Reception Miss Parsons

Welcome to Miss Parsons’ class page. Here, you will find information about the children’s exciting learning, as well as any key dates or important pieces of information that you will need to know for the upcoming weeks and months.

Useful Dates

Friday 11th January – NSPCC to visit school (Children are invited to wear their own clothes for a donation)

Monday 21st January – Healthy Schools Week

Tuesday 22nd January – Chinese visitors to visit our school

Monday 28th January – Fire Brigade visit to Reception

Monday 4th February – Chinese New Year project day (Reception)

Tuesday 5th February – Safer Internet Day

Friday 15th February – End of half term

This half term, Miss Parsons’ class PE lessons will take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Our Learning

Kung hei fat choy!

We have had a wonderful week learning about Chinese New Year. We have enjoyed making Chinese crafts, retelling Chinese legends and even tasting Chinese food (but we found the chopsticks tricky so we used spoons to eat it with instead!)

Real-life superheroes

Our Literacy work this week is taking a non-fiction focus. We are using information texts to help us with our learning about real-life superheroes. We listed the different people who we thought fell into this category:

Henry said that police officers are real-life superheroes because they are brave.

Leo said that fire fighters are real-life superheroes because they rescue people.

Georgia said that teachers are real-life superheroes because they help children with their learning.

Charlotte said that doctors are real-life superheroes because they save people who are poorly.

This afternoon we were lucky enough to be visited by some real-life superheroes. Some fire fighters came to school to talk to us about their job and to explain how they help people. They brought their fire engine for us to sit in and even let us wear their clothes and hold one of the real hoses….it was very heavy!

Superhero Mask Parade

We have very artistic children in our class…their masks were fantastic! This morning we shared our masks with each other and then we went on a mask parade around the school building. We were even invited into classrooms to share our wonderful work with the older children. When we visited Mrs Wightman and Mrs Deakin we called out our superhero names and made a superhero pose!

Health Week

We have had a super week keeping healthy! Yesterday we had a Zumba lesson. We did some beanbag dancing and we jumped on the Mickey Bus! Today we took part in a skip-a-thon with the rest of Reception. We are looking forward to a restful weekend!

We are enjoying learning about lots of ways in which we can keep ourselves healthy. Today we thought about why it is important to make healthy choices at snack time. We made our own fruit kebabs and enjoyed our healthy snacks at break time.

A Supertato Emergency!

Today we came into the classroom to discover an incident had taken place!

The Evil Pea had vegi-napped our Supertato and trapped all his vegetable friends!

We had to use our reading skills to read the letter and the clues to try and rescue Supertato. Luckily, we had all had our brainy breakfasts and we managed to find Supertato safe and well, tied up behind the iPad!

We set about thinking how we could find the cheeky culprit, the Evil Pea. We designed WANTED posters, made maps of the classroom and we even made a trap to catch it!

We kept checking the trap but we couldn’t find the pea. We decided that it might return to the classroom over break time when we were not there. So we waited…and waited…and waited some more…until…

…our plan had worked! We captured the Evil Pea!

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a peaceful and relaxing Christmas break. Thank you very much for your kind wishes, cards and generous gifts. The staff and children have been extremely eager to share their Christmas news with each other and we are all excited for the challenges of the term ahead.

Here is a selection of photographs from our final week in school before the Christmas break. The children had great fun at our Christmas party where they met Santa. They also enjoyed planting some ‘magic seeds’ from our class elf, Star, and they each concentrated very hard to make a Christingle to remind us of how Jesus is the light of the world.

It’s a Baby!

Thank you to our wonderful parents for all of your support and encouragement leading up to our Christmas performance. We are so proud of our fabulous children for participating so well. They worked very hard learning lines, singing songs and practising dance routines and I am sure you will agree that they were fantastic!

The adventures of Star – the Christmas elf!

The children have been coming into school very enthusiastically this week in order to find our new friend, Star the Christmas elf. We have been using special positional vocabulary to describe her hiding places. Here are some of her antics so far…


Special Delivery!

What an exciting morning! This morning we received a parcel from the North Pole.

