing. There was rhubard, garlic, broad beans and lots of other yummy fruits and vegetables. In the green house we sowed some Sweet Pea seeds. We had to use a dibber to poke holes in the soil so that our seeds could be buried deep into the pot. We even decorated our own sticks to put in our plant pots.

Geography Research

This half term we looked at some of the main cities in the UK. In particular, we looked at London and why it is such a busy city. We had a fun filled afternoon with our clipboards and paper watching videos, reading information and looking at pictures to help us learn lots about London. We found out about The London Underground, Big Ben, The London Eye and Queen Elizabeth’s guards. After this we made some beautiful posters that shared lots of information and research about London.


Within mathematics, we have been learning to compare the height and length of various objects. We thought carefully about the types of things that we could use to measure. We used paperclips to measure pencils and crayons, and then came up with our own units of measure using objects found in the classroom. After this, we started to think about what body parts we could use. We had great fun measuring our friends with our hands and feet!

Wimbledon, here we come!

This half term we have been learning lots of new skills within Tennis. We have been learning how to strike the ball, defend, move effectively in our space, and to be aware of the ball and people around us.


After learning about the astronaut Helen Sharman, we thought about how astronauts travel to and from Space. We learnt that they travel back to Earth in a capsule which has a parachute to make sure it lands safely on the ground. We made our own parachutes out of plastic bags and string, and attached them to a cup which represented the capsule. Each group was given an astronaut that they had to protect when the parachutes were dropped. We thought about how we could keep the astronauts safe by putting different materials in the cup. Lots of us predicted that the cotton wool would keep the astronauts the safest. In groups we tested cotton wool, napkins, paper and cotton sheets, and watched for which material was the most effective.

Balloon Rocket

We have been carrying out lots of experiments during Science Week. Today we made a Balloon Rocket! We tied some string to two chairs, put a piece of a straw on the string, blew up a balloon and then attached it to the straw. When we let go the balloon flew from one chair to the other! We made predictions about what would happen when the balloon was blown up just a small amount, and when the balloon was blown up a lot.


Caryl Hart

We had a very exciting visit from the author Caryl Hart. She read one of her books called ‘Say Sorry, Sidney’ which is about a blue rhino who escapes from a zoo and gets up to all sorts of mischief! We then had a workshop with her where we created our own characters for a story.  After that, she taught us how to create a story from a few pictures. We had a go at doing this with a partner and then we read our stories to the rest of our class. What a fun day we had!



This week we woke up to streets covered in snow! The children were very excited to put their wellies on and go onto the playground with their friends. After our exploration, we wrote fantastic descriptions of the snow.

Animal Enclosures

To end our project ‘Animal Kingdom…Grr!’ the children worked in pairs to design and create an animal enclosure. First of all they had to decide which animal they were going to create a living environment for. They then thought about some words they could use to describe the type of environment these animals will need. They worked together to design the enclosure whilst thinking carefully about the ways to improve their work. Once we had our improved designs in place we set to work on our models. The children were given cardboard, plastic, paper, artstraws and coloured pencils to choose from. They had to think very carefully about which material to use for each part of their enclosure! The children then had some time to show off their models to the rest of the class. We were all very impressed by how much hard work and thought went into each and every enclosure!


Bollywood Dancing

The children have loved learning a new style of dance this half term. They have worked extremely hard on learning, perfecting and performing their Bollywood routine. This week they finished their dance and performed it in front of a Year 4 class. Have a look at their fantastic dancing below.

Knowsley Safari Park

Year One had a fantastic day at Knowsley Safari Park as part of the project ‘Animal Kingdom…Grr!’. We went on a coach around the safari and learnt a lot of facts about the animals. One of our favourite facts was that antlers are made out of bone! We really enjoyed watching the cheeky baboons jumping onto cars. We ate lunch whilst watching the sea lion show. It was such a great experience watching the animals’ tricks. We then went on ‘plane’ to Africa where we learnt lots of information about meerkats and giraffes. Did you know that there are 7 bones in a giraffe’s neck and that their tongues are black so that they can’t get burnt by the sun? After our trip to Africa we went to the Safari School to learn all about animal classifications. We learnt that all mammals have hair, and that ‘amphibian’ means ‘two lives’. We were introduced to the beared dragon called Logan and the snake called Anna. Some of us were very brave and stroked them! Have a look at the video below to see pictures of our grrreat day out!


