Fundraising Group

2017-2018 Fundraising Group

Our Christian values underpin all aspects of school life and our compassion for others has led to the need for our Fundraising Group, who are responsible for coordinating fundraising events across school to raise money for  different charities, and for our own school.

Each year the school supports national charity events such as Children in Need, Comic Relief and Sport Relief and Remembrance Day. We also raise money for those in need during special events in the Christian Calendar, for example during Harvest we donate food to our local foodbank and at Christmas sell cuddly beany toys to raise money for our local hospice St Rocco’s. Every year we also raise money for different charities who impact locally, nationally and globally. The children learn how the donations are used by different charities and the impact that these have upon the lives of those affected.

Children themselves also request to raise money for different charities as a result of circumstances at home, their local community or raised awareness of global issues. Children in all year groups have the opportunity to submit ideas for fundraising and our Fundraising Group help the children to finalise their plans and organise a date to complete the fundraising.

The group also prepares information for the school newsletter and keeps a record of the funds raised for different charities. Children who complete the fundraising independently organise the resources needed with the help of their friends and families.

This year alone we have raised over £1600 for different charities, in addition to £500 to support new initiatives in school such as our new library and Spiritual garden. Well done to everyone involved!

Over the last three years we have supported all of the charities below and more; click on the thumbnails to find out more about each charity.

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