Year 1 Mrs Kennerley

Welcome to Mrs Kennerley’s class page. Please explore the class page to look at a range of photographs of the children’s adventures so far. You can also access any important information including dates.

This half term’s project is called “Animal Kingdom…..Grrr!” It will be very exciting to look at all of the different animals from around the world. We will find out about animals’ habitats, food and body parts. We will also be looking at classifying animals.

I hope you enjoy finding out about the children’s learning.

Many thanks,

Mrs Kennerley

Reminders and Dates for the Spring Term

PE days are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Friday 16th February – End of half term

Tuesday 27th February – Carol Hart Author Visit

Thursday 1st March – World Book Day. Come to school dressed as your favourite book character or wearing your pyjamas for a bedtime story!

Monday 12th – Friday 15th March – Science Week

Tuesday 20th March – Colours for Peace Day

Our Learning

Knowsley Safari Park

We had a fantastic day at Knowsley Safari Park. We really enjoyed the guided tour around the park and couldn’t believe how many animals we saw. The two highlights of the day were seeing the lions and the sea lion show at lunchtime. We have enjoyed looking at the photos taken during the day and talking about our favourite animals.

Class Assembly

We thoroughly enjoyed sharing our work with our audience during our class assembly. We really enjoyed learning the different actions for the songs we sang. It was fun to work in small groups, learning rhymes from the book Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreae and David Wojtowycz. We really hope you enjoyed our assembly. It was lovely to see everyone smiling. We were very proud of ourselves at the end. Thank you for coming.


God and Creation

As part of our focus on God and Creation, we looked at the story The Tin Forest by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson. The man in the story had an idea. He decided to create a forest. Although it wasn’t perfect, he was still happy with his creation. We talked about the Christian values the man in the story displayed. We decided that he showed perseverance, fairness and hope.  Something wonderful happened because the man didn’t lose hope.

Health Week – DT

During Health Week we talked about our favourite fruit and vegetables. We were very excited about designing and making our own healthy snacks. We used fruit and vegetables to make either a caterpillar, a lion or a peacock. We had to think very carefully about how to use the equipment. It was fun when we got to taste our creations at the end.


We talked about what we like to use when we are creating things. Some of us like building things with blocks and Lego. Others like to make things with pens, paper, scissors and glue. We also used peg boards to create colourful patterns. We talked about how we felt about our creations.


We have been talking about the wise men visiting Jesus. We looked at different pieces of art to see what we could find out about the wise men. We enjoyed talking about which piece of art was our favourite and why. We then used oil pastels to create our own pictures. We thought carefully about which colours to use.

Prickly Hay

We all thoroughly enjoyed performing our Christmas play Prickly Hay. We worked so hard learning our lines, songs and dances. We were very proud of ourselves at the end of each performance. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.



Lost and Found

We looked at the story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. In the story a little boy finds a penguin at his door. He is determined to return the penguin to his home. We enjoyed following the boy and the penguin on their adventure. We used oil pastels to create our own pictures.

Children in Need

We were very excited to come to school dressed in spots or Pudsey Bear outfits. We enjoyed finding out all about Pudsey Bear.



Anti-Bullying Week

As part of our anti-bullying focus this week, we shared the story Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale by Marcus Pfister. In the story, the fish are scared of the big blue whale and swim away from him. We predicted what might happen next in the story and had lots of ideas.

“Rainbow Fish might give one of his glittering scales to the whale.”

“Rainbow Fish might ask the whale if he wants to play.”

“The other fish might show the whale how to play their game.”

We all agreed that we wanted the story to end happily.


We have continued working on team building activities. We worked in small groups, looking for clues around the playground. When we had found our clues, we used them to spell words. It was fun working in a team. We had to listen carefully to each other.

Collaborative Learning

We shared the story Goldilocks and Just the One Bear by Leigh Hodgkinson. After talking about the story, we thought about how to make a strong chair for the bear. We chose from Lego, Duplo and Play-Doh. We worked in small groups to design and build our chairs. We talked about making the legs and seat strong to hold the bear. We were very excited about testing our chairs. We discussed whether our chairs were strong enough and what we might do differently next time.