This half term we have been learning lots of gymnastic skills within P.E. In particular, we have been looking at balancing. We have learnt that a point balance is where you balance on a small area of your body e.g your hands and feet. A patch balance is where you balance on a large part of your body e.g your tummy or back. As well as this, we have been practising balances with a partner. We explored counter balances, tension balances and mirror balances. Today we were very excited to practise all of these skills on the climbing frame! We had lots of fun exploring different ways to balance and use the apparatus.

Animal body parts

This term we have been looking into how to classify animals. We have been sorting animals into mammals, reptiles, fish and birds. We started to look a bit further into mammals and how we can distinguish them from other types of animals. To help us, we labelled the body parts of a human. We found that all mammals either have 4 legs, 2 legs and 2 arms, or no legs at all!

Health Week

Throughout Health Week we thought about the Christian value of Wisdom and discussed how to make good choices to keep our hearts and minds healthy. We read the book ‘Words and Your Heart’ and thought about how our words can affect ourselves and the people around us. After thinking about using kind words, we thought about what else we could do. We made sure that we did 30 minutes of exercise each day and considered the types of food that we eat. We designed and created our own animals out of fruits and vegetables. They were delicious!

Numbers to 20

This week in maths we have been looking at numbers to 20. We have been practising writing the numbers as words. To help us with our learning, we played a memory game where we had to match the word to the number.

Non-Fiction Books

This week we have been looking at different types of books. We compared a non-fiction book to a fiction book to see if we could spot some similarities and differences. We then explored the features of a non-fiction book such as the contents page, the glossary, the index, page numbers, photographs and labels. The children were then given the task of finding these features in their books.

Story Planning

After reading the story ‘Poles Apart’, the children were interested in the different places that Penguin and Walrus visited. We decided to look further into what these places might be like to visit. The children drew pictures and wrote interesting words and sentences to describe their chosen place. We then added ourselves into the drawing to create some interesting scenarios that could occur in these places. This helped us to plan a story.

Pricky Hay

We have loved putting together and rehearsing our Christmas play ‘Prickly Hay’. The children have worked so hard and we hope you enjoyed the show!


During Computing this term we have been working with Beebots. We have spent a lot of time looking at the different parts of Beebots, and following algorithms to make them move. We drew our own maps with specific buildings and areas, and created our own algorithms that others could follow to help our Beebots reach the destination. Take a look at the photos below.

Art With Nature

As part of our seasons project we looked at the artist Andy Goldsworthy. He creates art and sculptures out of natural materials including leaves, sticks and stones. We looked at lots of pictures of his artwork and watched a video of him creating a piece of art out of slate. From this, we came up with our own designs and went outside to create them. We found an area with lots of leaves and sticks and had an exciting afternoon creating Andy Goldsworthy inspired art!

Designing Chairs

Within Design Technology, we read Goldilocks and Just the One Bear. In the story the bear struggled to find a nice place to sit so we decided to design and build our own chairs for the bear. It was quite difficult deciding which material would make the strongest and comfiest chair. We used play dough, stickle bricks, junk materials, blocks and lego. When our chairs were made we sat the bear on them to see if the chair was strong enough. A lot of our models needed improving! Once we improved our models the bear was able to sit on all of them!

Lego Workshop

This week we took part in a Lego Workshop where we built our own models of buildings. Stephen told us that it was very important to overlap the lego to make sure that our buildings were strong. At the end of the day we were shown how to put a bulb in our buildings so that we could light them up. We then put all of our models together to create a huge lego town! It was such a fun day. Take a look at our wonderful creations below.

Building Beanstalks

This week we carried out a science experiment to find out which food would make the strongest beanstalk. We worked in groups to build beanstalks out of biscuits, chocolate, marshmallows and strawberry pencils. We used string, masking tape, blue tac and icing sugar to stick our food together. After the beanstalks were built we observed what happened when a giant stood on top of them. All of the beanstalks fell over except for the biscuit beanstalk!


Roald Dahl Day

Today we came into school dressed up as characters created by Roald Dahl. Our day was filled with lots of exciting activities. Here is a video of the children showing off their amazing costumes!

Junk Modelling

This week we started  our new project ‘Down My Street’ by thinking about different types of buildings. We had lots of fun making our own buildings out of a range of materials. Have a look at our fantastic models!

Our Learning in Reception


Masizani Day

Today children celebrated Masizani day wearing yellow and blue. These are the colours of the Primary School In South Africa. We looked at where in the world South Africa is. Children had the opportunity to discuss how our school and Masizani School are different or the same. Children engaged in activities such as using the colours to red, green, black, white, yellow and red to colour a flag. We discussed the importance of each colour used in the flag also. Children painted in these colours and created necklaces.


Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

This week Reception have been learning about the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We witnessed the crime scene of the little pig homes. They were destroyed by the Big Bad Wolf. The children thought it would be a good idea to make a wolf trap. Their trap had a rocket launcher, trip wires and a gingerbread man as bait.

Making Soft Toys

Reception have been busy sewing and creating teddy bears. The children have thought of resources they needed to create eyes, ears and a nose. Well done!


Sports Day

Well done to all the children who took part in sports day. They were enthusiastic in all their races and showed good sportsmanship by cheering on their friends. We are very proud of them all.


Manchester Airport

What a fantastic day we have had! Thank you to all adults who supported staff on our trip. Reception should be very proud of themselves as their behaviour was fantastic and I am very proud.

At the runway

We watched aeroplanes land and take off on the runway. We also learned that aeroplanes need a little bit of help going backwards. We spotted one being pushed back.

Viewing Concorde

The children were in awe of this aeroplane. We learned about how the Concorde’s nose bends so the pilot can see during take off. Also, even though it looks long it only held one hundred passengers. The children were impressed by its supersonic speed.

On DC10

We stepped onto an old Monarch aeroplane that has been chopped in half. Children were taught about the history of the aircraft. They had the chance to dress up as people who have different jobs in the airport. Reception also went inside the cockpit and pretended to fly the aircraft whilst sitting in the captain’s and co-pilot’s chairs.


Are We Nearly There Yet?

Thank you to all parents who have supported the children to create great projects about transport. The children were keen to discuss facts they found out. Children were able to explain how they made  their models in front of the class. Some children read their books about transport too. Miss Daley and Mrs Cunliffe are very proud. Well done Reception!


British Values Day


The children have been learning about what makes Britain special. We thought about what democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, respect and tolerance mean to us. The children came to school in their own clothes with colours linked to the British flag. Some children dressed up as people who help us.  Reception have enjoyed activities associated with Britain. They have made an artistic version of Big Ben and they made flags using peg boards or colouring pencils. Some children took on the role of being architects and built their very own Big Ben building.

Mother’s Day Assembly

Thank you to everyone who attended our Mother’s Day assembly. I am sure you will agree that the children were wonderful! Here are some video clips of the children explaining exactly why they love their mums so much.

Science Week! 

Eureka! This week Reception have been learning about the famous scientist Archimedes. We have explored what makes something float and what makes an object sink. The children have been experimenting making boats and predicting if their boats will float or sink.

"My boat will float because it's not full of stuff it's got lots of air in it. "

“My boat will float because it’s not full of stuff it’s got lots of air in it. “

Throughout the week children have taken on the role of being scientists with Scientist Sally.

Here is a glimpse of the experiments children have conducted.

World Book Day!

The children had a fantastic day. We dressed up as our favourite characters. The children participated in a book swap and we enjoyed our drop everything and read moments during the day. Lexi  said “I liked the book swap because I got the Tinkerbell book.”

Real life heroes!

We have enjoyed learning about Superheroes this term but we wanted to meet some real life heroes. This term Reception had the opportunity to meet a Firefighter and Police Community Support Officers.

At first Reception believed that Police Officers ‘put bad guys in jail’.  However, we learned that they keep people safe and care for people in our community. The children got to see the police car and listen to the loud siren. They even got the chance to dress up as a Police Community Support Officers  and have their fingerprints taken.

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

The children participated in a project day learning about Chinese New Year celebrations. The children were busy making dragons, lanterns and we learned how to write Chinese numbers. We read the Zodiac story and  found out that this year is the year of the Rooster. Look through our gallery and see the children’s learning.

Superheroes to the Rescue!

Thank you to everyone for supporting your children to create their masks. The children looked great wearing their masks and they got the chance to show their work on a parade around the school. Well done!


Careers Day

Children were excited to demonstrate the different careers they wish to pursue in the future. We had children who aspired to become police officers, racing drivers, vets and nail technicians.

img_0968                 img_0985 img_0994 img_0960

Welly Wednesday

The children had fun exploring the changes that happen during Autumn.

Fun run!

Well done to all the children who took part in our fun run. The children were delighted with their medals and certificates. 


Making windmills

Reception have enjoyed making windmills this week and have been very busy writing instructions explaining how to make them. Keep up the hard work Reception!


Library visit

Reception visited the library and listened the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. The children enjoyed finding pictures from the story on a hunt in the library.

img_1311  img_1316 img_1319img_1318