We opened it to discover that Santa has sent us an elf friend to help us with our learning. We decided to call our elf ‘Star’. Star has been watching us during our learning time this morning. We have really enjoyed tackling our new Christmas challenges in the classroom.

Asteroid Rock Cakes

This week we have been learning about instructions. We talked about why instructions are useful and when we might need to follow instructions.

William said, “We need instructions when we bake cakes!”

Erin said, “You need to follow instructions when you build things.”

We decided to combine our project work about Space with our language work and some maths! We have been finding out about asteroids and we discovered that there is an ‘asteroid belt’ in Space. We decided to write some instructions for some ‘asteroid rock cakes’ and then measure out the ingredients with the scales.

We reminded ourselves of the skills of a good writer and tried so hard to include these in our writing.

Our instructions were clear enough to read back and follow so we made the cakes and then we gobbled them all up!


The children are really enjoying our space project this term. We were really excited to have the opportunity to try a variety of space food. We tried strawberries, blueberries, apples, raspberries and ice cream. Ice cream was definitely the favourite.

Our Learning

Career Week

We have been so lucky this week. We welcomed lots of visitors into our classroom who have all helped us with our learning about different careers.

On Monday we all thought we knew what we wanted to be when we grow up. By Friday we had changed our minds!

Thank you to our wonderful visitors – Our local PCSO’s, Mr Copperwheat (astronomer), Mrs Atkinson (vet), Miss Stulp (photographer of babies), Mr Ellis (clothing designer and maker) and Miss Dumencic (solicitor).

What do I want to be when I grow up?

We have had the most wonderful day with the children, learning about their hopes and dreams for the future. We appear to have a class of aspiring doctors, chefs, teachers, air stewardesses, vets, fire fighters, police officers, pilots, motor-bike stunt drivers, nurses and even an astronomer and a magician!

We talked about why these careers are exciting and how hard we need to work to achieve our dreams. We also talked about how our aspirations can change as we get older. By home time, two children had already changed their minds!

We are looking forward to welcoming lots of exciting visitors into our classroom this week to tell us about their careers. Until then, here are our fantastic outfits from today (thank you to our wonderful parents).

I am Special

This week in our RE work we have been thinking about the things that make us special. Miss Parsons passed a secret basket around the circle. She told us that in the basket was something very special. When we peeked inside it was a mirror!

We talked about how God made us all wonderful and that we are all special in lots of different ways. We made mind maps of the things that make us special and we all painted our hands to make a special display of our hand prints.

Now that we are in school full time, we are very busy! We have been impressing Miss Parsons and Ms Bradbury with our fantastic phonics and even Geoffrey the monkey had to wear goggles to stop his eyes from popping out because we were so clever!


The children have participated in lots of different activities around the classroom and they particularly enjoyed getting changed for PE with Miss Stubbs!

IMG_0112 IMG_0130 IMG_0131 IMG_0133 IMG_0134

Our worship box

We have really enjoyed decorating our worship box. The children had some fantastic ideas about things that they wanted to see on our box.

Ben said, “We need some gates because God opens the gates.”

Molly said, “God is in our heart. We could put a sparkly heart on it.”

Benny said, “God made the animals.”

William said, “God is in Heaven, high above in the sky.”

All of the designs on our box were thought up by the children and we also added on some of their lovely quotes. We think our box is wonderful!

This morning we took the box to Mrs Wightman, who gave us some exciting things to put inside it, ready for our special worship time next week.

IMG_0099 IMG_0100 IMG_0102 IMG_0104

Our second week at St Philip’s!

We have had another lovely week in Reception. We are so proud of how well the children have settled into school. They have been so enthusiastic in their activities and we have enjoyed watching their confidence grow, along with their smiles! We have continued with Spanish dancing, exploring our outside classroom and we even went on an adventure around the school building…

Our first week at St Philip’s!

We have had a fantastic first few days in Reception! The children have been busy exploring our classroom and making new friends, whilst participating in a range of fun activities. These activities have included role play, making music, painting and even some Spanish dancing! Here are some sneaky snaps of the fun we have been having…

Miss Parsons and Ms Bradbury are so excited to welcome the children into Reception. We have been working hard to prepare our classroom for you all. We hope you like it!