Science Investigation

We shared the story of The Gingerbread Man, stopping when the gingerbread man reached the river. We thought about what would happen if he fell into the water. We decided to find out by putting one gingerbread man in water and one in milk. We thought that the gingerbread might go soggy or break. We tested this out and were very excited by the results.

The gingerbread man in the water broke very quickly, and we were interested to notice that the water turned a different colour. We thought that this was because it turned the same colour as the gingerbread man.

Library Visit

We visited the library for the first time as a Year One class. There were so many books to choose from. We were given the task of choosing one book between each pair to take back to the classroom. It was very difficult deciding which ones to take. We also found out how to become members of the library. Lots of us already belong to the library and enjoy choosing books for home.

Lego Workshop

We were all really looking forward to working with Lego and had a wonderful afternoon. Stephen, our visitor, asked us all about this half term’s project ‘Down My Street’. We talked about all the different types of buildings we know. We were then able to use the Lego to create our own buildings. We had to concentrate really hard to make sure our buildings were strong. There were lots of different designs. It was a bit tricky adding the roof. When we had completed our buildings, each group put them together to make a town.


We have been thinking about what makes our friends special to us. We had lots of suggestions. Here are a few:

My friend helps me when I fall over.

I play with my friends every day.

My friend makes me laugh.

My friend is kind.

We play games together all the time.


We have begun looking at teamwork and co-operation. We split into two teams and played a game. Each team stood in a circle and held hands. Then we had to pass a hoop around the circle. It was very tricky because we weren’t allowed to break the circle. We had to think carefully about how to move our bodies to get the hoop all the way back to the start of the circle.

We began our new project ‘Down My Street’ by thinking about our own houses. We shared our ideas, thinking about similarities and differences between our houses. We then worked collaboratively in small groups. We used cardboard boxes, paper and pens to make a group house. We had to listen carefully to each other. We all enjoyed looking at the different houses each group had made.


Our Learning in Reception

Traditional Tales  Day

Today the children received an invitation to our Once Upon a Time Ball where they danced and sang along to familiar songs from our favourite traditional tales. In the afternoon the children designed and decorated their own Gingerbread Man. Unfortunately the finished product didn’t make it home (the children were far too excited to eat their hard work) so below are a few pictures to show off our designs and final products.

Here we are designing and making our own Traditional Tale characters.

IMG_1678 IMG_1672

Here we are designing and making our own Traditional Tale character.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

The children have settled back into school after half term and are enjoying our new topic ‘Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?’

This week we have read The Three Little Pigs. The children have written newspaper reports about the story.

Today the children have been experimenting with different materials to make a house for the Three Little Pigs. We thought long and hard about how we could make our houses “strong and stable”. It was a good job as we had a visit from the Big Bad Wolf who ‘huffed and puffed’ and… nearly blew our house down! Great work children!

IMG_1627 IMG_1632

Firstly we used straws and masking tape to build a house... it wasn't strong enough against the wolf! Then we used bricks and Blu-Tac... it worked! Great Job!

Firstly we used straws and masking tape to build a house… it wasn’t strong enough against the wolf! Then we used bricks and Blu-Tac… it worked! Great Job!

Library Visit

The children visited the library this afternoon and enjoyed sharing picture books.



Manchester Airport Viewing Park

We had a fantastic, but wet, day on our school trip on Monday. The children enjoyed looking at the aeroplanes and even got to walk around concorde! This week the children are going to write about all the exciting things that we did on our trip.

Are We Nearly There Yet?

The children have all settled in to school for the new term. Our topic ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ will focus on learning about the different types of transport and include an exciting trip to Manchester Airport.

This week we have been thinking about the types of transport that we know and writing about them. We have also been thinking about and writing questions about what we would like to find out. Some children have designed their own rocket and made it from junk modelling materials.

Here are a few photographs of what the children have been doing:


What an ‘Eggciting’ Day!

Thank you for all of your hard work. The teachers and children had a fantastic day looking at the fantastic boiled egg creations.

In the morning 2 members of the ethos group came and judged the competition. The winner of the egg decorating was Evie. Well done Evie!

Here are a selection of the children’s creations.

In the afternoon the children very excitedly took part in the egg rolling competition. Each child counted the amount of rolls it took for them to get their egg to the finish line. Hollie won the competition with only one roll.
Well done Hollie!

And the winner is…

British Values Day

What a spectacular day celebrating our country and all of the things that make it special! Here is a little look at just a few of the exciting things we have been learning about today.

We made the flags using tissue paper. We're proud to wave our flags and our country.

We made the flags using tissue paper. We’re proud to wave our flags and we’re proud of our country.


Thank you to everyone who attended our Mother’s Day assembly. I am sure you will agree that the children were wonderful! Here are some video clips of the children explaining exactly why they love their mums so much.

Science Week

Last week was very exciting in school because it was Science week!

Our focus scientist for the week was Archimedes. We read a story about him and learnt about the discovery he made whilst having a bath. We used this knowledge to help us make predictions about our investigations involving floating and sinking.

Throughout the week we also learned about capacity and had a range of exciting investigations to complete with Miss Spurr.


Real-life Superheroes!

Over the past two weeks we have been learning all about real-life superheroes. It began with a visit from Fireman John where Miss Campbell dressed up as a firefighter. For the rest of the week we explored non-fiction books to learn more about the emergency services.

This week, we had a visit from Police Community Support Officers Tony and Neil. The children were very excited to meet them and ask lots of questions. They especially enjoyed looking at the police cars and listening to the sirens! Some children even got to try on some of the uniform and have their fingerprints taken!

Secret Readers – shhhh! It’s a secret.

Thank you to all of the parents who have been able to come and share their favourite stories with the children. They have really enjoyed listening to you. We are excited to see who will be coming in to share with the children next week!


Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Celebrating Chinese New Year!

Wow! What a busy day it has been! We have really enjoyed creating our wonderful Chinese New Year lanterns and dragons to share with you. Here we all are wishing you a Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

A special thank you to Kyle and Roxanne’s family for their contributions and gifts for the children.

What time is it Mr Wolf?

In maths this week the children have been learning about time and linking this to our daily routine.

Please use our class rhyme to help your children to tell the time at home;

“We have a rhyme to help tell the time,

When the big hand reaches the top, the time is o’clock.

The hand that moves to the beat of the band,

this is called the seconds hand”.

analogue clock image

Spring Half Term

We have started our new project – Superheroes to the Rescue!

So far, during the Spring half term, the  children have enjoyed dressing up and reading stories about superheroes. Each child created their own superhero mask. Here are a few of them.

The children have been very excited during the build up to Christmas. They have worked very hard to deliver a fantastic Christmas performance and have enjoyed their school Christmas lunch. We are now creating Christmas cards and decorations during the last few days as well as having a Christmas party on Wednesday afternoon with a very special visitor.

Whatever the Weather

We have had a very exiting half term learning about the different seasons. We began with autumn, reading the book Leaf Man and then designing our own leaf characters. Following this, we helped Elsa and Olaf on their journey up the mountain during the cold winter. It then became very windy in the spring and we explored subtraction when our clothes blew off the washing line. To end our project, we received a letter from Stickman who needed our help to return home. Here are a selection of photographs that show some of the children’s learning.

This week we have been learning about winter. We have been thinking about what happens to the weather and what changes we would see. Elsa and Olaf even visited the classroom and we wrote lists to help them on their journey up the mountain to the ice castle. We thought about what happens to ice when it gets warm. We then completed an investigation to see if the same happens to chocolate!

The children have enjoyed a ‘Wellie’ walk. During the walk, the children looked for signs of autumn and collected items to make a leaf picture in the classroom. They also learned about the artist Andy Goldsworthy and worked together to make natural sculptures in the outside classroom.

The children have enjoyed exploring the areas of the classroom in the first half term.